iPhone 14 Rugged Case, MagSafe® Compatible
iPhone 14 Rugged Case, MagSafe® Compatible
iPhone 14 Rugged Case, MagSafe® Compatible
iPhone 14 Rugged Case, MagSafe® Compatible
iPhone 14 Rugged Case, MagSafe® Compatible
iPhone 14 Rugged Case, MagSafe® Compatible
iPhone 14 Rugged Case, MagSafe® Compatible

iPhone 14 Rugged Case, MagSafe® Compatible

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ALL NEW iPhone 14 Rugged Case
was built for people who want to get more out of their iPhones. At ROKFORM, we go the extra mile for our customers and their cases – that’s why our latest Rugged Series case for the iPhone 14 is our best yet. 

ROKFORM has become the go-to name brand for hard-working people seeking reliability, functionality, and durability from their phone cases. Our extra strength MAGMAX™ MagSafe® COMPATIBLE magnet array provides a hands-free connection to any magnet surface. Whether you're mounting to a motorcycle using the integrated RokLock Twist Lock or instantly attaching to our magnetic mounts or accessories, you can focus on the things in life that really matter. No matter your adventure – the Rugged Case has you covered.

  • A MAGNETIC ATTRACTION: our industrial-grade, multi-magnet arrangement offers a 4-5x stronger hold on all magnetic surfaces.
  • MAGMAX MagSafe® COMPATIBLE:  Compatible with Apple MagSafe accessories (excludes MagSafe Battery Pack).
  • MILITARY-GRADE PROTECTION: Our cases pass military-grade drop test standards with flying colors. The Rugged Cases absorb shocks and drops up to 4x better than our competitors.
  • ROKLOCK TWIST LOCK: Use your iPhone 14Pro Max as you’ve never imagined. Access twist lock bike mounts, motorcycle mounts, car mounts, and more!
  • SLIM BUT STURDY: 6-sided, 360-degree protection – while still fitting perfectly into your pocket. All the brawn, none of the bulk.
  • 60-DAY MONEY BACK AND 2-YEAR ROKFORM GUARANTEE: 2-year limited warranty and a 5-star customer service team based in Irvine, California.

Rugged Protection

The ROKFORM Rugged iPhone 14 case is engineered with 360 degrees of Military grade screen, corner, and camera protection, so you don’t have to worry about shocks and drops.

MagSafe® Compatible

We added some extra oomph (4-5x worth) to our MagSafe® compatible magnet array, giving you more grip on all your favorite MagSafe® compatible accessories. Improved magnets throughout also provide 4-5x more holding power on any magnetic surface.

Instant Magnetic Mounting

Instantly and securely attach your phone to any magnetic surface. Three strategically placed magnet systems are included with every case providing you even more holding power and versatility than ever before.

RokLock Twist Lock

Integrated into the case is our patented RokLock twist lock system that allows you to quickly and securely twist and lock your phone onto various ROKFORM mounts for bikes, cars, motorcycles, and more.

Quality Performance

Since 2014, thousands of police, military, fire, first responders, and weekend warriors have trusted the Rugged Series iPhone case for quality, performance, protection, and convenience. Refined, better than ever, made from the best materials available, and backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

Perfect For The Course

The powerful magnets inside the Rugged case allow you to instantly stick your iPhone to the golf cart securely for 18 holes. See calls, texts, music, GPS apps, video, and more without clogging up the cup holder or risk leaving your phone in the storage compartment. Since 2012 thousands of players have trusted ROKFORM cases on and off the golf course.

Versatility Meets Protection

Since the new iPhone release, most rugged protective cases are bulky, clumsy, and look awkward, but not the ROKFORM Rugged case. We place the protection exactly where it is needed most to protect the corners, the glass screen, and the camera while still maintaining a slim feel that easily slides in and out of your pocket.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Chad P.

I bought a Rokform case for my last phone and had to get one for my new phone as well!! I am a huge fan of these cases and will be a lifelong customer. I love the look and feel of these rugged cases. The magnets are super powerful and come in very handy. Keep up the great work and customer/product dedication!!
The picture submitted has the ring/stand attachment which is also a great purchase

jacob n.

i work on power poles and i’ve already dropped my case and no harm was done to my phone nor the case and i was 78 feet in the air love this case will always have rockford on my phone

Eric J.
Excellent case

I have been an avid Rokform customer since they first came out. They are absolutely the best performing as well as best looking phone cases I have come across, and their magnetic feature is rediculously superior to any other. I will continue to be a grateful and satisfied customer!

Nolan R.
Nothing better.

Have had a Rockform case for over 3 years now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The case outlasts the phone itself. The magnet it so convenient and practical for my every day use.

Denton P.
Excellent Product

The magnet on this phone case could withstand an F5 tornado! You gotta put some back and efforts into pulling it off of stuff. It’s stronger than most peoples relationships. It works great for the gym, taking pictures with people when no one else is around to take it for you, and having convenient places to put your phone! Your phone is safer than an airport when it’s in this thing! 10/10 would recommend! My only single complaint is that it does not have anything to cover your charging port. Outside of that this case is phenomenal!