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As the holiday season approaches, many of us are starting to think about what gifts we can give to our loved ones. If you have a golfer in your life, you know how much they love their sport. Whether they're a seasoned pro or a beginner, there are plenty of great gift ideas out there for golfers of all levels. From new clubs and accessories to training aids and gadgets, we've compiled a list of some of the best holiday gift ideas for golfers.

Top Rated Golf Gifts

Budget-Friendly Golf Gifts

Not all golf gifts have to be an expensive new set of clubs or fancy swing analyzer; buyers on a budget can offer equally meaningful presents this Christmas by being thoughtful and genuine. The best gifts for golfers - or anyone for that matter - are those that come from the heart, after all. 

There are plenty of small yet significant gifts that you can give to your golf-loving friends and family. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

1. Rokform G-ROK Golf Speaker

This rugged iPX7 waterproof & dustproof wireless portable speaker is the perfect golf gift to take on and off the course. The G-ROK Golf Speaker features an extra-long battery life of 24 hours, has a 30-foot bluetooth range, and includes a powerful magnet that makes it easy to mount onto golf carts. While made especially for the course, golfers will love that the G-ROK is also portable and durable, so they can bring the tunes along on all the adventures.

Buy Rokform G-ROK Speaker $99.99

ROKFORM G-ROK Golf Speaker

2. Perfect Practice Putting Mat

On or off the course, many golfers look for ways to improve their game. The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is a cool golf gift that offers both challenge and precision. The standard size features two hole sizes, one regulation sized and one reduced sized. Auto ball return rewards putters by returning balls that have gone into the hole. 

Perfect Practice Putting Mat
Perfect Practice

3. Eagle 3 Golf Cases

Protective Eagle 3 Golf Cases are the absolute perfect gift for golfers who think they can make it one more round before the weather turns ugly. But that's not the only reason why you need a golf phone case; dirt, sand, and even the occasional mishap might affect your device on any given day. This safeguards it from everything, and being built with a tactical backing can attach to pretty much any surface. Golf bag, belt - you name it!

ROKFORM Eagle 3 golf phone case

4. Golf Ball Set

While originality is always an important aspect of gift-giving, there's nothing wrong with getting a quintessential golf present if it's something your recipient could truly use. Golf ball sets are practical, easy to find, and are virtually always pocket-friendly. At such a low entry price, you could even spring for a fancier pack from a high-end brand. Titleist golf ball sets tend to start at around $75, whereas the same-size golf ball set from a lesser-known brand averages at $25.  

Honorable Mention - Rokform Golf Shooter

This golf present is currently sold out due to popular demand. The Rokform Golf Shooter lets golfers convert their smartphones into the perfect golf tool in just seconds. The CNC-machined aluminum head allows users to take advantage of RokLock Twist Lock, magnet technology or both to lock smartphones into place. Simply push the Golf Shooter into the turf, lock the Rokform case (aka the camera) to the Golf Shooter and shoot your video. Golfers can then analyze and improve their swing or share the video with coaches – soon they’ll be perfecting their golf swing. The shaft is made with a graphite shaft that is strong yet lightweight; the aluminum tip easily pierces through the turf for fast, easy setup.

 Buy Rokform Golf Shooter - $99.99

You'll be able to complement your recipient's perfect golf gift with the new and improved Rokform Golf Shooter after its redesign is officially released in 2024.  

ROKFORM Golf Shooter
ROKFORM Golf Shooter

High-End Golf Gifts

Money can't buy everything, but it sure can buy some of the best golf gifts around. Whether you're shopping for a golf enthusiast, a beginner, or someone who just loves the game of golf, there's no shortage of pricier items out there that show just how invested you are in their journey. 

Of course, any expensive golf gift should be purchased with proper consideration and research. You'll want to choose something that the recipient will actually be able to enjoy, and not feel inclined to hide away in a locked closet. These ideas are a great place to start:

5. Custom-Fit Golf Clubs

The perfect gift for a golfer with a characteristic swing, custom-fit golf clubs are tailored to a player's size, stature, and style. They're generally sold by specialty equipment manufacturers, who adjust the length, weight, and line angle of each club to fit a particular person's needs. 

These clubs come at a price—they can cost several hundred dollars per set—but they may be worth it for serious golfers who want to get the most out of their game.

TaylorMade golf clubs
TaylorMade golf clubs

6. Golf GPS Watch

Not every gift for a golfer has to relate to clubs and golf balls. Game-assisting devices can be just as, if not more valuable, to hardcore players. Consider getting your recipient a high-tech watch with GPS, swing analysis, and course mapping capabilities to guide their next drive. These start at a couple hundred dollars but can get quite expensive. Premium brand and more sophisticated GPS golf watches go for upwards of $3,000. Again, worth it if they'll use it.

