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Best Mother's Day Gifts 2024: From Digital to Sentimental

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Ah, yes, Mother's Day is just around the corner. It's that time when we honor those amazing women who make kick-ass mothers. At Rokform, we know that there's nothing more powerful than a mama's love, and although a mother holds their kiddo's hand for a short while, she holds their heart forever. That's why it's so important to find the most meaningful gift for Mother's Day. 

But have no fear! We're going to take a look at some of the best Mother's Day gifts for 2024. Along the way, as we reveal these incredible gifts, we'll also talk about the need-to-knows of Mom's Day gifts. Whether she's interested in the best digital gadgets, someone who craves those oh-so-sweet treats, or a mom who deserves a little something different, we've got ideas for that special lady who's done the most for you. 

Let's go take a look at just what we can give our moms who teach love by living it:

What Makes Great Mother's Day Gifts

To answer this conundrum, we need to look at a few things. First and foremost, the best Mother's Day present needs to be something she likes. 

Next, let's think about who we're honoring:

Mom: About one in 4 mamas are taking care of the kids on their own. Think about the strength and resilience of these special gals when choosing the perfect gift! 

- Grandma: Our cellular existence as an egg starts in the womb of this lovely lady (she carried part of you inside her womb). The gift we give should have some true meaning!

- Your Favorite Aunt: Whether they took us on amazing adventures creating some awesome memories or just spoiled us rotten, we gotta show them some love with a gift that hones in on just what they like. 

- Your Wife: She provides unconditional love to the entire family. These selfless mamas form unforgettable bonds between mother and child with the most cherished memories. She's there for everyone and needs a gift that celebrates her contributions to your family's life.

So, who are you to this mom? Are you a son, daughter, friend, grandkid, or partner? All these things make a difference in choosing your gift. Each mom deserves something that she'll really dig. Here's the breakdown of the coolest things you can get the mama who deserves the most with these categories: 

- Best Mom Gifts You Can Deliver

- Best Gifts for Moms Who Love Tech

- Best Gifts for First Mother's Day- Creative Mother's Day Gifts

- Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts from Son

- Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts from Daughter

- Unique Mother's Day Gifts She'll Love

- Simple Mother's Day Gifts

- Best Mother's Day Gift for Wife

Let's get into it:

Best Gifts for Moms You Can Deliver

Some of us may live far off from the mama we want to shower with love. That makes getting gifts delivered sometimes a must. 

Heck, we might not even live far off, but we're stuck at work and want to send a time-sensitive gift. Or, we simply want to add a "thinking of you" message alongside our in-person gift. Some of the most common best Mother's Day Gifts are an awesome way for us to make it personal or send it alongside a more personalized gift. 

No doubt, there's always your local flower/chocolate delivery. But 'tis the season for those guys to get busy and overloaded fast. So get them while you can with options like these.

Gift Baskets that are Thoughtfully Packed

This gift for mothers offers convenience and surprise. Think about the many curated items that you could have delivered right to her door. This surprise could be fruit, chocolate, maybe wine & cheese, or a mix-and-match of spa products she loves. At GourmetGiftBasket , chocolate and wine are just some of the offerings of this delivery service.


Flowers: The Go-To

For some, the best Mother's Day present is the usual go-to of flowers. Not only are they a thoughtful choice, but they're pretty symbolic, too. Flowers symbolize beauty, appreciation, and love. Give her something to brighten her day with this gift. Companies like Global Rose offer next-day delivery of flowers.

flower gift for mom

Heavenly Chocolate

As a gift for moms with a variety of gourmet options, chocolate could be the indulgent surprise that boosts their mood by releasing endorphins that make them happy. Purdy's Chocolatier celebrates Mama's Day with chocolates that are infused with love.

best delivery mothers day gifts

A Mother's Day Getaway

This gift for mom isn't so much a physical delivery, but you can send this one to the best mama over the internet! Even moms need a little relaxation & rejuvenation. With this gift, you could have her whisked away to make memories, fulfill her bucket list, and give her the opportunity to take a break and truly enjoy some time off. Travel Pirates have some Mama's Day travel deals worth checking into.

great mothers day gifts

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

For variety, convenience, and a more personalized and thoughtful experience, these Mother's Day gifts are the gift that keeps gifting. Imagine the surprise and excitement a subscription box can bring (Oh! The anticipation!). At Cratejoy, you can find unique subscription boxes for moms. (Talk about variety!)

best mothers day gifts delivery

Best Gifts for Moms Who Love Tech

Some mamas want something a little better than chocolates and flowers. We all inevitably love tech. In fact, it's a useful gift for any mom. 

