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How to Aim in Golf the Correct Way: Find Your Target

Hey, pin seekers out there… this may come as a surprise, but sometimes the best players in the world don’t take dead aim at the flag. It’s all a matter of managing risk and sometimes, the risk outweighs the reward. As golf lovers, the ROKFORM team understands what’s needed to have a successful round and enjoy your time on the course. From technique tips to helpful accessories to boost your performance, ROKFORM has got you covered. 

ROKFORM manufactures specialized golf accessories to help up your game. Players can take advantage of our protective phone cases optimized for the green and blast their favorite tunes with the G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker. In a sport where the smallest details matter, we’ve outfitted all our golf products with powerful MAGMAX™ magnets that stick securely to any golf cart for hands-free use. Keep reading to learn how to improve your aim out on the course.

How Do I Hit the Fewest ‘Bad Shots’ While Golfing?

More experienced golfers know that the secret to shooting lower scores is to manage your misses and ensure that when you do hit a poor shot, the penalty is minimal. And when you do hit a great shot, you leave yourself with the best chance to make a birdie. 

Tiger Woods is a master at this—he’s on record saying many times that he beat competitors not by hitting more great golf shots per round, but by hitting fewer bad shots per round. Meaning, he knew to play the exact shots necessary to avoid making a big mistake. It's not that his good shots weren't great, rather he won multiple times by managing how penal and severe his bad shots were.

What about you? Are you taking dead aim at every pin on the golf course? Is your target line the right line? Are you playing for your best shot or for your miss?

Man in golf cart using yardage app on phone with ROKFORM Eagle 3 case

Players can improve their shots with ROKFORM Eagle 3 iPhone cases that are designed specifically for golf. The powerful integrated magnet instantly attaches to the metal parts of a golf cart so you can keep your pockets empty and use your phone hands-free. This means you can easily access your favorite GPS yardage apps and have a clear view of your next shot.

How to Aim in Golf: Aiming at the Center of the Green

If your golf game is a simple one and you generally aim for the center of the green no matter where you play, then we've got some good news for you. The center of the green is precisely where most of us should be aiming, pretty much all the time from 100+ yards and out. It doesn't matter if your natural shot shape is a draw or fade, or you're right-hander or leftie, the best way to hit better shots and shoot lower scores is plain and simple: aim directly for the center of the green no matter where the pin is placed.

Now for the reasons why:

1. Draw Shots

Let's say your natural shot shape is a draw, and your misses are generally to the left of the target. When you encounter a green with a pin tucked on the left, your intuition may tell you that this is a perfect opportunity to hit a slight draw right at the flag. 

But if your misses tend to be to the left, and your good shots are hit with a draw, the likelihood of the ball either hitting the green and rolling off or maybe pulling it to the left of the green leaving yourself with a short-sided chip may outweigh any benefit you might get from taking dead aim at the pin. 

So in this case, it's generally best to aim more toward the center of the green. If you either draw or hit a slight hook shot, the chances are you'll still leave yourself with a chance to make a birdie.

Golfer video recording his own swing using ROKFORM Eagle 3 iPhone case

To get a good video of your swing, players can securely attach their smartphone to the cart thanks to the strong magnets in our Eagle 3 cases. Whatever your phone model, we’ve got you covered with Eagle 3 iPhone 14 Cases and Eagle 3 iPhone 13 Cases. Shoot from any angle to get instant hands-free video right from the cart that’ll help analyze your course swing. The magnetic MAGMAX™ case allows for wireless charging and is MagSafe compatible.

“If you play golf and you don’t have the Eagle 3 iPhone case, get one!” -Brent Grant, PGA Tour Professional

2. Fade Shots

If you're on the other end of the spectrum and you play a fade, basically the reverse applies. A pin on the right side may seem enticing, but if you hit a fade and tend to miss to the right, any good shot that is a hair less than perfect will wind up right of the green and you'll be faced with a difficult recovery shot to save par.

To keep you in the zone or celebrate great shots, golfers can play music with ROKFORM’s G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker. Built for use on the golf course, the G-ROK speaker sticks to the cart with two powerful magnets so it won’t budge— its rugged construction is waterproof and can withstand bumps and drops. Connect via Bluetooth or load in a Micro SD card with up to 5,000 of your favorite tunes, and busy golfers can field calls with the touch of a button with the built-in speakerphone.

3. Choosing Your Target

One of the best ways to ensure you're hitting the golf ball in the intended direction is to have proper alignment. Choosing an intermediate target on an imaginary straight line between the golf ball and the intended target is a great place to start. 