7. Luxury Golf Bag

Perhaps your recipient already has lots of golf-related gifts in their trove - enough clubs, balls, and practice equipment to last a lifetime. You can give them somewhere to put it all with a designer golf bag. Differentiated by premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship, VESSEL bags are worth every penny of the roughly $400 you'll spend on them. If that's not affluent enough, try Louis Vuitton's Monogram canvas, leather golf bags. They start in the low $20,000s.

Unique Golf Gifts

Handcrafted Golf Gifts

Remember what we said earlier about the best gifts for golfers being those that come from the heart? This section will be your guidebook to picking one of those. Unique golf gifts always stand out amongst conventional presents, and their originality means they'll likely be kept for much longer. Just know ahead of time that buying a unique gift for a golfer takes work - you'll need to thoroughly reflect upon the person themselves and your relationship with them. Miss the mark, and they might mistake your one-of-a-kind gift for a bizarre, over-the-top purchase. Start by exploring these ideas:

8. Handmade Leather Scorecard Holder

Now here's a unique golf gift that is sure to spark conversation on the course. Everyone's got a set of fancy clubs, but not every player has their own handmade scorecard holder. Usually crafted from high-quality leather, these pouches are designed to hold scorecards, pencils, and any other items needed to track a round. They also range in price quite widely, so there's sure to be a tangible option out there to fit whatever your budget may be.

Ace scorecard holder
Ace scorecard holder

9. Wooden Golf Ball Display

Take a minute to think about your recipient's home or office. Is it flooded with golf-related gifts? Regardless of whether the answer is yes or no, a handcrafted wood display for golf balls is something they probably don't currently have. Handcrafted displays are available for purchase on Etsy for anywhere between one hundred to one thousand dollars. They can also range in size and style, so be sure to take both into account before placing an order.

Golf ball display rack
Great Golf Memories
Golf ball display rack

10. Hand-Stamped Golf Club Head Covers

One of the few gifts for golfers that are as practical as they are unique, hand-stamped golf club head covers make a great addition to any golfer's set. They come in all kinds of colors and materials, with prices ranging from twenty-five to one hundred dollars. There are plenty of ways to personalize them with the recipient's initials, a favorite quote or saying, and even artwork. This gift is a super thoughtful addition to a set of clubs.  

Golf head cover
Golf head cover

Personalized Golf Gifts

There's a difference to be noted between unique gifts for golfers and personalized golf gifts, and that is while unique golf gifts are always different, personalized ones are both different and irreplaceable. They're the kind of thing that your recipient wouldn't be able to find at the average golf store, and more importantly, something they wouldn't be able to re-gift without making it obvious. 

Take a look at these three ideas to inspire your shopping:  

11. Monogrammed Golf Balls

This is a great gift for the golf lover in your life who wants to make their mark on the course, whether that's as a reigning champ, or literally. Monogrammed golf balls sport the player's initials or even a special message. They're sure to make an impression on the green, and you can find them online for as low as $10. Just be sure to factor manufacturing and shipping into your timeline, as these are often made-to-order.  

Titleist custom golf balls

12. Customized Golf Towels

Monogrammed gifts for golfers can go beyond the basic ball. If that person in your life likes to play on hot and sunny days, a personalized towel might be even more practical. These can also be customized with initials, team logos, or a message. Many custom towels come with clips so they can stay attached to golf bags for easy access on the green. Starting at roughly $10, this is another cost-effective yet meaningful gift that won't break the bank.  

Titleist custom golf balls
Players Towel

13. Engraved Divot Repair Tool

Making your mark on the course is one thing, but leaving it there is another. Most establishments require players to use divot repair tools after they've finished their rounds. Any player that follows the rules will have their divot as readily available as their club. So what better unique gift for a golfer than a personalized divot repair tool? They're available in a variety of materials on Etsy and from specialized e-commerce sites, often starting at prices under $50.  

Divot repair tool
Divot repair tool

Gifts for Golfers Who Has Everything

Luxury Golf Gifts

We've been through quite a few golf gifts by now. What are the chances that the person you're shopping for already has them all? Well, if they're a hardcore player, unfortunately high. Sometimes, knocking it out of the park with a Christmas present means putting extra time, effort, and money into the selection process. Luxury items are always safe gifts for golfers who have everything because they're less likely to already be in someone's collection, or at least in shorter supply compared to more conventional things.  

14. Golf Buggies

Golf buggies are the gift for the golfer who has everything but status. On the course, people tend to recognize the one who is riding in style, and that is what a golf buggy can do.  

MadjaX golf cart

15. Exclusive Golf Resort Getaway

When we talk about finding a great gift for golfers who have everything, we don't necessarily mean limiting your search to tangible things. Experiences are often much more memorable - so why not consider a resort getaway? Exclusive golf resorts offer the perfect opportunity for golfers to spend time in an environment specifically designed for their favorite pastime. From world-class courses to upscale dining options, this is something no one has in their closet.  