It doesn't matter if you want to go small with something like a new iPhone case or if you're thinking of something a bit bigger like a tablet or laptop. These are gifts that mom will love because they allow her to be a bit more efficient in her life. 

When it comes to the techies, here are some of the best Mothers Day gifts, 2024 style:

The Last Phone Case She'll Ever Need

Techie gifts for mothers that you can't go wrong with are durable phone cases . At Rokform, we believe you can't go wrong with a clear case for iPhones. It's the gift that literally stays with her wherever she goes. With our clear phone cases, expect a slim & sleek design that shows off color without the risk of damage. 

best digital mothers day gifts

RoboVacuum? Yes Please.

We all know mama has been there to take on all of ours and the rest of the family's messes. Give her a gift that may be on the pricier side but is a gift that really rocks. Mama will really enjoy the convenience of that hands-free Roomba without the clean-up hassle. These Mother's Day gifts are the go-to easy clean-up option because they clean surfaces such as carpets, hardwood floors, and tile, without mama having to do so much (giving her the extra time to focus on other things that matter to her, like family time).

best digital mothers day gifts

The Anti-Tablet

Here's a great gift for mom that's not your run-of-the-mill tablet. This one goes out to all the note-takers and designers looking to get things accomplished (like a boss) minus the distractions. reMarkable is a paper-like writing and reading anti-tablet, all of mama's work can be organized in one place.

best digital mothers day gifts

For the Soccer Mom

Think about it—mom probably drives most of you around. This gift for moms lets her drive safely and use her phone hands-free. It's durable and makes life more efficient on the road! For the multi-tasking soccer mom, car phone mounts allow her to position her phone for the most ideal visibility and comfort while hauling the team.

best digital mothers day gifts

The Gift of Relaxation

Mamas always need a little "me" time too. The best Mother's Day present could give the relaxation vibes she's been yearning for. Talk about taking care of mom with convenience like never before. Soothe offers massages anytime, anywhere. Plus, skincare, hair, and beauty professionals are available with the legit gift of wellness.

relaxation gifts for mothers

Best Gifts for First Mother's Day

For new and expecting mamas, the first Mother's Day marks the start of something beautiful. Since motherhood is incredible and fresh, new moms need some of the best first-time Mother's Day gifts that are supportive and sentimental.

Matchy Matchy

As one of the best new Mother's Day gifts, Mommy and Me PJ sets are always a tear-jerker. This is because they allow new mamas moments of relaxation and cozy time so she can unwind and enjoy the little moments with her newest addition. Little Sleepies has a Mommy and Me collection that's absolutely adorable (and soft and comfy). Made with Lunaluxe Bamboo, this product could be the perfect match for a new mama and her firstborn.

best 1st mothers day gifts

New Mama Anxiety Relief

Mother's Day gifts for new moms rockin' the motherhood scene should include a gift set that aims to put new mamas' minds at ease. It's no secret that becoming a new parent can be a pretty stressful endeavor. That's why an anti-anxiety gift set is the perfect thing to offer encouragement to new moms. Chez Gagne: has messaging that's just awesome and we love it! These new mama gift sets are crafted to ease new mom anxiety.

best 1st mothers day gifts

Uber Eats Because Aint Nobody Got Time for That!

