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Mountable Case Showdown: Rokform vs Quad Lock - Which One Reigns Supreme?

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It’s time to dive into a battle of truly epic proportions in the world of mobile phone accessories. You know, Michael Buffer is notoriously known for his catchphrase, “Let’s get ready to rumble!” And at Rokform, we couldn’t think of a better phrase to start off this post for Rokform vs Quad Lock.

Whether you dig tearing up the roads on your motorcycle, hitting those trails on your bike, or just the convenience of that hands-free phone experience, you know it’s high time we put these two heavyweights to the test. Both Rokform and Quad Lock have their own legion of die-hard fans. But what about those of us who are trying to figure out the brand that deserves a spot on our handlebars or dash? Well, no worries, my friend. In this post, we’re going to break it all down for you.

Without a doubt, phone mounts aren’t for convenience only. The right mount is going to offer safety and performance, above all else. Now that the gloves are off, let’s settle this once and for all in the battle royal of Quadlock vs Rokform:

Rokform VS Quadlock Review


  • Rokform is known for being rugged and durable enough to fit the lifestyles of outdoor enthusiasts and motorcycle riders. This is thanks to CNC-machined aluminum and polycarbonate that provides max durability and military-grade drop protection.
  • Quad Lock won’t break the bank as it offers plastic mounts and cases with a twist-lock much like Rokform. Quad Lock offerings extend to a wider range of phone brands.

  • Although Rokform may be more expensive, it comes with better build quality and security. Quad Lock is easier on the wallet with slightly lower durability.

  • Both brands have their strong and weak points. Ultimately, the choice is yours (based on your budget, needs, and priorities).

Rokform VS Quad Lock Comparison Table

Rokform VS Quadlock Comparison Table

Comparing Options

When choosing the right phone mount, there’s plenty to consider. We need to think about compatibility, mounting options, security, ease of use, protection, build quality, durability, and last but not least, the total cost. We know, we know. It’s a lot to take in, but no worries. In this section, we’re going to break it down nice and easy so you can make the best choice for your needs. When it comes to Rokform vs Quadlock, we’re going to size them up on every front, so by the end of this, you’ll know which one is the ultimate warrior that’s sure to protect your device.

Criteria Breakdown

So, let’s start by laying out the battlefield:

  1. Compatibility: Will the mount work with your phone model?

  2. Mounting Options: Are you going to slap this bad boy on your bike, car, or motorcycle?

  3. Security and Stability: How does it hold up when you’re cruising the streets, over bumps, or hitting high speeds?

  4. Ease of Use: Is it easy to take your phone on and off of the mount? How about wireless charging or adjustable angles?

  5. Protection: Can it keep your phone safe from damage like drops or scratches?

  6. Build Quality and Durability: Is it built from state-of-the-art materials that can clearly take a beating?

  7. Price: What’s the cost look like for the mount and any extra accessories?

  8. Additional Features: Are there any badass features that set it apart from the rest?

Now, with these things in mind, let’s take a closer look at Rokform vs Quadlock.

Rokform: The Rugged Contender

What Rokform is Best Known For

If you’re the type who dares to live life on the edge, then Rokform is your go-to brand. The phone cases and mounts are tough as nails. This is because they’re designed with outdoor enthusiasts, hardcore motorcycle riders, and anyone who needs gear that can keep up with their adventurous lifestyle in mind. Indubitably, Rokform has built a reputation for offering some of the toughest products on the market.


The Rokform lineup focuses on high-quality, durable phone mounts and cases. Basically, they stand ready for whatever you throw their way. Rokform mounts are made from CNC-machined aluminum (for unmatched strength and resistance to the elements). You can bank on Rokform cases to combine impact-resistant polycarbonate with shock-absorbing TPU. The Rokform brand doesn’t stop there, as they offer military-grade drop protection from heights of up to 6 feet. Say hello to a fortress around your phone that absorbs shops and protects against drops.

So, if you’re the type who digs pushing the envelope, Rokform has your back. All of the Rokform products are engineered for extreme conditions. Their mounts guarantee your phone stays put and protected no matter what.

rokform vs quadlock

Rokform Features

Now, let’s get into the guts of what makes Rokform stand out. For starters, we’ve got the patented RokLock™ twist-lock system. This lock is a game-changer, as it securely attaches the phone case to the mount. Just one simple twist is all it takes to create a rock-solid connection. This leaves no room for accidental detachments, even if you’re tearin’ up the trails or hitting bumps on the road. Consider it a vice grip for your phone.

