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Rokform Products for Mommy

by Allie Decker March 11, 2016

Rokform Products for Mommy

Guest Blogger Ashley Schiermeyer

Most people have come to know Rokform through its patented accessories like the Bike Mount or Motorcycle Mount. Those products are very special and make those specific activities that much easier to stay connected while on your bike or motorcycle. But what about the everyday life of a mommy?

I recently became a first-time mom last August when we had our daughter Amelia. Over the past six months, a few Rokform products have been invaluable to my sanity as a mother.

First awesome product… the phone case itself, of course! For my iPhone 6, I’m currently rocking the Clear Slim Mountable case with a sweet California sticker for a more feminine kick (there are currently over 10 sticker designs to choose from). Let me tell you, I don’t fear at all when I hand the phone to my teething, clumsy six months old. We’re in Target earlier this week and she has a pretty strong grip on the phone, then decides she’s over holding it and onto the ground it goes. No problem. I just pick it up and don’t even check it for cracks because I know it’s going to be fine.

Ashley - Guest Blogger with California iPhone Case

In addition to protection, the phone case is equipped with a magnet that will stick to any ferrous metal surface. Rokform has a video here and there with the phone on a car as it’s driving doing stunts. Well, I can say that it can definitely survive more than that.

Phone stuck to side of car 70 MPH

One day, while running errands, I put the phone on the back part of my car while loading the stroller and bags into the trunk. Then MOM BRAIN STRUCK! I got into my car, jumped on to the highway to drive few miles down the road to my next destination – at 70 MPH! When I parked, I went to grab my phone and my stomach sunk. I knew exactly where I had left it and I only prayed it was still there. AND IT WAS! So yes, I was that crazy lady that had her phone stuck on the side of the car while driving.

So now that I have my phone, the next best product that makes my life so much better is the Handlebar Mount. While this product was originally made as an alternative to the Pro Series Bike Mount, I’ve come to use it on my stroller. It comes in handy on my stroller since it doesn’t come with an organizer. I’m able to keep my phone right at my fingertips as I am in the grocery store or mall. I can keep my lists and everything right there. I LOVE IT!

The job title of Mom is one of the hardest on the planet and I hope these few things that have made my life as a mom easier will also help you. If I were to recommend one final product to the mommies out there, it would be the Magnetic Mounts. Most cases come with one that people usually put in their car, but pick up a few extra because they are so handy to have around the house. Whether it’s the BAM or just a Lil’ Rok, I have these magnet mounts everywhere from the kitchen to beside my bed.

Rokform in the Kitchen

Allie Decker
Allie Decker


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