The early days of mama-hood can be pretty tiring. That's why having meal options delivered to her door can save her time and effort when she's already busy enough as it is. Uber Eats is a gift for mothers that eases the stress of having to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner (without having to leave the house).

best gifts for first mothers day

Sleep is NOT Overrated

One of the best gifts for the first Mother's Day could be a blanket that promotes better sleep, while aiming to reduce stress and anxiety. This is an especially awesome gift during the emotionally demanding period of postpartum. Even with the disruptions of caring for a newborn, this blanket can help mama get some sleep. The Hush Cooling Weighted Blanket is crafted just right so she can catch some zzz's whenever possible!

best gifts for first mothers day

Creative Mother's Day Gifts

Creative Mother's Day gifts are for the moms who love those oh-so-creative pieces. For these mamas, handmade gifts are the best. But some of us just don't have the time or the knack for creative vision (not very good with our hands), but we can still find something out there that's just as sentimental. Let's take a walk on the artistic side of things and see what we can give mama that's going to give her something that's especially hers:

For the Book Worm

For the mamas that are all about reading books in their spare time, the best Mother's Day gifts are handmade and personalized bookmarks, making a sweet addition for the reading nook.

creative mothers day gifts

Birth Month + Flower Necklace

With this gift for mom, you can get a handmade piece of jewelry that will remind her of how special all of her children are every time she looks at it! The Family Bouquet Birth Month Flower Necklace is both sweet and creative. The perfect gift for mom that's both a keepsake and a uniquely hers jewelry piece.

creative mothers day gifts

Put Her Name in a Book - Literally

Have you ever thought that creative Mother's Day gifts could include putting her name in a book? That's right. This is quite a way to keep things personal with both a unique style and personalization that mom will love. Your Mom's Name Here is an amazing centerpiece and conversation starter for home. 

best mothers day gifts of 2024

Because She's Also a Dog Mom

A gift for moms who love their doggos is a pretty cool way to acknowledge and celebrate the bond with their furry friend. Personalized Dog Leash Holders are sweet leash holders (the kind that hit 2 birds with 1 stone). It's a gift for mom and pup - personalized and with love.

best mother

Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts from Son

There's something truly special about a mother's love for her son. With a bond like this, you definitely need to get sentimental and tell mom how deep and special it is. The right gift can show her some true gratitude for all the sacrifices his mama has made for him throughout his life.

Thoughtful gifts from sons on Mother's Day can celebrate her while showing some love to let his mom know that she really means the world. Let's take a look at some gifts for mom that offer sons a chance to say thank you for everything she's done and continues to do (and might just bring tears to her eyes):

Who's the Bobble Head?

Who knew that polymer clay could be the ultimate long-lasting memento, aiming to constantly remind us of the love and undying connection that mother and son will forever share? Take a look at the Mother & Son Custom Bobblehead, where you're both customized in this keepsake. I mean, c'mon, these are beyond cute.

best mother

All in the Family

How generous of you to think of your siblings in your Mother's Day gift! Including them in your gift is a pretty symbolic way to show off those family ties while giving Mama a personalized keepsake. The HerringBone Engraved Gold Necklace is both chic and sentimental. Include all your names so she can wear it without feeling guilty!

thoughtful mothers day gifts

Old School Love

Remember when mom would read you bedtime stories? Those shelves of endless childhood books are such a fond memory. Sometimes the best Mother's Day gifts are a trip back in time. Buy her your new fav to read to the grandkids, or share one of these books as a side gift that you can both enjoy for some old-school mother-son bonding.

thoughtful mothers day gifts

Write Your Own Book

Talk about a personalized tribute that gives mom a constant reminder that she's number one in your book! Check out the Super Mom! Personalized Book  - yes, really. These books can be easily personalized and are a favorite gift for moms. She'll prop that up on the mantle in no time.

unique mothers day gifts

Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts from Daughter

Let's get real. All the mother-son gifts we listed above are thoughtful Mother's Day gifts from daughters, too. But there is a special element to the mother-daughter bond we just can't ignore. It's a bond of shared experiences, love, and understanding. It's obvious that the mother-daughter bond speaks unparalleled volumes like any other.

So even though you can choose any gift on this list, it'll still be special. Let's kick it up a notch, shall we?