Next up are the N52 Neodymium magnets. And no, these aren’t some type of fridge magnets. These pack a serious punch with their magnetic power. You’re looking at a magnet that’s 2-3 times stronger than those of traditional phone cases. With this feature, you can bet that when you slap your phone onto any magnetic surface, it’s bound to stay there. This makes it perfect for your car, motorcycle, and, dare we say, golf carts (because these magnets practically defy gravity).

Pros of Rokform

Premium Build Quality

With Rokform, you’re lookin’ at a brand that’s not going to skimp on quality. That’s owed to the use of high-grade materials (CNC-machined aluminum & impact-resistant polycarbonate). And this my friends, is what makes a phone mount tougher than nails. This kind of attention to detail means your gear is gonna last.

Military-Grade Drop Protection

Rokform got you covered when it comes to protection. The cases at Rokform are designed to meet or exceed military-grade drop protection standards. What does that mean for you? Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or have butter fingers, your phone is safe from impacts and falls. So, if you drop it, just know that Rokform can take it.

Secure Mounting System

The RokLock™ twist-lock system is combined with those killer magnets we talked about. So this means you can rest easy knowing that your phone isn’t going anywhere. Even on the bumpies rides, through potholes, or when you’re off-roading, this mounting system will stay put.

Versatile Mounting Options

Rokform isn’t made to stick to just one kind of mount. There’s a plethora of mounting options. These include mounts for motorcycles, bicycles, cars, and more. With versatility like this, you can integrate your phone into your active lifestyle. Rokform allows you to be hands-free wherever you go (talk about convenience).

Vibration Dampening Mount

A celebrity in the motorcycle community. Riders love the addition of Rokform’s Motorcycle Mount Vibration Dampener that installs quickly and securely with a simple twist.

Added Value

Rokform offers a 60-day money-back guarantee (double what most competitors provide) and a 2-year manufacturer warranty. This speaks to the high level of customer satisfaction you can expect from their team in sunny California - including, but not limited to, some seriously fast shipping times.

Cons of Rokform

Limited Phone Compatibility

One downside to Rokform is that it primarily caters to Apple and Samsung devices. So, if you’re rockin’ another brand, you may be out of luck. This focus on the 2 bigger brands may have some users with fewer options.

Higher Price Point

Of course, quality is going to come with a price. This is due to Rokform’s commitment to provide top-notch materials and construction. If you’re looking for durability and performance, this one is worth every dime. Think of your Rokform case as an investment into long-term protection for your phone. A standard phone case isn’t going to cover you 6 ft off the ground, let alone stay intact until your next model. As a matter of fact, the magnets on your Rokform case alone will cost more than the standard case!

Potential Wireless Charging Issues

Some users have reported that the powerful magnets that make Rokform awesome can also be a bit of a hassle for wireless charging with earlier models.   

Criteria Evaluation for Rokform

Compatibility: 4/5

For Apple and Samsung, Rokform takes the cake. But if you own a different brand, your options are limited.

Mounting Options: 5/5

Rokform is exceptionally versatile. They offer many options for mounting motorcycles, bikes, cars, scooters, and generally any magnetic surface.

Security and Stability: 5/5

Those magnets are a beast. Rest assured with the rock-solid security you get from RokLock™, your phone won’t be going anywhere.

Ease of Use: 5/5

The twist-lock system is as easy as the flick of your wrist to attach and remove your phone from the mount.

Protection: 5/5

With Military-grade protection, you can rest easy knowing your phone is fully-protected from drops and hardcore impacts.

Build Quality and Durability: 5/5

The construction is fierce and rugged (thanks to premium materials CNC-machined aluminum and impact-resistant polycarbonate). Rokform products are built to last.

Price: 4/5

Higher price, but quality and durability are going to cost a bit more.

Community Reviews and Expert Recommendations for Rokform

Rokform’s fanbase is found among outdoor enthusiasts and motorcycle riders. Many users talk about being happy with the durability along with protection they get from Rokform’s products. Others offer some pretty gnarly stories about their phones surviving insane drops and accidents without a scratch due to the brand’s phone case construction. Many experts in outdoor & motorcycle communities highly recommend Rokform for its high quality and reliability.

Check out this review for the Rokform Pro Series Motorcycle Phone Mount:

5 star - Don't even think about another phone mount!!!! 

