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6 Reasons Why You Need A Golf Phone Case

Looking for a phone case specifically for golf? Learn more about ROKFORM's new golf phone case and why you need one!

If you are an avid golfer or just have enough time for weekend golf, you know that having your phone accessible on the course is a must. Anyone who plays golf is also probably way too familiar with the inconvenience of rummaging around your golf bag,  golf cart cup holder, or glove box for your cell phone. 

What if there was an easier way to access your phone on the course and protect it from loss and or damage? By using a golf phone case for your cell phone, you can not only have easier access to your phone but add protection and versatility to it during your round. 

What is a Golf Phone Case? 

Since 2011, the ROKFORM team has been at the forefront of iPhone case innovation and design. With 10 patents under our belt, we take great pride in the fact that ROKFORM cases are well-known for their versatility, protection, and design, especially magnetic mounting. 

The Eagle 3™ golf iPhone case is the first and only iPhone case built just for golf. We listened to PGA tour pros and Amateurs and combined that feedback with over 10 years of experience and thousands of rounds of golf attaching our phone cases to golf carts. The result is the slimmest, lightest, strongest case we have ever produced, and it's made for GOLF.

After a year of development and 10 years of experience, the Eagle 3™ was born. The all-new Eagle 3™ iPhone case is packed with benefits specifically for golf. With extra protection, MAGMAX™ MagSafe® compatibility, and an extra-strength magnet system, this magnetic phone case is the ideal accessory for anyone who plays golf.

Why Do I Need a Golf Phone Case? 

Tired of having to leave your phone with its bulky phone case in your cup holder during a round? Looking for a slim and light case that can easily mount to your golf cart? Using an iPhone case that is specifically designed for golf, like the Eagle 3™, you can solve all of these issues plus add even more functionality to your iPhone. 

1. It Adds Protection 

Golf can be a relatively safe sport, but hearing the occasional “Fore!” right after some hits a crappy shot can remind you that accidents can happen. This also includes accidents with your phone! With 360-degree military drop protection for the screen, corners, and camera, the Eagle 3™ is a tough case that can withstand drops up to 6 feet and will keep your iPhone protected. The Eagle 3™ boasts 2mm of screen protection to protect your phone during those scary cart path drops!

Golfer doing a drop test with the ROKFORM Eagle 3™ iPhone 14 phone case

Even with this added protection, you don't need to worry about accessing the buttons on your phone. The Eagle 3™ case allows for easy access to your On, Off, and Volume buttons and full access to the ports and speakers on your phone. 

2. It’s a Secure Place to Hold Your Phone

The Eagle 3™ has a MAGMAX™ extra strength, shielded, 16-magnet, MagSafe® Compatible magnet system, and a special shielded, lower dual magnet system. It provides up to 19 lbs. of pull force, so there is no need to worry about your phone coming off of your golf cart! 

GIF showing phone case mounting to golf cart

Golfer attaching iPhone with ROKFORM Eagle 3™ case to golf cart

This powerful magnet system ensures that your iPhone will stay put even on rough cart paths, fairways, and those “off the fairway” experiences that happen to all of us. You can securely attach your phone right to the cart for easy access to GPS Yardage or to film your swing anywhere on the course. 

3. It's Used By The Pros

Since 2011 we have been attaching our phones to golf carts, and thousands of customers have enjoyed the convenience of having their iPhones safely mounted on the cart. For more than ten years we have been supporting golf from PGA tour pros like Brent Grant, to local amateurs and charity events, it’s in the blood. ROKFORM magnetic cases have been and still are used by dozens of tour professionals including major winners and World #1’s. 

In addition, MAGMAX™ MagSafe® compatible Eagle 3™ has a slim and light design with side grips that feel great with or without a glove. This is not only ROKFORM’s lightest case but also has the best pull force to weight ratio of all their cases. Its concave clear back design is clean and minimalistic and allows you to show off the color of your phone while it's in your hand or mounted on your golf cart. 