Thank Her for Everything

A gift for mom that's as sentimental as this will have her fluttering with joy. The Mom, Thank You For Everything Book is worth checking into. We love that you can make these books your own, and there's no one more deserving of a personalized book than Mom. 

great mothers day gifts

Mother Daughter Spa Day

Spend the weekend with mom in pure rest and relaxation and hey, it's a gift for you, too! Places to Stay is just one example of the many spa day getaways for the perfect Mother's Day gifts.

great mothers day gifts

Unleash the Artist In You

No, you're not actually drawing these images yourself, but if you can play it off... With Lime&Lou- Liquid Legacy , you can easily upload any pic of you and mom and take your seat as the one with the best Mothers Day gifts!

great mothers day gifts

Personalized Bracelet

When looking for great Mother's Day gifts, you may want something she can wear daily. This is both simple and meaningful in one. The Birth Flower Bracelet for Mom proves there's nothing more precious than your birth month and her birth month side by side. 

personalized mothers day gifts

The Perfect Lounger

Give her the gift that's perfect for sweater weather (and also pretty cozy). The Mom Sweatshirt gives true meaning to her comfy sweater with a personalized message. We love these sleek sweaters—it's a gift for mom she can wear, and we're here for it!

personalized mothers day gifts

Unique Mother's Day Gifts She'll Love

When celebrating those wonderful mamas in our lives, we might wish to channel our inner gift-guru to find that perfect gift. Your bond is special, so the gift should be magical enough to get her showin' off her beaming smile and feel cherished on her special day.

For the queen of your heart, maybe you want to choose a Mother's Day gift that is a little different. However, it's definitely going to be filled with a whole lotta love and thoughtfulness. It may not relate specifically to Mother's Day or it might be right on the nose. 

Either way, the most unique Mother's Day gifts are below.

Tree of Family Memories

Family ties are unbreakable. What better way to remind her of the love and laughter throughout the years with a family tree of moments frozen in time? With the Wooden Family Tree , you get a huge gift for a simple price tag. Turn any wall into one filled with memories with a unique Mother's Day present like this one.

unique mothers day gifts

Mom With a Green Thumb

A message in a planter? Yep, this succulent plant pot is easily one of the best, unique Mother's Day gifts. The Custom Mama's Day Planter is a hit that she can place in her office, family room, anywhere really. It sends a message and adds a green vibe to any room.

unique mothers day gifts


Sweet gifts for moms like this one put a spin on a classic. A porcelain jar to store the munchies we crave with the images of those she loves the most! The Sweet Treats Photo Cookie Jar is a customized cookie jar for the mom with a sweet tooth. 

unique mothers day present

For the Mom with the Dad Jokes

Is mom always spitting out the best dad jokes? Her Mother's Day gift should be just as hilarious. Custom mom socks will keep her feetsies warm and her heart full. Choose from 1, 2, or even 3 faces. Take a walk on the hilarious side.

unique mothers day present

For the Proud Mom

If mom can't stop bragging about her kids and grandkids, give her a conversation starter! This tumbler gift for mom is for the loud and proud! It really shows off those "mama-bear" vibes, plus it's handmade and lets everyone know she's in love with momming.

proud mom gift

Simple Mother's Day Gifts

Simple Mother's Day gifts are the kind of gifts you give to the mom who could be more frugal, or could already have all they need. These are gifts for mama that simply say just enough. Sometimes, the smaller things are the most appreciated. They keep things light and could even mean you've got another bigger surprise coming her way!

Let's look at the little things you can give mama that still have the best meaning:

Never Wilting

Oh, did your sibling get flowers as a Mother's Day gift? Ha! I'd like to see how long those last... These flowers are forever (just like our love for our mamas), and that makes you mom's favorite. No take backsies!

simple mother

A She Told You So Candle

A simple message that says a LOT. Mother's day gifts that admit fault are both simple and oh, so satisfying. Tell mom she was right via candle , it's ok - Thanksgiving is months away, you won't hear about it for a while!

simple mother

For the Bespectacled

A cute gift for moms who wear glasses. If she's anything like the rest of us, she likely misplaces them a few times a day. This eye glasses stand makes life easier, you know, so she can always see your purdy face clear as day.