“Love this thing. It is very sturdy holds up on bumpy back roads and at triple digit speeds (on the track obviously). This mount has every bit of the adjustability rokform claims , and it's Extremely easy to install, comes with the tools to install, and 3 different bushing to fit most handlebars. The rokform phone mount is also sleek so it's not a eye sore when you dont have your phone in it, and would be getting in the way of anything you may need to touch or see on your bike. My only complaint is with the magnet in the stand and the phone case need led for this to work it is tricky to line up, but once you get the hang of it it's not an issue. If you are hesitant to spend this much I will tell you so was I, but now I wouldnt think twice about purchasing it again wouldnt want anything else holding something as expensive as a phone to my bike. I'll recommend this to any who wants a phone mount.”

- Dylan Carter

No doubt, testimonials like that are speaking volumes about the Rokform brand.


As discussed earlier, Rokform quality is going to come at a price. Rokform cases range between $40 and $70. Rokform mounts can cost anywhere from $40-$120. It’s quite the investment, but we’re talkin’ about added durability and protection. Many users find those perks to be worth the cost (especially to those who lead an active lifestyle or work in a demanding environment).

Rokform has got your back, wherever the trails and highways take you. Now, let’s take a look at the flipside with Quad Lock vs Rokform.

Quad Lock: The Versatile Challenger

What Quad Lock is Best Known For

In our battle royale of Rokform vs Quad Lock, it’s time to place our focus on Quad Lock. This challenger has definitely been makin’ some waves on the phone mount scene. Although Quad Lock isn’t as rugged as Rokform, it still packs a serious punch. This brand is best known for being affordable and versatile. With a wide range of options, Quad Lock caters to many different phone brands. These include Apple, Samsung, Google, and Huawei, just to name a few. If you’re searching for functionality and flexibility, Quad Lock could be your go-to.


With Quad Lock, you can bank on their line being versatile and easy to use. The Quad Lock mounts are made from durable plastic. The plastic mold allows for more of a lightweight feel while covering your case in all the right places. Their cases aren’t as bombproof as the Rokform brand. However, they’re still bound to provide solid protection against drops and scratches. The Quad Lock line has its own twist-lock system, similar to that of Rokform but with its own flair.

Quadlock in the Rokform VS Quadlock faceoff!

Quad Lock Features

One of Quad Lock’s most notable features is its twist-lock system. Basically, this system is the no-nonsense, straightforward way to lock your phone in place with a quick twist. When it comes to Quadlock vs Rokform, Quad Lock skips the built-in magnets. The focus with their system is purely mechanical. And it works. Your phone will stay put, but it can’t mount on its own to any magnetic surface.

Pros of Quadlock


The price factor can play a role in the choice we make for phone protection. Quad Lock is a more affordable option, making it more accessible for some.

Let’s talk about one of Quad Lock’s biggest strengths in the battle of Rokform vs Quadlock: and that my friends, is how affordable it is. If you’re seeking a phone mount that’s going to leave you with more money in your wallet at the end of the day, then this could be your reliable phone mount solution.

Wide Phone Compatibility

This is one of the areas where Quad Lock truly shines. This brand offers cases and mounts that are compatible with many phone brands (like Google & Huawei). For users with less common phone models, this makes Quad Lock a go-to.

Vibration Dampening Mount

Quad Lock’s dampening mount is designed to absorb shocks and vibrations. This is meant to keep your phone safe and your ride smooth. Along the trailways on a mountain bike or cruising the highways on your motorcycle, this mount will keep your phone in place.

Ease of Use

Just like Rokform, Quad Lock’s twist-lock system is all about no fuss, no hassle. Easily attach and remove your phone from the mount.

Cons of Quad Lock

Potentially Lower Durability

While Quad Lock's plastic construction is designed to be durable, it may not offer the same level of ruggedness and protection as Rokform's premium materials like CNC-machined aluminum and impact-resistant polycarbonate.

Limited Protection

Quadlock’s cases definitely offer a decent level of protection against drops and scratches. However, they might not meet the same military-grade drop protection standards Rokfom offers. This could leave your device vulnerable in more extreme situations. So, if you’re constantly pushing the limits, this might not be the brand for you.

No Built-in Magnets

Since Quad Lock doesn’t have built-in magnets in their cases, you may miss out on the convenience and versatility of magnetic mounting options. This could be super handy, especially in situations where you need to mount your phone on a golf cart or other metal surfaces. It’s certainly not a deal breaker, but worth considering.