16. Limited Edition Golf Artwork

Does your golf-loving Christmas gift recipient possess a dual passion for visual art? If so, a piece inspired by the game might be right up their alley. Right between practical and trendy, golf artwork is a great way to add some color to your favorite golfer's home. It can be found in a range of styles, from classic to contemporary, and is certain to be a conversation starter. A witty gift for the golfer who has everything, including blank walls.  

17. Gold-Plated Golf Ball and Tee Set

Golf accessories are an excellent choice of gifts for a golfer of any skill level. Add a touch of luxury, and they're the kind of present someone will hold on to for life. If your budget allows, you may want to consider something gold-plated.  

Experience-Based Golf Gifts

If you're looking for a gift for a golfer who has everything, give them a memory. Real-life experiences are the perfect gift for golfers, regardless of what they may already own or know about the game. They're also something you can potentially enjoy together, growing your relationship and love of golf in tandem.  

18. Private Golf Lesson with a Pro

The best gift for a golfer who has everything is the chance to play with the best. Taking a one-on-one lesson with a golf professional can give any golfer the personalized attention they need to make noticeable and lasting improvements in their golf performance. Golf tips may sound condescending from a family member or friend - but from a pro? They're invaluable. Prices for personal lessons can range anywhere between $50 and $200, depending on the service provider.  

Professional golfer

19. Golf Course Membership

Does the player in your life love weekends on the green? Give them unfettered access to some of the best with a golf course membership. The type of Christmas present that keeps giving all year, this is the best gift for golfers who have expressed a commitment to improving their game. We recommend getting in touch with your local club to learn more about membership fees and dues. They typically start at around $4,000 per year.  

More Golf Gift Ideas

Golf Tech Gifts

Hold on - we're not through with our list of best golf gift ideas just yet. It's the twenty-first century, and that special person on your Christmas shopping list deserves the very best that today's technology has to offer.  

20. Smart Golf Ball

A great gift for golfers all around - literally smart golf balls are designed to track and measure players' performance as they're used on the green. The PuttLink Smart Golf Ball ($199) houses a microchip that records data such as ball spin, speed, and launch angle - all of which can be accessed via the accompanying Android or iOS app.  

Smart golf balls

21. Golf GPS Devices

Designed to assist golfers in improving their game by providing accurate information about distances to different points on the course, golf GPS devices are invaluable for those who want to optimize their approach. The Garmin Approach G10 ($129) is one of the best in its class. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry, while its large display provides clear and accurate information at a glance. This is one golf present that most avid golfers would love to receive.

22. Launch Monitors

Launch monitors measure the speed, trajectory, and spin of players' golf balls in real-time. We'd consider them one of, if not the best gift for a golfer in their early to intermediate development. The SkyTrak Launch Monitor ($2,850) is a great option for those looking to take their game to the next level. It measures clubhead speed, ball speed, and launch angle with pinpoint accuracy to give players information that can help them make more educated decisions in their swing.  

Golf ball launch monitor
Golf ball launch monitor

Golf Apparel

Regardless of whether you're in the market for golf gifts for him or golf gifts for her, apparel is always sure to please on Christmas morning. We take this as a chance to remind you that gift ideas for golfers don't have to be complicated or expensive - clothes and accessories make for a practical, useful golf present that won't break the bank. Quality apparel is crucial for comfort and performance on the course, so make sure you offer style, protection, and functionality tailored to the needs of the person you're buying for.  

23. Vuori Ace Polo

The Ace Polo by Vuori features a slim-fit design, moisture wicking technology and UPF rating, making it a great golf gift to use on the course but also for chilling and daily errands.  

Ace Vuori golf shiry

24. Adidas Frostguard Recycled Content Full-Zip Padded Jacket

The Full-Zip Padded Jacket by Adidas will keep golfers warm when the weather drops, so they can keep golfing as long as the course is open. Featuring down insulation to warm the core and stretch woven fabric on the arms, which enables a full range of motion on the course, this Padded Jacket is the perfect gift for the golfer in the cold area. Available in Navy or Black.  

Adidas golf jacket

Why Golf Gifts Make the Perfect Present

Golf is such a popular game that practically everyone can find relevance in a related gift. Whether you’re looking for an affordable gift, or something luxurious, there are plenty of options to choose from that will make the perfect present. Golf gifts provide universal appeal and can be gifted to a range of people – from casual players to aficionados. There are golf gifts for him, her, and even the kids. 

In terms of practicality, golf gifts are ideal for avid golfers as they often require new equipment or accessories to improve their game. The crazy thing is that our list of gift ideas for golfers only scratches the surface - there's so much more to explore! 

Find the Perfect Golf Gift for Everyone

And that’s a wrap on our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide. There’s still plenty of time to buy the perfect golf gifts for everyone on your list, but don’t let the time go to waste – order early to make sure you steer clear of any supply chain issues that are happening all around the world, affecting stocks and shipping times.

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