iPhone 15 Pro Camera Lens Protector
Scratch Resistant iPhone 15 Pro Camera Lens Protector
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iPhone 15 Pro Camera Lens Protector

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Tempered glass iPhone 15 Pro Camera Lens Protector:
- Easy installation, tough protection
- Protects lenses from damage
- Premium materials to shield your lens

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Like all Rokform products, our iPhone 15 Pro camera protector is built to handle tough situations. Tempered glass shields your camera lens from scratches and smudges so you always get that perfect shot. Our iPhone 15 Pro camera lens protector also has an oleophobic coating, which means no fingerprints or oil residue to ruin your pictures. We know the iPhone 15 models have top-notch cameras, so we're looking to enhance - not suppress - that great quality outcome!

TEMPERED GLASS: Heat-treated tempered glass for 4x the strength of annealed glass.
EASY STICK ON: Fits perfectly on the first try.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: Industry leading 60-day-money-back guarantee and 2-year manufacturer warranty.

⚠️ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Premium Quality

Very few people think about camera protection for their new iPhone, but that could be an expensive mistake. Any scratch or crack on your lens can make your camera useless. We built the Rokform iPhone 15 Pro lens protector with nothing but the highest quality tempered glass. With our lens protector, you get clear images and long-lasting protection against damage from drops and those pesky scratches.

Quick Stick - Ultimate Hold

Installing your new iPhone 15 Pro lens protector couldn't be easier! Our snug fit means your back to glamor shots in mere minutes. Placing your lens protector shouldn't feel like a surgical procedure, don't sweat it because our perfect fit makes installation super easy.

Picture Perfect

Smudges, smears, and oil residue can ruin a photo. There's nothing worse than capturing the picture moment, only to find there's a fingerprint covering half the picture! The oleophobic coating on our iPhone 15 Pro camera lens protector is an anti-fingerprint, anti-smear, and anti-oil-residue superhero. Now, you can take all the shots you want without a second thought.

The Rokform Seal

You know us for our mighty cases, our heavy-duty mounts, and that magnetic hold like no other. We build all our products with Military and First Responder Personnel top of mind. It's their day-to-day brushes with danger our products are built to endure. And our camera lens protector for iPhone 15 Pro is no exception to that rule. Premium materials for top-notch quality you've come to expect from our team.


Absolutely! Installing our iPhone 15 Pro Camera Protector is a genius move. iPhones are expensive, so any type of scratch will get a 'no thank you' response from us! A camera lens protector for your iPhone 15 Pro is preparation at its finest. iPhone picture magic needs a clean, scratch-free, smudge-free, and oil-residue free lens!

Apple has been hitting home runs for years with new innovations - but there's no damage immunity. Camera lenses aren't indestructible, and if they get damaged, we end up footing the bill at the Genius bar. A slip here, drop there, and your camera lens could get scratched. Not to mention, just holding your phone can lead to fingerprints and oil-residue build-up - and what does that mean for your images? Nothing good. A lens protector for the iPhone 15 Pro provides that extra protection you need.

Not at all! Our iPhone 15 Pro Lens Protector is designed to act like an invisible shield that doesn't smear or scratch, so you always get the best pictures. Rokform's high-quality tempered glass ensures you'll always have the best lens protection and the clearest photos.

This is an easy one. An iphone 15 pro lens protector with oleophobic coating like ours keeps dust at bay, reduces fingerprints on your lens, and protects from scratches and damage. The cons are - no, we can't think of any. But that only applies to high quality lens protectors. If you opt for a cheap alternative you might experience a bad fit, or worse - poor image quality. Our iPhone 15 Pro camera lens protectors are made with the best quality tempered glass and an oleophobic coating to make sure you always get perfect pics!

Here's how to clean your camera lens before applying your Rokform iPhone 15 Pro camera lens cover:

1. Remove loose dust. Don't touch the lens with fingers or rough fabric.
2. Start from the center and wipe gently in a circular motion outwards.
3. Dry with a dry piece of cloth or fresh dry lens tissue.
4. Inspect in the light. If you see any dust, start again.
5. With dry, clean hands, install our iPhone 15 Pro Camera lens cover.

A quick and gently wipe with the microfiber cloth (included) and you can easily stick on your snug lens protector. The perfect fit makes it a simple installation with no kit required!

While Apple’s iPhone camera lenses are durable, they’re still vulnerable to damage. One drop or spill and your lens can be wrecked. A camera lens protector can save you on lost photo opps and expensive repair bills.