Criteria Evaluation for Quad Lock

Compatibility: 5/5

Quad Lock gets top marks in this area. As we talked about above, this brand caters to a plethora of phone brands, making it the solid choice for users of different devices.

Mounting Options: 4/5

When it comes to Quadlock vs Rokform, Quad Lock doesn’t offer as many mounting options as Rokform. However, it definitely provides a decent selection of mounts for motorcycles, bicycles, cars, and other applications.

Security and Stability: 4/5

With Quad Lock’s twist-lock system, the connection is secure. However, the absence of built-in magnets may slightly reduce the overall stability when compared to Rokform’s magnetic mounting system.

Ease of Use: 4/5

Quad Lock’s twist-lock system is a lot like Rokform. It’s easy to attach and remove your phone from the mount with convenience (no need for an engineering degree to figure it out).

Protection: 4/5

With Quad Lock’s cases, you get decent protection from drops and scratches. However, they may not meet those same standards as the military-grade drop protection that you get with Rokform.

Build Quality and Durability: 4/5

Quad Lock’s build is that of plastic construction. These are designed to be durable, for sure. But it’s important to note that you might not get the same level of ruggedness and longevity that you get from Rokform.

Price: 5/5

For Rokform vs Quad Lock, this is an area where Quadlock scores big. Quadlock pricing is more affordable, as mentioned above. If you’re cost-conscious, this could be the brand for you.

Community Reviews and Expert Recommendations for Quad Lock

For Quadlock vs Rokform, Quad Lock definitely has its own fan base of loyal users who appreciate the sweet spot it hits between functionality and affordability. There are many reviewers who praise the brand’s versatile compatibility options that fit their needs without costing an arm and a leg. They also acknowledge that it doesn’t have that tank-like ruggedness and durability that you get with something like Rokform, but this budget-friendly option works as it should.

Here’s what users had to say about the Quad Lock:

5 star- All you need

“It's light weight, non bulking looking, and very secure. I've used this on 2 of my motorcycles. It is a tight use on my z900, but it works perfectly fine on my 2000 zx6r. No complaints besides the vibration damper that comes for a extra cost does not work well.”

- Calvin

Clearly, the highlight here is the level of compatibility along with the ease of use.


As we’ve mentioned, for Rokform vs Quad Lock, the biggest draw to Quad Lock is its affordability. Their cases range from $30-$50. For their mounts, they range between $30 to $80. If you’re looking to keep your wallet in check while still getting a reliable phone mount solution, Quadlock could be the one. It may not offer the same level of premium materials and construction, but its pricing is attractive.

Alternative Options

Alright friends, so we’ve talked about Rokform vs Quad Lock, but we can’t forget that there are other options available as well. Here’s some other solid options worth looking into:


Tackform is another brand that offers phone mounts and cases. This brand is known for being more affordable than Rokform while still providing decent quality. Tackform’s products are compatible with various phone brands. They also offer a range of mounting options for different applications.


Next up, we’ve got Scosche. This is a well-known brand in the mobile accessories market. They offer a range of phone mounts and cases. Their products are generally cheaper than Rokform. However, they may not offer the same level of durability or military-grade protection.


If you’re into phone cases, you probably heard of Spigen. These guys are known for their affordable prices and their wide range of options for different phone models. They may not have as many options as Rokform or Quad Lock, but their cases are notable for their protection and quality.

Whatever your needs may be, there’s definitely something out there for you.

Quadlock vs Rokform breakdown

Final Thoughts

This has definitely been one epic showdown with Rokform vs Quad Lock. Talk about intense. Both brands certainly bring their A-game to the phone mount arena, as they both have their own set of strengths to take note of.

If you need something that can truly take a beating, then Rokform is the brand for you. The quality you get from military-grade protection & CNC-machined aluminum is unmatched and work well for those outdoor adventurers and riders who are serious about their gear.

Then there’s Quad Lock. This is the brand that’s both flexible and affordable. Plus, this brand is compatible with many different phone brands who are searching for a twist-lock solution, minus the higher price tag. This brand is a solid choice for cyclists and everyday users who want reliability.

No matter what, at the end of the day, for Quadlock vs Rokform, it’s about what you need. If you want something sturdy enough to survive a warzone, with rugged, durable, protection, then stick with Rokform. But if you want something that doesn’t cost much and is still functional, then Quadlock may be your best bet.

It’s evident that both brands are kickin’ ass and takin’ names, so whatever you choose, be confident that you’re getting a quality product.

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