Indian motorcycle ready for motorcycle season with the ROKFORM Universal Ball Adapter Mount

Get Ready for the 2024 Motorcycle Season

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With the recent spring solstice firmly in our rearview, the 2024 motorcycle season is officially here. Motorcycle riders across the country are welcoming in the warmer weather and getting back on their bikes after the winter months. But as motorists come out of hibernation, there are important steps to take before hitting the open road. Follow this quick guide to make sure that you and your motorcycle are firing on all cylinders this spring.

Get revved up for this motorcycle season with the team at ROKFORM. We specialize in rugged and protective accessories that keep your smartphone securely attached to your motorcycle and well within view. From heavy-duty phone cases to sturdy handlebar mounts, ROKFORM products safeguard your precious devices on every ride.

Spring Cleaning for your Motorcycle

Spring is here, and we all know what that means… it’s time for spring cleaning! Aside from the inevitable moans and groans, right now is the perfect opportunity to inspect your bike after the winter. Spring cleaning the house and yard will probably require several trips to the garage, so we recommend combining the revitalization of your motorcycle with the other chores.

Table of 2023 motorcycle season checklist

We promise that when you’re done making the effort, you’ll feel amazing— guaranteed! And for the lucky ones who live in a climate that’s suitable for year-round riding, it’s still a good idea to take a moment at the beginning of the season to review your motorcycle and gear.

Start Planning Rides

The best way to motivate yourself to get your motorcycle ready is to plan upcoming trips. Leave the cold winters behind and start looking forward to summer joyrides and destinations you want to explore in 2024.

Yamaha sport bike with the ROKFORM Pro Series Motorcycle Stem Mount

Get out the big paper maps or do some online research about the top places to visit near you or locations that require a longer journey. In previous ROKFORM articles, we’ve covered theTop 10 Rides in the Southeast and tips for Long Distance Motorcycle Riding

Having maps handy while riding is crucial to following your pre-planned route and making well-timed rest stops. ROKFORM offers a range of secure Motorcycle Mounts designed to attach a smartphone to your bike, keeping your device conveniently within view and reach. 

For example, the Universal Ball Adapter Phone Mount is specifically designed for use with 1” RAM socket mounts, letting riders position their phone in either portrait or landscape orientation. Its sleek design blends in perfectly with your controls and works with any ROKFORM phone case.

ROKFORM phone case and Universal Ball Adapter Mount on motorcycle

“Used this to mount my phone on my Harley. I’ve always been skeptical of phone mounts but this ones a winner” —Sal S.

De-winterize Your Motorcycle

Before you get into more in-depth mechanical checks, give your bike a little TLC to coax it out of its winter slumber. Experienced riders know that properly winterizing a bike before winter storage makes a big difference when the spring riding season rolls around. Adding fuel stabilizer and replacing brake fluid and engine oil before the long winter will help ensure your bike starts right up on the first day of spring.  

KTM motorcycle during winter with rider in snow

Lubricating the chain before the winter months will protect it against rust and salt. Lube can attract dust so you may want to use a degreasing cleaner to remove any remaining grime on the chain, then apply fresh grease. Perform a visual inspection of your bike to check for signs of damage. It’s rare that nesting animals like mice have moved into tiny places like the airbox or exhaust, but it’s not unheard of!

You’re bound to embark on some seriously scenic rides and you’ll want a camera handy to take beautiful snapshots at the side of the road. Having your phone placed within reach makes it easy to access maps and camera functions. To protect your phone from accidental drops out on the road, check out the rugged ROKFORM cases for iPhone or Samsung. Every case passes military-grade drop test standards and comes with TwistLok and magnetic retention systems compatible with ROKFORM’s wide range of mounts.

Getting Your Bike Ready

Now it’s time to get your hands a bit dirty. The amount of effort you’ll need to get your bike up to perfect working order will depend on how it was maintained during the winter. But if you didn’t winterize your bike, don’t worry— here’s a simple checklist to get your motorcycle purring again:

1. Fuel, New Fluids, and Oil

Starting the 2024 motorcycle season with last year’s dirty oil is a no-go when it comes to preserving a bike’s performance and longevity. Put in new engine oil and fresh oil for the transmission and enjoy a healthier bike. 

Don’t hesitate to crack open the owner’s manual at any point in this process or ask for professional advice. Your local motorcycle mechanics will be working through the spring rush and looking forward to the start of the season. 

Green cruiser motorcycle with ROKFORM Pro Series Perch Mount

As you fire up your bike for the first time, keep an eye on the dashboard that will indicate any issues with fluid levels or oil pressure. This information-rich area is also a common spot to attach a smartphone. For most Harley, Metric, and Indian cruisers, the Pro Series Perch Mount is the right choice. This motorcycle phone mount blends seamlessly into your bike's original design with black and polished aluminum finishes.

