Holiday Ready Limited Edition iPhone v3 Cases

by Allie Decker December 14, 2013

Holiday Ready Limited Edition iPhone v3 Cases

Happy Holidays from everyone at the Rokform team! We are gearing up for the winter season and wanted to share some holiday cheer. Each month, we feature a special selection of cases from our Custom Shop. The Custom Shop is a way to create your own designs with our case line, giving the customer ultimate control over color preferences for each individual piece of the product.

With Limited Edition cases, we utilize our own Custom Shop to highlight cases that are either trending color schemes from our customers or seasonally appropriate options, like our December offering. The best part about the Limited Edition cases is the price. Typically, a customized case would cost a little extra, but the Limited cases are offered at a $10 discount.

An additional nuance to the Limited Edition line is device choice. Each month we feature a difference case for a different phone. For December, our colorful options are available in the Rokbed v3 iPhone 4/s and RokShield v3 iPhone 5/s varieties.

If you are not familiar with these particular cases, they are ready for an active lifestyle. If you drag your Rokform protected iPhone out in the snow this season, don’t worry about dropping it through your hole-ridden jacket pocket. The injection molded polycarbonate frame will keep things safe and we have customers that will prove it! Additionally, the thermoplastic elastomer non-slip grip insert will prevent the dog from sweeping it off the counter while begging for Gingerbread Men… or is it “People?”

Easily the most important feature, the Rokform Mounting System, which is a locking connection point molded into the case back, further customizes to users’ preferences. Any number of accessories can be clicked into place, including the Rokmeister bottle opener, perfect for that cup of cheer.

To come full circle, we think the Limited Edition December case is a must-have for the holiday season. With the trim red and white colors, there is a very Santa Clause feeling about the color scheme. If you have not yet, make sure to check out our Rokform Gift Guide and sign up for our official newsletter to receive an instant 10% off your next purchase. Our newsletter readers are always the first to know about special promotions, like the Limited Edition monthly cases. Stay warm!

Allie Decker
Allie Decker


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