iPhone 12/12 Pro Crystal Case
High Performance iPhone 12/12 Pro Crystal Case
Protective iPhone 12/12 Pro Crystal Case
Magnetic iPhone 12/12 Pro Crystal Case
Versatile iPhone 12/12 Pro Crystal Case
Crystal Case - iPhone 12/12 Pro
Protective iPhone 12/12 Pro Crystal Case
Crystal Case - iPhone 12/12 Pro
Magnetic iPhone 12/12 Pro Crystal Case
Crystal Case - iPhone 12/12 Pro
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Crystal Case - iPhone 12/12 Pro

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  • DUAL COMPOUND ULTRA LIGHT: Shockproof iPhone 12 clear case features our protective hard polycarbonate outer shell with a soft impact-resistant core
  • SLIM DESIGN: All day six sided 360-degree dual compound protection featuring a slim design without the bulk
  • EASY TO USE TWIST LOCK SYSTEM: Allows you to safely mount your phone to a variety of accessories for bikes, cars, motorcycles and more.
  • MAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY: Specially designed Neodymium magnet allows you to stick your phone to almost any magnetic surface. Will not negatively impact your GPS, credit cards, Wi-Fi, Apple Pay, Bluetooth, camera or data transfer.
  • WIRELESS CHARGING: For wireless charging, you simply remove the center magnet and leave the lower magnet in place
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE: Our iPhone 12 clear case is designed for everyday protective use and convenience. Removing and installing your phone is simple and only takes seconds.
  • Magnetic

    We use specially designed rare earth N52 Neodymium magnets that are proven safe for all smartphones and tablets in our clear iPhone 12 case line. The magnet doesn't affect phone signals, GPS, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. The lower magnet on the 5.4" clear iPhone case is rated at 9.1lbs. of pull, and 11lbs of pull on the 6.1" and 6.7". The center magnet is the same in all our clear iPhone 12 cases with 6.3lbs of pull. Now, that's power!

    Military Grade Protection

    Our iPhone 12 case clear series is made with tough impact-resistant polycarbonate used in police helmets and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) for optimum drop protection and a good grip. With 1.6mm of protection at the corners and screen and 2.6mm around the camera, your phone is protected. Military and first responders love our iPhone 12 phone case and have made it one of our biggest sellers.

    RokLock™ Hold

    The Rokform clear iPhone 12 case also comes with RokLock™ technology. RokLock™ twist-locks onto our mounts to protect and hold your phone in place. Use this with our phone mounts to get that ultimate hold on your motorcycle, bike, or in your car or truck.
    With its reinforced corners and enhanced screen and camera protection, our iPhone 12 clear case exceeds Military Grade Drop Test standards when it comes to protecting your phone from damage.

    Premium Quality Materials

    Highly ergonomic shape combined with the Rokform iPhone 12 case clear series' blend of polycarbonate and soft TPU provide a firm grip and feel. Unlike other bulky protection cases, ours is feathery light and the special cutouts make buttons easy to push. Rugged construction that fits your phone perfectly to offer superior drop protection while still making it easy for you to swipe your screen.

    Clear As Day

    Our clear iPhone 12 case series weighs around 2 oz and is 6 x 2.81 x 0.5 inches (6.57" x 3.11" x .51" for our clear iPhone 12 Pro Case), so it'll fit easily into pockets, bags, and purses. The clear back lets you show off the phone color you chose, and the TPU has the perfect feel and grip. You can attach it to a lanyard, a magnetic surface, or a Rokform mount for maximum protection. Specially designed to add to the style of the iPhone 12 instead of hide it behind a bulky case!

    ⚠️ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov


    Our clear case for iPhone 12 is not waterproof, but the iPhone 12 is! You will have worry-free use of your phone thanks to our protective case and the water-resistant iPhone.

    No. Manufacturers have been using magnets in phones and tablets for years. Our specially designed rare earth magnets in the iPhone 12 clear case are proven safe for all smartphones and tablets. The center magnet will block wireless charging, so please remove the center magnet if you want to wireless charge. Keep loose magnets away from children under 16 years of age. Magnets are safe for your phone and your credit cards, but direct contact can damage other magnetically sensitive products or devices such as floppy discs, hotel keys, and spinning hard drives. Do not use our clear iphone 12 or clear iphone 12 pro case if you have an implanted device.

    The clear case for iPhone 12 models are more on the rigid side to protect from shocks and drops but do not feel stiff or cumbersome like other extremely bulky cases found elsewhere.

    Yes. You can use a Rokform RokGlass Screen Protector or most others. We have not found one yet that does not work with our clear case for iphone 12.

    Rokform's iphone 12 clear case is high polished polycarbonate, which will scratch, but we have set the polycarbonate slightly below the TPU to help prevent direct contact on the scratchable surface.

    The average customer will have their case as long as they have their phone. Customers rarely take advantage of the two-year warranty because our clear iPhone 12 case is so tough. In the unlikely event that something does happen to the case, give us a call, and we will take care of it.

    Maybe. Some magnetic mounts use four small magnets facing North and South and are generally used to stick to a metal plate. Our magnets face South on the case and North on our Mounts, so if you are using a non-ROKFORM mount, the performance will not be very good because the non-ROKFORM mount magnets resist against the magnet in our iPhone 12 clear cases.