Best Android Widgets For Your Galaxy S22 Ultra

Best Android Widgets For Your Galaxy S22 Ultra

Ever since they were introduced way back in version 1.5 of the Android platform, widgets have been one of the most beloved and key features of the operating system. Widgets are one major way the Android platform has demonstrated its customization flexibility compared with the iPhone, allowing a home screen to be completely customized to be more functional and custom-tailored to the user's needs and preferences. For people who want more control over their home screen, widgets are simply unbeatable. So much so that Apple eventually rolled out their own version of widgets that can be added to the iPhone’s home screen as well.

Now, with hundreds if not thousands of widgets available to Galaxy S22 owners, finding the most useful ones can be a challenge. We've scoured the interwebs to find the best Android widgets for your Galaxy S22 Ultra so you can start getting the most from your new phone faster. We’ve rounded up eight of the best Android widgets, including everything from weather and clock widgets to volumed controls and data usage displays. These are all free, so go ahead and give them a try!

How do widgets differ from apps?

Before we start with the list of widgets for your Galaxy S22 Ultra, it’s important to note that widgets are an extension of applications. So to add a widget, you’ll need to download the app from the Google Play store. While the apps can perform many tasks, the widgets they’re based on usually provide only one or two key functions of the app for quick user access. For example, the widget for a clock app could enable you to set alarms and timers from your home screen without opening the app.

How do you add widgets to a Galaxy S22?

After you’ve downloaded the respective app, to add a new widget to your phone, press and hold somewhere that’s blank on your home screen until you see a menu pop up. Tap on Widgets and then scroll through the available widget options. Tap and hold the widget you want to add, and then drag it to the free space on your home screen where you want it displayed. You can reposition the widget later by tapping and holding, then dragging to the new location on the screen.

Best Android Widgets for the Galaxy S22 Ultra

Event Flow Calendar

Always know what's next on your agenda and be on time for your appointments with the Event Flow Calendar widget. This Android widget is powerful enough to display information from multiple calendars along with the local weather so you can dress appropriately. Google Calendar integrates nicely, allowing you to sync with Event Flow for reminders right on your home screen.

Sectograph Planner & Time Manager

For those who prefer visual representations of data, you’ll love the layout of the Sectograph Planner & Time Manager widget. This widget enables you to easily get a grasp on how your time will be spent throughout your day in pie chart format. Tasks and appointments are broken down into colorful slices based on whatever you have scheduled in your connected calendars.

Blue Mail

While it is possible to enable email notifications on a Galaxy S22, the Blue Mail widget makes it far easier to monitor your inbox from the home screen. The display provides an intuitive interface and several useful features, including the ability to quickly view emails and set reminders to follow up on them at a specific time. You can even combine multiple email accounts into one unified folder.


One of the most popular weather apps on the Android platform is 1Weather, and it features widgets options in numerous shapes and sizes. After you find the widget option and set your location, you can quickly see the current conditions and temperature in a glance. Some widget orientations provide more information than others, so you can choose how detailed you want your display to be by simply tapping the widget to customize it.

Google Search

Rather than going to the trouble of opening up a browser to check the latest sports scores or find an answer to those random questions your friends conjure up, the Google Search widget brings search right to your home screen. You’ll have instant access to Google Search, and you can search by voice if you tap on the microphone icon. If music is playing, Google can even tell you what you're listening to.

Slider Widget

If you hate when you accidentally turn off your ringer when adjusting the volume of your music, you can find relief with the Slider widget. Four configuration options provide quick access to as many or as few volume presets as you wish. You can quickly select specific volumes for your apps, alarms, and ringtones for your Android phone, all with a single tap.

Battery Reborn

The Battery Reborn widget comes in two different layouts to match your design preferences. Choose the circle configuration, which can be set up to display the temperature and remaining battery time, or the chart option to simply view battery usage over time. By keeping an eye on this widget, you can easily see which apps are draining your phone's battery the most.

My Data Manager

The My Data Manager widget is perfect for monitoring your data usage at a glance so you can prevent additional charges on your next phone bill. Monitor your mobile data, Wi-Fi, and roaming usage, along with call minutes and text messages. With the My Data Manager app, you’ll also be able to monitor the usage across a shared family plan in addition to setting alarms for when you’re approaching your usage limits.

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