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What Do Three Expert Reviewers Say About Rokform?


Rokform has been getting some great reviews in the press recently. With the introduction of the iPhone 14, many folks are on the hunt for a new case for protection. That means product testers and review mavens have been stacking up competing cases to find their top picks. These professional reviewers seek out a range of qualities when considering which phone cases to award their critical acclaim. From simplistic styles to versatility to durability, their selection criteria is fulfilled by a handful of leading brands, with Rokform being one.

The team at Rokform has been making innovative, protective phone cases since 2010. Their passion for design is what’s behind their military tough yet thin and light phone cases. Here are three examples of what the leading reviewers and news websites have been saying about Rokform’s newest iPhone case and accessory lineup!

Review #1 - CNET’s Best Mounting Case for iPhone 14

David Carnoy at CNET put together a comprehensive list of the best new iPhone 14 phone cases in his October 6th article. Each of the cases he reviewed covers just about every type of case an iPhone 14 owner could ask for. From wallet cases to cases with a minimalist profile, his article provides a great rundown of the leaders based on key features.

When it comes to the best mounting case for iPhone 14, Carnoy named the Rokform Rugged Case and Crystal Case as his favorite picks. Most notably, he mentioned the ability to use their cases with various mounts, which include mounts for a bicycle and motorcycle.

There are also numerous mounting options for automotive applications, including windshield mounts, dash mounts, and vent mounts. Each offers options for magnetic mounting or extra-secure RokLock® twist-mounting.

Carnoy said, “I personally prefer the Crystal series, but the Rugged case is slightly more, well, rugged. The new iPhone 14 cases are also MagSafe compatible.” 

He also goes on to mention that unlike some MagSafe compatible cases that don’t allow easy mounting to magnetic surfaces, Rokform’s case still delivers by including a lower secondary magnet built-in. Even if you pop out the center magnet for MagSafe charging, the lower magnet still allows instant mounting to everything from gym equipment to refrigerators.

In particular, golfers find tremendous value in the fast, easy, and secure mounting built right into Rokform’s iPhone 14 phone case and their other products like the G-Rok speaker. The magnets are strong enough to hold both the phone and the wireless speaker on the roof supports of a golf cart over roughest of courses.

And for those MagSafe mavens out there, their magnetic mounts still provide secure attachment even when you pop the center magnet out. Rokform’s super-strong magnets mate perfectly with the iPhone 14’s MagSafe magnets, allowing instant attachment even when you don’t have a case on the phone!


Crystal series

Review #2 - Forbes Recommends the Rokform Rugged Case

On September 18th, Forbes ran an online article featuring 14 of the top iPhone 14 cases. Rokform’s Rugged Case was called out for delivering advanced protection in addition to multiple mounting options. The article’s author, Brad Moon, noted that Rokform’s most protective case for the iPhone 14 exceeds the Military Grade Drop Test standard, MIL-STD 801G-516.6. This standard also covers dust protection as well, keeping the iPhone 14 safe wherever you roam. iPhone 14 owners also love that Rokform cases come with a 60-day money-back guarantee and 2-year limited warranty. 

And yet again, the RokLock twist locking system and MagSafe compatible magnets were applauded for secure mounting. The article mentions that the cases feature industrial-grade arrays of magnets that are four to five stronger than most alternatives. So even if you want the ease of instant magnetic mounting, your phone will stay in place over rough terrain. Compared to more complicated mounts with springs and clamps, magnetic mounting doesn’t have any moving parts that could break with heavy use.

People into outdoor adventures like mountain biking, off-roading, and camping who want a suite of phone accessories that deliver unmatched durability choose Rokform. Their rugged products are proven to stand up to whatever they can throw at them, keeping their phones working and looking their best in all environments.

Rugged Case

Review #3 - The Coolector Calls The Rugged Case Versatile

Rokform has grown over the past 12 years into a powerhouse of product innovation. Today, they offer products in numerous categories, including:

  • Protective phone cases
  • Wireless speakers
  • Portable power options
  • Phone mounts for numerous applications
  • Phone-related accessories

One expert reviewer that loves products in all these categories is The Coolector, a product review and news blog that features a vast range of topics and categories from technology to travel to fashion. On September 27th, they ran an article in their technology segment that featured five of their favorite products from Rokform. They picked the G-Rok Wireless Speaker, Rugged Portable Wireless Charger, Rugged Cases for the iPhone 14 and Galaxy S22 Ultra, and their motorcycle perch mount.

Here’s just a small sample of what The Coolector had to say about what Rokform brings to the table:

“Their tech cases are military tough but thin and light for everyday use and they will stand up to all your outdoor adventures. ROKFORM®’s mounts are discreet, powerful, simple to use and crafted from high quality materials that are made to last.”

The article also goes on to say that the Rugged Series of cases are the most accomplished the company has made since it started in 2010. “Robust and functional on the inside and out” is what they say gives the Rugged series of phone cases a reputation as one of the most versatile iPhone 14 cases available on the market.

The same design principles that went into the Rugged phone cases went into the G-Rok speaker and portable wireless charger as well. Featuring tough construction that can withstand drops and dust, along with providing water resistance, this speaker and charger is perfect for all outdoor adventures. From golfing to going on a backcountry camping excursion in an Overlanding vehicle, you’ll never be left without power or good tunes. Simply put, Rokform helps you get the most from your iPhone 14!

The Choice is Clear For iPhone 14 Cases And Accessories

Rokform’s tough yet attractive cases aren’t bulky yet deliver military-grade protection. Their high quality phone cases and accessories provide unsurpassed protection, power, secure mounting, and wireless sound. When you want products you can rely on no matter where you travel to, the experts agree—Rokform is the clear choice. Their Rugged series of products are engineered to outshine the competition, providing MIL-STD 801G-516.6 along with iPX7 dustproof and waterproof protection depending on the equipment. With Rokform, you’ll never worry about your speaker, portable wireless charger, or phone getting caught in the rain or falling from precarious places. Check out Rokform’s accessories and iPhone 14 cases today!

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