Will the magnets damage my phone?

    No, our MAGMAX MagSafe® compatible magnets and lower magnet array are completely safe for iPhones. We have been using magnets in our iPhone cases for more than 10 years trouble free and the iPhone 15 is no exception.

Does the Eagle 3 work with wireless charging?

    The Eagle 3 case has a built-in MAGMAX™ magnet array and will work with all Rokform wireless chargers. Compatibility may vary with MagSafe wireless charging products not affiliated with Rokform. Although we cannot guarantee that the case will work on ALL Qi chargers and in ALL vehicles due to the nearly infinite combinations, (vehicle type, charging area, power output, etc.) we can guarantee it will work with all Rokform Wireless chargers. You can learn more about wireless charging here.

If I hit a big bump in the cart, will my case fall off?

    No, the Eagle 3 magnet system is designed to stay securely on your cart even over the roughest terrain. We have seen ice chests and golf bags fly off the cart while the Eagle 3 stays secure. It’s not coming off until you want it to.

Can I use the Eagle 3 off the course?

    Yes, the slim, light, protective design makes the Eagle 3 the most versatile every day case around and is the perfect everyday case when you are not on the course.

Why do I need a phone case for golf?

    The same reason that you need a golf bag. Sure, you can bungee your clubs together or put them in a duffle and strap them to the cart, but you use a golf bag, designed for golf to keep your clubs safe, organized and right where you know where to find them. Not having an Eagle 3 is like not having a golf bag. The Eagle 3 is your 15th club and is designed for golf, and to be right there when you need it, never lost, never damaged, always in sight, always in play.

Can I use ROKFORM Magnetic mounts with my Eagle 3?

                  Yes, the Eagle 3 will work with all ROKFORM magnetic mounts and ROKFORM MagSafe® compatible mounts.

Is the Eagle 3 MagSafe Compatible?

                  Yes, the Eagle 3 will work with almost all MagSafe® accessories even if they don’t come from ROKFORM. The MAGMAX™ MagSafe® compatible magnet array will also enhance the holding power by 4-5x.

How much does the Eagle 3 weigh?

                  Weight? The Eagle 3 is our lightest, thinnest case and weighs about the same as other cases, the magnets add a little bit of weight and also a more balanced feel than most other cases.

Is the Eagle 3 Protective?

                    Yes, like all ROKFORM cases take protection seriously. The Eagle 3 is designed to easily protect your phone, screen and camera from a 6-foot drop, even on uneven cart path surfaces. Check out
this video