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Our Plastic Cases Have Muscles

by Allie Decker January 19, 2017

Our Plastic Cases Have Muscle

Plastic cases sometimes get a bad wrap. At Rokform we know that not all plastic cases are created equal. Over the years we put our designers to work to develop several plastic cases that are considered some of the strongest and most protective on the market.

So what makes the Rokform Plastic Case lineup so amazing? All our cases feature multiple layers of defense by utilizing a shock absorbing soft inner liner and a tough outer polycarbonate shell. When designing these cases Rokform designers keep in mind that we have a very active customer base who regularly use their phones in a variety of settings and terrains, so protection is priority number one.

Rokform’s Rugged Lineup

Rokform's Rugged Case

When Rokform launched its Rugged lineup, I made sure my brand new iPhone 6 was protected with the best. The Rugged case is designed with the active person in mind and ensures the device is well protected with its multiple layers of defense using a shock absorbing soft inner liner, and a tough outer clear polycarbonate shell. I never had any fear that my phone would be protected when I dropped it (which was pretty often). Over the years and with each phone, they’ve taken customer feedback and made the case even better. Win-win!

“I have lost how many times that this case has saved me from a broken phone or screen. No matter if it hits the corner or on its side, I'm able to pick it up and be assured that I will have nothing wrong with my phone. I would never buy another case.”

- Rokform customer Aureil B.

Rokform’s Rugged Custom Shop

Rokform Rugged Custom Case

While there are several colors to choose from for the Rugged Case, the best background is the one you design in our Custom Shop. I love that Rokform was able to offer this to its customers because it puts the creativity in your hands. The options are nearly endless!

“This is my second case from rokform! It’s great for the gym since I have wireless headphones I can stick it to the equipment for videos and keep from the damage of falling weights, also great protection. The best part is I can put a picture of anything I want on my phone!”

- Rokform customer Nicholas C.

Rokform’s Crystal Case Lineup

Rokform Crystal Case

Another case that launched at the time of the iPhone 6 was the Rokform Crystal Case, and I have been a fan since Day 1. The slim feel was what I was looking for and they delivered with a functional, slim and protective case. You could just tell the construction of the case was strong and that was because of the high-impact polycarbonate material that Rokform used to construct the case. I currently run this case and can say that it has handled its share of drops from my toddler. Okay, maybe they weren’t drops, but throws. And my heart never sank that it wasn’t okay.

After that launch, our designers went to work on the next version. They were tasked to keep the same strong construction with an even slimmer design. The result is an ultra-slim Crystal Case that is available for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, along with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

“I've been using Rokform products for 5 years and they by far are the most well made, functional accessories for cell phones. They appear to always be innovating to bring more and better products to the market plus the staff there have always been great! Thanks Rokform!”

- Rokform Customer Tony M.

Rokform’s Folio Case for iPhone 6/6s & 6/6s PLUS

Rokform Folio Case

I love functionality in a case, which is obviously why I love Rokform and all its mountability, so imagine all that function and mountability in a Folio case! Using the same strong construction of the high-impact polycarbonate material, the Folio case lets you store your I.D., credit cards and money all in one place.

I bought roughly the same item from another company but will not make that mistake ever again. Within a few weeks, it started falling apart. My new case from Rokform is so well put together and has already been put through some tough times and has come out with flying colors. Thanks Rokform!!!!!!!!!”

- Rokform customer Paul J.

For the iPhone 5SE/5s/5 User

iPhone 5SE

For those iPhone 5 users, there are three different case options to choose from. The Shield Case has been a fan favorite with its snap together installation and fun color combinations. I remember literally tossing my iPhone 5 with the Shield Case on it in front of a crowd of people. They all gasped at the same time and then were all amazed at the same time when I picked it up unscathed.

There are two options that don’t include the Rokform mountability but still include the strength of a strong Rokform construction. The Protective Slim Case features the same polycarbonate construction for peace of mind strength. Lastly, the Slim and Sleek Case is for the ultimate minimalist who wants something to keep the integrity of the exterior.

And there you have it - the complete breakdown of the Rokform plastic case lineup.

No matter which case you choose we know you’ll fall in love with the high level of protection and versatility Rokform is known for.

Allie Decker
Allie Decker


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