4. Easy Access to GPS Yardage Apps

Golfers know the importance of having the correct yardage to play faster and make the most informed shot decision. The Eagle 3™ supports the use of your GPS Yardage app by keeping your phone right in front of you the entire round. Instead of storing your phone in your golf bag, cup holder, or glove box, mount your phone directly on your golf cart for fast easy viewing.

If you want to film your golf swing or take a golf buddy selfie, you can magnetically attach your phone to your golf cart. You can even attach your phone to your golf club and create a makeshift selfie stick! 

5. You Can Use it Off the Course 

Use ROKFORM’s Eagle 3™ beyond your 18 holes! The lightest ROKFORM case uses MAGMAX™ MagSafe® compatible magnets, allowing you to use it with all MagSafe® compatible accessories including car mounts, wireless charges, and wallets. Because of its extremely powerful lower magnet system, you don’t need to worry about your phone falling off a mount in your car or any other surface you attach it to. In fact, the Eagle 3™ has a 4x more magnetic hold than any previous case without MAGMAX™!

If you have an Apple iPhone, you can use the Back Tap function easily, even with your Eagle 3™ iPhone pro case on. 

6. It's Safe for Your iPhone

ROKFORM has been putting magnets in our phone cases and sticking them to our carts since 2011. With 10 patents and years of research and experience, you can trust that our magnets and products are safe and durable. ROKFORM magnets:

  • Have been proven safe and secure and will not harm your phone
  • Will not affect GPS, WiFi, or Bluetooth
  • Will not damage your credit cards 
  • Will not affect any other function of your phone with the small exception of your compass

If you are someone who uses the old-fashioned compass on your phone to find your way to the course, this case might not be for you. However, if you use Google Maps, Apple Maps, or any other GPS map, you are good to go. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which phones work with the Eagle 3™ golf phone case?

The ROKFORM Eagle 3™ golf iPhone case works with all iPhone 13 and iPhone 14’s, except for the iPhone 13 mini. Are you a Samsung Galaxy user? Check out the Eagle 3 for Galaxy here

What makes the Eagle 3™ a golf case?

The Eagle 3™ is perfect for amateur and pro golfers because it: 

  • Securely mounts to a golf cart, Golf Shooter, golf bag, car, or any magnetic surface
  • Specially designed for cart path drops
  • Has a slim fit, is lightweight, and can easily fit in your pocket 
  • Allows for easy viewing of your GPS Yardage apps 
  • Allows for easy filming of your golf swing
  • Is compatible with all MagSafe® accessories including wireless chargers and 
  • ROKFORM magnetic car mounts

Does ROKFORM understand what golfers need?

Yes! The ROKFORM team started attaching our phones to our golf carts in 2011. After years of doing this, we realized that we needed to create a phone case catered specifically for golf and for golfers.

We are proud to be sponsors of regional and area golf tournaments and trusted by PGA pros including major tour winners, world number #1’s, and our very own sponsored PGA Tour Player, Brent Grant. We are not just whistling Dixie when we say this case was built for GOLF!

Brent Grant Eagle 3™ Golf iPhone case testimonial. 

What other accessories does the Eagle 3™ golf phone case work with?

The Eagle 3™ case works with all MagSafe compatible accessories and ROKFORM products including the MagSafe Swivel Mount, MagSafe Vent Mount, MagSafe Suction Mount, and Golf Shooter.

You can pair the Eagle 3™ with the G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker and stick both to your golf cart. This wireless speaker is waterproof, and dustproof, and provides a 30-foot range of wireless sound.

“If you play golf and you don't have an Eagle 3 case, buy one!" -Brent Grant, PGA Tour Professional

ROKFORM is excited to unveil the world’s first and only golf phone case. It can make a great gift for the golf lover in your life or if you play golf, a must-have accessory for you!

ROKFORM's CEO, Jeff Whitten, gives a full tutorial of the Eagle 3™ golf phone case.

Have questions or are interested to learn more about the Eagle 3™’s features? We are available for online chat or in-person at our Irvine, California showroom. Call us toll-free at 855-765-3676, e-mail info@rokform.com, or visit us at www.rokform.com

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