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New Product Alert: Introducing the Motorcycle Vibration Dampener

by Rokform LLC August 11, 2022

New Product Alert: Introducing the Motorcycle Vibration Dampener

You asked for it, and we answered. We are beyond excited to introduce the Motorcycle Vibration Dampener! Step up the protection for your smartphone and its components with the Motorcycle Vibration Dampener. The Vibration Dampener protects your smartphone’s internal components by absorbing inevitable shocks and vibrations from the road and your motorcycle’s engine. As an additional accessory that retrofits onto any Rokform motorcycle mount, it's a perfect add-on for anyone using our motorcycle mounts.


About the Motorcycle Vibration Dampener

The new Motorcycle Vibration Dampener by Rokform is designed to minimize vibrations and improve phone stability. Made with durable aluminum and reinforced polymer, construction can be installed in just a few minutes, so you can feel immediate results on your next ride. To install, simply remove your motorcycle mount’s arm by rotating it counter clockwise until it comes off. Once removed, you can screw the Dampener onto the mount’s base; fasten it to the base using the screw nut (included).

The Motorcycle Dampener works with all Rokform Motorcycle Mounts.* 

  • Easy installation. Installs within minutes with no extra tools needed – everything is included in the box.

  • Absorbs vibration. Reduces high-frequency vibrations to keep your smartphone and its hardware secure.

  • Fast, secure mounting. Installs onto your phone mount using RokLock twist lock and lever.

  • High quality materials. Made with durable aluminum and reinforced polymer.

  • Ultra compatibility. Works with all Rokform Motorcycle Mounts and smartphone cases with RokLock.

This is the solution to minimize vibration force and protect your smartphone while riding with your Rokform motorcycle mount.


V1 or V2: Which Vibration Dampener should you choose?

V1 Vibration Dampener - For Handlebar or Perch Mount

Motorcycle Vibration Dampener 1

Order the V1 Vibration Dampener if you have a Handlebar or Perch Mount that was purchased anytime before August 2022


V2 Vibration Dampener - For New Handlebar Mounts, New Perch Mounts and All Stem Mounts

Motorcycle Vibration Dampener 2

Order the V2 Vibration Dampener if you have a Stem Mount or purchased a Handlebar or Perch Mount off of in August 2022 or later

Note: As of August 2022, the previous versions of the Handlebar and Perch Mounts are not available for purchase on You can still purchase the previous model on




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