gift for mom that wears glasses

For the Ultimate Planner

A mom's schedule can get overwhelming. This is a gift for moms who really plan their days. This is the perfect way to help them stay organized with a momagenda. That's no typo - it's called a momagenda.

gift for busy mom

Best Mother's Day Gift for Wife

We know guys, it can be difficult figuring out the best Mother's Day gift for wives. And hey, it's not just Mother's Day, the heat is on for other holidays (like Christmas, Valentine's, Anniversary, and her birthday). We totally get it. Thinking of another gift time after time that suits her just right can be a tough task. But we're here to help you make her day one to truly remember. She brings joy, love, and passion into your life, so here are some ideas to show this incredible woman just how much she means to you:

The Only Coupon with Real Value

As the hubby, the best gift you can give your wife is a day off. Gifts for moms from their husbands are best when they include time off. Did we mention a day off? Get her a day off with a personalized day off certificate.

best mother

Pearly & Bright

Ok, the next best thing (from a day off) can come in the form of jewelry. It doesn't have to be mighty expensive, but here's a mighty expensive option if you want it to go down as one of the best Mother's Day gifts ever.

best mother

Rummage Through Her Skincare

If she loves skincare, the best Mother's Day gifts for your wife would likely come from Sephora. BUT - make sure you rummage through her brands and pick the ones she uses most. That way, it's more thoughtful and personalized.

best gifts for wife mothers day

Get Sentimental With It

Not even a thousand-dollar necklace could speak the volume of your love like this book. The personalized "I Love You Book" shows her your vulnerable side and expresses your love within your own words. Gifts for moms from their husbands should have a lovey-dovey side to them.

best gifts for wife mothers day

Leave The Kids Out of It

You can. Go ahead and pamper her for Mother's Day. Make appointments at the spa to get her hair done, get her a facial, a mani-pedi - we're talkin' the works. This Mother's Day gift is truly all about momma bear.

Because...Moms are the Best

It's no secret that moms rock! Regardless of your gift, the best Mother's Day gifts truly show our moms how much we care. Even if we can't express our love in words (because it's so much more than just words), we can give her something that really tugs at her heart and is a constant reminder of just how amazing we know she is. 

Moms are the glue that holds the family together, the heartbeat within the home, and the ones who forever show you the purest love you'll ever know. She's the one you run to when you're troubled and the one who remains loyal in times of dismay. You won't find anyone near as determined or as committed to being there for you. So remember her this Mama's Day—because life doesn't come with a manual. It comes with a mama.

Is Your Mom a Rokform Mom? Pick Up The Best Mothers Day Gifts

Ya know, there's plenty of chaos in a mama's life. She's always got her hands full with more things to juggle than we could ever imagine. She's also got a style that's all her own. She's always on the go and needs things to keep up with her day-to-day lifestyle. And heck, sometimes she just needs to be able to put down her phone and live in the moment. 

At Rokform, we've got the perfect solutions for the Rokform Mom. In the world we live in today, productivity has been improved for all mamas by way of the cell phone. And for the Rokform mama, we've got just what she needs to keep that productivity at an all-time high: 

With how much mom has on her plate, she's going to need a phone case that's built just as tough as her. We've got  Apple cases, Samsung Phone cases, and a few others worth checkin' into when it comes to protecting her phone as much as she has been there to protect you over the years. 

Some of the best Mother's Day gifts available at Rokform include a way for your mama to truly get her groove on. With our G-Rok Wireless Golf Speaker, Mama doesn't have to play golf to be able to listen to her playlist. It's a portable, award-winning speaker that's waterproof and dust-proof. With a 30 ft. range of sound, mom can listen to her jams while dad is grilling in the backyard on her special day (all while controlling it through her phone via Bluetooth).

Whether she's on an iPhone kick, or she's on the path of its Samsung or nothin', a RokLock Sport Ring could be just the addition she needs to regain control of her phone. This Mother's Day, whatever you do, make sure it encompasses the appreciation and love you feel for her. Because it doesn't matter how old you are; you'll always be her baby.

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