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5 Unique Ways To Use Your iPhone With A Magnetic Phone Case

You may be wondering—if a super-strong magnet is built into a phone case, what are some unique uses when you can mount your phone to any magnetic surface? And, just how strong are the magnets in Rokform’s phone cases? Well, we’ve put together a quick list of ideas to reveal a few of the endless possibilities for you to get more out of your iPhone. Here are five unique ways to use your iPhone with a magnetic phone case.

Unique Ways To Use Your iPhone With A Magnetic Phone Case

1. Conveniently Attach Magnetic Accessories to Your iPhone 14 with ROKFORM

Magnetic phone cases are a convenient way to keep your credit cards and other items safe. They can also be used as an easy way to attach a wallet or a wireless charging receiver to your phone. This makes it easier to carry around your essentials without having to dig through your pockets or purse. The FUZION Magnetic Wallet with Stand conveniently attaches to any MagSafe® compatible phone case, like the Rugged, Crystal, or Eagle 3 magnetic case. 

The ROKFORM RFID Blocking Wallet for iPhone 14 is a great way to keep your cards and cash secure. This wallet features RFID blocking technology, which prevents wireless data theft from contactless cards and IDs. It also has a built-in stand for hands-free phone viewing and a secure snap closure. This wallet is the perfect combination of convenience and security, allowing you to securely carry your cards and cash without sacrificing style. With the RFID Blocking Wallet, you can travel with peace of mind knowing that your personal information is protected.

This wallet is incredible!! The magnet is SUPER strong!! There's no way it's falling off your Rokform case. Love the slim look.

- Andy L.

2. Shoot Videos Of Your Swing From Your Golf Cart

Working with a golf coach from afar means you’ll need to take tons of videos of your swing for their analysis and feedback. Having an easy way to position your phone for shooting video of your swing is made possible with a Rokform magnetic phone case. The magnet is strong enough to hold your iPhone 14 Pro Max steady on the canopy supports of your golf cart, providing numerous angles for getting that perfect progress video.

The ROKFORM Eagle 3 Golf Phone Case for iPhone 14 is the perfect accessory for golfers. With the Eagle 3, you can easily stick your iPhone 14 Pro Max right to the cart, and that's it. Easy phone access, instantly. The magnet strength will impress your friends and keep the phone secure on the cart for 18 holes or any flat magnetic surface. Pair your Eagle 3 phone case for golf with a G-ROK magnetic wireless golf speaker for the ultimate experience on the course! 

Eagle 3 magnetic phone case for golf
Eagle 3 magnetic phone case for golf
Man swinging golf club

3. Attach Your Phone to Gym Equipment to Film Your Workout

Having a magnetic phone case is a great way to film your workout from different angles. With the help of a magnet, you can attach your phone to any metal surface in a stable position to film your workout. This is especially useful if you want to show others your form while doing certain exercises. You can easily attach your phone to the side of a squat rack or other gym equipment to get the perfect shot. With a magnetic phone case, you have the flexibility to move your phone around to capture the right angles and show off your progress.

ROKFORM S23 Rugged Case attached to gym equipment
ROKFORM S23 Rugged Case attached to gym equipment

The best-selling Samsung Rugged case is better than ever for the new Galaxy S23 ULTRA. Now with an integrated MAGMAX™ magnet system compatible with most 3rd party MagSafe® accessories. Now you can enjoy MagSafe® convenience with your new S23 ULTRA and 3x more magnetic hold than ever before. Turn your S23 ULTRA from a great phone into a powerhouse of functionality while keeping it safe from damage inside the all-new ROKFORM S23 ULTRA Rugged case.

4. Keep Your Phone in Sight While Working in the Garage

If you're a DIY enthusiast or like to have your phone handy while working in the garage, then a magnetic phone case is the perfect solution. Attaching your phone to a toolbox or other metal surface is an easy way to keep it in view and make sure it doesn't get damaged by any flying debris. Not only that, but you can also connect your phone to a magnetic Bluetooth speaker and listen to your favorite tunes while you work, without having to worry about dropping it or getting it dirty. Magnetic phone cases are a great way to make your DIY projects more enjoyable and keep your phone safe!

ROKFORM Rugged case attached to toolbox in garage

5. Quick Attachment to Magnetic Phone Mounts for Handsfree Driving

Using a ROKFORM magnetic phone case in combination with a MagSafe® magnetic car phone mount is a great way to keep your phone secure and within reach while driving. The magnetic phone case provides powerful, yet safe, magnetic connection that allows you to quickly attach and detach your phone from the mount with one hand. The strong magnets also keep your phone from slipping or bouncing off the mount while driving. With ROKFORM's magnetic phone case accessories, you can easily set up your phone mount in a convenient location, such as the dashboard, and enjoy handsfree driving. 

ROKFORM Magnetic Windshield Suction Mount, MagSafe Compatible
ROKFORM Magnetic Swivel Dash Mount

The ROKFORM Dual Magnet Vent Mount is packed with 2 powerful magnets that will hold any ROKFORM magnetic case securely even over harsh terrain. This is not an ordinary vent mount phone holder; it is specially designed to work perfectly with your ROKFORM magnetic iPhone or Galaxy case. The magnet-to-magnet connection makes for a fast, easy, and reliable grip of your phone.

As you can see, protecting your iPhone with one of Rokform’s phone cases comes with more benefits than simply keeping your phone safe from drops and shocks. We added high-strength magnets and our Roklock mounting system to make our phone cases remarkably versatile, transforming your iPhone into a multi-purpose tool far beyond its standard capabilities. There are a plethora of unique ways to use your iPhone with a magnetic phone case - Viewing instructional videos, shooting videos, taking selfies in the strangest spots, and more. Browse our selection of cases today and find your ideal iPhone case HERE!

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