What Rokform Cases are compatible with the Magnetic Wireless Charger?

  • Any Rokform case with the MAGMAX Magnetic ring will work with the new wireless charger. They are listed below:
    • All Apple iPhone 15 Rokform Cases
    • All Apple iPhone 14 Rokform Cases
    • All Apple iPhone 13 Rokform Cases
    • All Samsung Galaxy S23 Rokform Cases
    • Google Pixel Pro 8 Rugged Case

Are wireless charging stands easy to use?

  • Yes!  A wireless charging stand makes for easy setups with no worrying about messy cables. Now, are all wireless charging stands made equal? Absolutely not. There are cheap wireless charging stands out there, so you need to make sure you choose your charge stand from a trusted provider. Preferably one that provides a 60 day money back guarantee and 2 year warranty on all their products. Oh, wait - that's us! We create all of our cases, mounts, accessories, and yes - magnetic wireless charging stands with ease of use and quality in mind. The Rokform fast wireless charging stand offers double the magnetic grip, MagSafe® compatibility, flexible viewing angles, and a continuity camera mount.

Will magnets affect wireless charging?

  • We go above and beyond providing MagSafe® compatibility - bringing you a magnetic wireless charger stand that pivots, mounts, is thin and lightweight, and has continuity camera capabilities. Pair our magnetic charger stand with our Rokform cases for the perfect duo in strength, durability, style, and comfortability. Please note that the Magnetic Plug in your Rokform case may interfere with wireless charging. Please remove the Magnetic Plug for best results.  

What are the Disadvantages of Wireless Charging?

  • Wireless charging has no disadvantages when you pick the right provider. With top quality design and execution, a wireless charger stand can bring ease of use and time saving charging capabilities to your lifestyle.

What if my Roform Wireless Charging Stand Doesn't Work?

  • Although unlikely, in the case that you're dissatisfied with our magnetic wireless charging stand, just let us know! Our customer service team is always happy to help you apply our 60 day money back guarantee or 2 year warranty.