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Galaxy S24 ULTRA Magnetic Rugged Case

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Our best-selling rugged case is refined, updated, and made for the S24.

• Rugged military-grade drop protection
• Patented Twist Lock and magnetic mounting
• MAGMAX™ built-in for attaching to accessories and any magnetic surface.

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Android enthusiasts are uber-excited about the new Galaxy S24 Ultra, and our case design is well-fitted to enhance that excitement. The new Rokform Galaxy S24 Ultra case has everything you need to build on the experience this model promises to bring. Think 3X more of the magnetic hold on any magnetic surface, sleek, slip-free design with unmatched durability, and 6ft drop protection. A true hub of robust features that allow you to use your phone more efficiently without the necessity of added accessories.

  • Extra Strength: Powerful magnetic mounting on magnetic surfaces.
  • RokLock™ Technology: Patented twist-lock technology for secure mounting in all kinds of vehicles.
  • Style: Sleek and slim design at 15mm thick without compromising on durability.
  • Magnetic Accessories: Works seamlessly with Rokform wireless chargers and accessories.
  • Functional: Strong magnetic mounting capabilities on our Rugged Samsung S24 Ultra case don't affect GPS, Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, Payments, or data transfers.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: 60-day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty on all Rokform products.

⚠️ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Magnetized Mounting

Our Galaxy S24 Ultra phone case doubles as a mounting accessory - 3 powerful N52 Neodymium magnets give you 3x the holding power onto any magnetic surface. Whether you're training at the gym, cooking in the kitchen, or on the way to the 18th hole in a golf cart - easily mount your phone using our Samsung S24 Ultra case for the ultimate hands-free experience. Convenience and functionality is huge for us here at Rokform, hence the MAGMAX™ Ring, a center removable magnet plug, and lower magnets compatible with all our magnetic mounts.

Military-Grade Durability

There's a reason why Military and First Responder personnel opt in for a Rokform Samsung S24 Ultra heavy-duty case. We don't buy into the middle ground between style and durability, we've merged those lines indefinitely. 360 degrees of tough polycarbonate and TPU padded protection for your screen, corners, and camera. Whether you're working in high-risk conditions, or simply want the best drop protection - our Rugged S24 Ultra case does the job!

Stylish & Slim

Bulky cases are so 2023 - we kept our Samsung S24 Ultra case super slim and only 0.4oz in weight. Looks good, fits in your pocket, designed with grip to avoid slips, and sits at just 15mm thick. We specifically designed our Rugged Galaxy S24 Ultra case at the center of tough and stylish so you don't have to choose between protection and finesse.

Reliable on the Course

A golfer's dream - no more throwing your phone into your golf bag or that sticky golf cart cup holder. Instead, our S24 Ultra case mounts straight to the golf cart using our MAGMAX™ magnetic technology. Golfers love the hands-free experience while using their phones to video their swings or use their favorite yardage app. From the first hole to the 18th, you can rest assured that your phone is in good hands.

S-Pen Power

Imagine buying your favorite Galaxy S24 Ultra phone case only to find out your S pen doesn't work properly - bummer! Our Rugged Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra case comes with a removable magnetic plug so you can alternate between using your center magnet and S pen compatibility. Powerful wireless charging compatibility of our Rugged Samsung S24 case varies with 3rd party products but works seamlessly with all Rokform charger accessories.


• ONLY use the installed non-magnetic plug for S-Pen & wireless charging compatibility.
• Optional magnetic accessories, like the Sport Ring, MUST be removed.
• S-Pen will NOT write over magnetic fields.
• Magnets will not harm your phone but will affect S-Pen compatibility.
• If you want full S-Pen compatibility, DO NOT use the optional magnetic plug.
• The lower magnet has reduced power and a special shield and should not affect S-Pen compatibility.

If you want the best case available for your new phone, you need the Rokform Samsung S24 Ultra Rugged case. Our case is built with durability to protect your phone from multiple 6-ft drops - 360-degree protection ensures your camera, corners, and screen stay safe as well. But it's also slim and lightweight enough to fit easily into your pocket and fit comfortably in your hand.

Upon testing, our Samsung S24 Ultra case exceeds military-grade standards for 6-foot drop protection. We use shock-absorbing TPU and tough polycarbonate to give your phone the best protection possible. But our case is still slim - just 15mm thick - so it fits right in your pocket yet keeps your phone safe in the most challenging conditions.

Our Samsung S24 Ultra case provides 100% protection for your phone and 100% easy access. You have easy access to all the buttons with our cutouts. Our center magnet is removable so you can take it out while using your S Pen. When you're done, put the center magnet back in for extra strong mounting to any magnetic surface.

The Rokform Rugged Galaxy S24 Ultra case lets you choose between RokLock™ and magnetic mounting. It's compatible with our suction, dash, vent, and other mounts. You can attach your phone securely with a twist, then release it with a twist in the other direction. If you have a magnetic car mount, our N52 Neodymium magnets will give you the strongest hold available.

Rokform's Samsung S24 Ultra Rugged case is super slim at just 15mm, barely thicker than your phone, so it fits easily in your pocket. But unlike many slim cases, it also provides military-grade protection against drops, slips, and falls. It also gives you a choice of mounting your phone with its super-strong MAGMAX™ magnets or our patented RokLock™ twist-lock technology.

You should have no problems charging your phone wirelessly with our Samsung S24 Ultra Rugged Case, especially when you're using one of our Rokform chargers like the RokLock™ Wireless Charger. While our phone case will work with most 3rd party chargers, charging speed and compatibility with other brands may vary.