2. Battery Health

Cold weather is the enemy of batteries and modern solutions like trickle chargers can take care of your bike’s battery throughout the winter. If you didn’t use a battery tender, though, you could have a drained battery waiting for you. Simply charge it back up so you can hear that satisfying engine sound instead of the disappointing “click”. It might be a good time for a new battery if you notice larger problems with the battery holding a charge— this typically occurs every few years.

Rider and blue motorcycle cruising down California highway

While on the topic of batteries, ROKFORM offers the RokLock Wireless Charger that’s the fastest way to charge your phone in the car. The cable-free charger attaches to any ROKFORM phone case so you can easily switch between driving and motorcycle riding, all with the same protective case. The patented RokLock system works across ROKFORM’s cyclingautomotive, and motorcycle phone mount so you can protect your device no matter what vehicle you use that day.

3. Tire Condition and PSI

If your bike hasn’t been ridden in a while, its tires have probably lost tire pressure. Look at the sidewall of the tire to find the recommended PSI then inflate them back to their required air pressure. Inspect the sidewall closely for any cracks, which occur as the tire rubber ages. And if the tread isn’t in good shape, now is the best time for a shiny new set of motorcycle tires to kickstart spring riding!

Check out the video below and learn how to effortlessly install the ROKFORM Motorcycle Phone Mount. See the secure phone mount in action!

4. Brake Check

Motorcycle brakes can often be an afterthought while working in the garage but are a big issue when something goes wrong. Prevent problems down the road by inspecting the calipers and checking that there’s still plenty of life left in the brake pads. If there’s significant wear already, slap on a fresh pair of pads that will last long into 2023. Make sure the brake lines to the front and rear brakes are all connected and in good condition.

Infographic showing the 4 ROKFORM mounts

Cruising with your smartphone securely on the handlebars gives easy access to trip essentials like maps, music, and calls. ROKFORM offers four distinct motorcycle phone mounts optimized to your bike’s specific setup. The Pro Series Handlebar Mount fits any bar between 7/8" to 1-1/4" and can be adjusted to almost any viewing angle.

Find the Right Gear

Jump into spring rocking new motorcycle gear and replacing the old stuff. You don’t need to change out your entire kit each year, but this way you can get a whole year of use out of any new items you may have picked up recently. Maybe it’s time for a new pair of riding pants, a new helmet, or even those savvy motorcycle communication systems that connect riders in a group.

ROKFORM Motorcycle Vibration Dampener and white helmet on handlebars

ROKFORM manufactures a heavy-duty Motorcycle Mount Vibration Dampener to reduce the forces acting on your phone while riding. This essential accessory easily retrofits onto any ROKFORM motorcycle mount to protect your phone's internal components. Add on a detachable lanyard or phone screen protector for added safety and peace of mind while riding.

That First-Ride Feeling

There’s nothing quite like the first ride of the season, enjoying its scenic views and milder weather. While your riding skills may be rusty, hopefully your bike isn’t after following the simple steps in this guide. Dust off the cobwebs and savor your first time out on the roads this year— enjoy the 2023 motorcycle season!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which phone mount works with a sport bike?

The ROKFORM Pro Series motorcycle stem mount is specifically designed for sport bikes and bikes with clip-on bars. The mount is constructed of CNC-machined 6061 aluminum and fits most center stems from 12mm to 24mm. The sleek direct-mount design won’t clutter your cockpit and guarantees your device is securely in view.

How can I securely mount my phone to my motorcycle?

There are four different ROKFORM motorcycle mounts to match your bike’s setup. The Pro Series Handlebar Mount and Pro Series Perch Mount work best on Harley Davidson, Metric, and Indian cruisers. Each product is made from aircraft-grade T6 aluminum along with the RokLock twist retention system and powerful magnets for a strong connection.

Can road vibrations damage a smartphone’s internal parts?

Heavy shocks or forces can take a toll on your phone’s internal components over time. Today’s smartphones are tougher than ever but it's a good plan to minimize the vibrations your device is exposed to on the road. ROKFORM’s Motorcycle Mount Dampener reduces vibrations to protect your phone and make the screen easier to read while riding.

ROKFORM: The Best Motorcycle Accessories for Motorcycle Season 2024

ROKFORM phone cases and mounts are the preferred products among long-distance motorcyclists. The heavy-duty construction and secure mounting hardware ensure that your device stays right where you need it while you ride. Kick off the 2024 motorcycle season with the best gear and tech accessories that’ll make a difference out on the road. 

Have questions about our products or which mount is right for your motorcycle? We are available for online chat or in-person at our Irvine, California showroom. Call us toll-free at 855-765-3676, or email us at, or visit us at

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