Rokform’s Holiday Gift Guide for the Cyclist

Rokform’s Holiday Gift Guide for the Cyclist

If you are looking to be the winner when it comes to gift giving for the cyclist in your life, check out our holiday gift guide with plenty to please.

With Thanksgiving here, you know what that means? Gift giving time is upon us! Don’t freak out. We’ve created a GO-TO holiday gift guide for cyclist in your life. And if they’ve never used a Rokform product, here is your chance to BLOW THEM AWAY with your thoughtful gift. With cycling as one of our core passion’s, we have a few options to choose from for the bike lover in your life.

The Pro Series Bike Mount Kit - $99.99 (Mount Only $69.99)

Rokform Pro Series Bike Mount

Being able to utilize the various fitness and navigation apps was the inspiration behind the Pro Series Bike Mount by Rokform. This patented mount and case kit will take your cycling experience to the next level. Without the hassle of taking your phone out of a back pocket, you can quickly navigate uncharted territory on a ride or have the camera ready for the can’t miss shot while in the woods. The case is extremely durable and ready for the demands of an active lifestyle. This is a top seller and a must-have for any cyclist.

Water Resistant Skin - $9.99

Rokform Water Resistant Skin

Unlike the iPhone 7, the previous generation iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s PLUS isn’t waterproof. Without adding annoying bulk, Rokform created a great water resistant skin that can be installed before you go on your next tide or outdoor adventure.

Clug Bike Rack - $20


Say goodbye to expensive and huge bike racks with the latest find from CLUG. The CLUG is the world’s smallest bike rack and ready to hold your bike after your adventure. Bring it home, try it in the kitchen, or even amongst the trees, the CLUG is the perfect solution to keeping your bike straight up.

6-Pack Frame Cinch - $34.00

Beer Carrier

If you’re an everyday biker with the saddlebags packed to the brim, this 6-Pack Frame Cinch is a great storage solution when picking up that six pack on the way home. From Walnut Studiolo, the sturdy leather straps securely to the rail between your legs. And if you have the Rokform Multi-Tool, you’re all set to open your first brew.

Ass Saver Extended - €8.00

Ass Saver Extended

This interesting tool will help keep your rear end dry when encountering a wet road. Made in Sweden, the Ass Saver Extender is the ultimate splash guard for cyclist. Say goodbye to road spray (and hello to a high five from the friend you just gifted this to).

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