Good players often choose a tee box market ahead of them, a patch of grass in the middle of the fairway, a divot, or something in line with his/her target. They select this sport during their pre-shot routine to see if their swing direction is correct. 

Phone Case Comparison

4. Aligning Your Body

Having a closer target to aim at and aligning your body via parallel lines is a simple way to go about it. Think of some train tracks and your body alignment is on the left rail (for a right-handed golfer) and the golf ball and golf club at address is on the right rail pointed directly at your target. This is the time to consider the most important things such as shoulder width and a square setup during practice swings.

Golfer on course with Eagle 3 golf phone case and G-ROK Wireless Speaker

Try to use alignment sticks the next time you visit the driving range and hone in on the railroad track concept during your practice session. This is an easy way to get in a good address position and align yourself with the intended target. Poor alignment is a common reason many players can't hit the ball on their intended target line anyway, so working on this ought to be your first step anyway to really dial in the proper aim point.

In addition to alignment sticks, phones can be important training aids to perfect your swing. ROKFORM Eagle 3 iPhone cases protect your device from drops and have strong magnets for hands-free use. For off-course protection, check out our extensive range of heavy-duty phone cases for Samsung users or older iPhone generations. Each ROKFORM case is designed and tested to withstand impacts and drops from up to 6 feet.

5. Pin Placements

And it doesn’t stop with the left and right stuff. Don’t be fooled by pin placements in the front of the green, either. Studies have shown that even scratch golfers miss the green short (by up to 20 yards!) upwards of 20% of the time. That’s one out of every five shots– and that's for skilled players. Again, no matter what distance the pin is, it's usually best to aim for the middle of the green to ensure your missed shots are as forgiving as possible.  

6. Chasing the Birdie

There's more to consider. If you aim at the center of the green 18 times a round and you hit at least half your shots on the green, you’ll likely have nine birdie putts from inside 30 feet. (That is if you play on average-sized greens and your local greenskeeper isn’t a fiend who puts pins in crazy places along the edges.)

Of the nine other times you miss the green, your misses will likely land closer to the green than they would if you were taking dead aim at the pin on either side of the putting surface. This may seem a little bit counterintuitive at times and hitting every approach shot toward the center of the green may not seem all that fun, but it's still the best way to ensure you're in a good position to make a birdie or save par.

The ROKFORM Golf Advantage

Along with our introduction of the new Eagle 3 case designed specifically for golf, ROKFORM is here to help you in the coming year play your best golf and will be continuing with posts of quick tips, lessons, videos, advice, and fun-to-know stuff designed to help you score low and play your best more often.  

OKFORM Eagle 3 iPhone case and golf ball on green

Accessories like the Sport Utility Belt Clip make the transition from the golf course to the clubhouse seamless. Park your cart and switch to carrying your phone on your hip, freeing up pocket space and keeping your phone secure. 

And when it’s time to pay up— whether it's wagers on the green or clubhouse bills— our FUZION Magnetic Wallet comes in handy.  This slim and functional wallet holds up to 7 cards and 3 folded bills, complete with RFID protection and a folding stand. The wallet is coming soon so check out this sneak peek video to learn about all its features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do with my phone while golfing?

Keeping your phone out of your pocket is a good idea while golfing as it allows for unobstructed body movement during your good swings. Golf-specific cases like the ROKFORM Eagle 3 use magnets to hold your phone securely in place while you drive, film your swing, or plan your next shot. Players can also use the Sport Utility Belt Clip to wear their phone comfortably on their hip. 

Are magnets safe for my smartphone?

All ROKFORM magnetic phone cases are safe to use with your device and won’t interfere with GPS or other functions. Our powerful MAGMAX™ magnets allow users to secure their phones to any metal surface and the cases are always MagSafe® compatible. Use the Sport Ring to transform any RokLock case into one with a magnetic back and a ring stand.

What’s the best phone case for golf?

The ROKFORM Eagle 3 iPhone case is designed specifically for use on the green. The magnetic case attaches securely to golf carts and protects from accidental drops on the cart path. The construction is slim, lightweight, and MagSafe® compatible so you can access your favorite golf apps or record your swing right from the course.

ROKFORM: Golfers’ Go-To for Accessories

ROKFORM makes golf-specific phone cases and portable speakers that are the favorites of pro golfers and weekend amateurs alike. Powerful magnets allow players to secure their devices to their cart, freeing up pockets while keeping the tech well within reach. 

Have questions about our products or which golf accessories are right for your game? We are available for online chat or in-person at our Irvine, California showroom. Call us toll-free at 855-765-3676, or email us at, or visit us at

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