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Rugged iPad Case vs. Other Cases: What’s the Best iPad Case?

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Apple’s tablets, particularly their newest Pro and Air models, are some of the most impressive pieces of tech to release in recent years, providing all of the computing power that most users need in a sleek and compact form factor. With that said, iPads are not the most durable of devices, and are prone to scratches and cracks if dropped. Because of this, finding the best case for your iPad is important in order to prevent damaging it.

Current iPad Cases on the Market: Are They Worth It?

In order to prevent damaging your iPad, it’s recommended to use a case. But when it comes to finding one, there are a ton of options available – with each ranging in quality. Most iPad cases are built from hard plastic material, and either feature some sort of removable foldable cover or are simply one single piece of plastic that covers the back of the tablet.

Some of the well-known brands out there have some good qualities but often fall short in both terms of build quality and versatility. Some cases are made of plastic material that both looks visually nice and offers protection; however, some of these cases are very prone to chips and cracks after prolonged use and multiple accidental falls.

These sorts of cases usually work just fine in the short term, but over time are prone to wear-and-tear damage and also lack screen protection which can make iPad screens vulnerable to scratches and cracks. If you’re purchasing a new case to protect your device, you want it to offer protection that will last a long time.

ROKFORM Rugged iPad Case: The Best iPad Case?

There are a lot of great iPad cases out there, but not all of them can provide the same level of protection. ROKFORM’s Rugged iPad case stands above the rest of its competitors by providing excellent protection, as well as a slew of other awesome features. Here are the most important factors for why the ROKFORM’s case is the best protective case on the market.

ROKFORM Rugged iPad case infographic

More Protective

While many tablet cases out there offer some form of protection, many of them are made from material that is thin, cheap, or insufficient otherwise. Whether you’re on a walk in the park or backpacking with friends in the mountains, you should always make sure that you choose the right case that can offer the protection that you need.

Like all of ROKFORM’s products, the Rugged iPad Case is built with the highest quality materials, offering a high level of protection that is unmatched by its competitors. This rock solid case has been engineered to keep your iPad protected against accidental drops – it features double-layer drop protection, a tempered glass screen protector to protect the iPad screen, and 360-degree protection on the front, back, and sides of the iPad for maximum durability.

If you’re somebody who is often out-and-about and wants better peace of mind that your device is protected while traveling, then the Rugged iPad Case may just be the best iPad case for you. If you happen to work a job that requires being out and about or in unsafe environments – such as police officers, military, and construction workers – then you may get a lot of usage out of this case due to its high-level of protection that it offers.

ROKFORM Rugged iPad Case - Built like a ROK!

More Versatile

Perhaps the best part of the Rugged iPad Case is the versatility that it offers. The back of the iPad case features a built-in magnet which can stick to almost any sort of magnetic surface, allowing you to get more done and increase efficiency no matter where you are. If you work in a line of businesses that requires constant use of both of your hands, then this can be extremely useful. 

Working as a car mechanic, for example, you’ll be performing work on vehicles that requires both of your hands; with the ROKFORM case, you can easily pull up a tutorial or instructions on your tablet, magnetically attach it to a nearby pole or table, and get to work without having to ever take your hands off of your work.

ROKFORM Rugged iPad Case magnetically connected to a metal cabinet

The ROKFORM Rugged iPad Case’s magnet is incredibly strong and effective, allowing it to easily hold the weight of your tablet and can be attached to a wide range of different magnetic surfaces including walls, poles, fridges, and just about any other sort of magnetic surface. This means more versatility and accessibility.

In addition, the case features an ergonomic design, featuring a built-in Apple pencil holder, easy access to all necessary buttons and ports, and support for other ROKFORM iPad case accessories that provide even more usability. If you need to take notes while working, then no problem – attach your tablet to the wall, and jot down notes with your Apple pencil when needed – no need to pick up your tablet or set it down anywhere.


Thanks to the ROKFORM twist lock system which is built into the back of the case, the Rugged iPad Case is also compatible with other accessories which boast extra features. One of the best iPad accessories is the iPad Kickstand Grip, which allows users to more easily view the iPad at different angles and is perfect for reading, sending messages, watching videos, and more. 

This accessory is great as it just further adds to the versatility of the Rugged iPad Case. If you’re nowhere near a metal wall or surface, then you can simply prop up your iPad on essentially any surface. Working in the garage? Set your tablet on any sort of plastic or wooden work table. The kickstand is also adjustable, so you should be able to see the screen no matter which angle you look at it from.

ROKFORM iPad Kickstand Grip being used in a man’s backyard.

Easier to Hold

The invention of the pop socket was revolutionary for smart devices, as it made it far easier for users to hold their phones. But unlike cell phones, tablets can be pretty challenging to hold with just one hand due to their larger size. While many other iPad cases offer protection, none of them make it much easier to hold and users are often left trying to juggle their iPad while completing other tasks

Repair man using the ROKFORM iPad Hand Strap while working.

ROKFORM has created a great solution to this problem with the iPad Hand Strap. This neat little accessory attaches to the Rugged iPad Case via the Twist lock system, and makes it far easier for users to comfortably hold their device with just a single hand. The soft and adjustable strap can fit hands of all sizes, and even works with gloves. This sleeve It’s adjustable in 45-degree increments is slip resistant, and is made for maximum comfort, so it shouldn’t ever get in the way when working.

If you’re performing work outside and there are no metal walls, tables, or other surfaces to connect your iPad to, then this may be the perfect accessory. An easy way to utilize this accessory is by working with one hand, and then pulling up on-screen instructions on the iPad, while holding it in the other hand.

A Case That Does it All

Overall, the ROKFORM Rugged iPad Case is arguably one of the best iPad cases available thanks to its durability, ease of use, and compatibility with additional ROKFORM accessories that allow for different use options. While other iPad cases may look visually appealing and offer some protection, none of them quite match the high level of protection or versatility as the Rugged iPad Case.

Table comparing ROKFORM rugged iPad case to other iPad cases

Frequently Asked Questions

Which iPad model will the ROKFORM Rugged iPad case fit?

The Rugged iPad Case will fit both the iPad Air 4 and iPad Air 5, as well as the iPad Pro 11-inch models (3rd, 4th, and 5th generation). Unfortunately, different models such as the iPad Mini, the 10.2-inch iPad, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, or iPads of different sizes are not compatible with the case.

Does the ROKFORM Rugged iPad Case come in other colors?

One question that we’re asked often is whether the Rugged iPad Case comes in colors other than black. At the moment, there are no different colors available.

What accessories are compatible with this case?

Currently, the Rugged iPad Case is compatible with both the iPad Kickstand Grip and the iPad Hand Strap. Both accessories attach to the iPad via ROKFORM’s twist lock system.

“I just received my new ROKFORM iPad case and am extremely happy with it… this case will work great on the construction site.” - Kevin N.

Woman using her iPad with the ROKFORM iPad Kickstand Grip

ROKFORM Rugged iPad Case: The Best iPad Case Available

If you're in the market for a new iPad case, look no further -- the Rugged iPad Case is one of the best iPad cases on the market, featuring a dual-layer hard plastic shell, high level of protection, and versatility. With built-in magnets and compatibility with ROKFORM’s great twist lock system, the Rugged iPad Case can be used for just about any occasion, without ever having to worry about cracks or scratches.

Man using Rugged iPad Case while working on his motorcycle in the garage

ROKFORM is premium handheld innovation made for those who take action seriously. Our products are designed in California, inspired by necessity and first-hand experience, built to last, backed by real people, and engineered by an experienced team.

Whether you're looking for a premium phone case, versatile mounting system, or functional phone case accessories, ROKFORM has you covered! Visit our showroom in Irvine, California, or contact our 5-star support team with any questions, comments, or concerns.  

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