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Riding Essentials: A Deep Dive into the Best Mini Bike Accessories

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Mini biking isn't just about the bikes, it's an entire lifestyle! The bike in action is priceless. The riders of mini bikes bond over the thrill of riding and that special love for tinkering with the mechanics. In this guide, we're going to explore the best mini bike accessories that are available for mini bikers everywhere. We'll also find out how these accessories can help make the ride an even better experience. Let's roll!!

Introduction to Mini Bike Culture

Mini motos originally made their appearance in the 1950s. Mini motorcycles were hand-made by bike enthusiasts as a fun and affordable way for children and young adults to get first-hand experience in motorcycling. These types of small motorcycles were two-wheeled, motorized, off-highway recreational vehicles. In fact, paratroopers would pull something right out of Evel Knieval's playbook. As they would jump out of planes with a mini bike on their back! Once on the ground, the paratroopers would be able to hop on the bike and ride off! 

Without a doubt, they gained popularity with a quickness. Even today, the mini bike phenomenon continues to gain popularity. Mini bike racing reigns supreme these days, with activities ranging from informal local races to all-in organized competitions. 

Why do people like mini bikes?

First and foremost, the straightforward answer is that it's so much easier to maneuver and park compared to larger bikesThese bikes also come in a diverse range. From simple, off-the-shelf models to the more highly customized and performance-enhanced variations. These include: pit bikes, mini dirt bikes, and even replicas of full-sized motorcycles. 

No matter the times, accessories for these bad boys have played a significant role. Mini bike accessories allow the riders to tailor their machines to their personal preference and unique style.

mini bike accessories,

The Evolution of Mini Bike Accessories

The culture of the mini-bike community is vibrant and full of passion. Of course, the community revels in the act of riding, but it doesn't stop there. The main focus is placed on the art of customizing bikes. Mini-bike enthusiasts find their happy place by altering compact motorcycle gear and building on their ride with new mini bike parts. And accessories, why not?!? All for the love of maintaining one badass bike. 

DIY repairs and modifications for mini bikes are common throughout the community (mini bikers prefer that hands-on approach). Through the evolution of tech advancements, the mini bike scene has been shaped by innovation. With that, accessory options have quite the influence on these customizations. 

These innovations have led to: 

  • Performance enhancement like engine upgrades, better suspension and tires.
  • Safety improvements like protective gear and better lighting.
  • Ergonomics such as seating upgrades, handlebar modifications.
  • Practical storage and device mounting additions.

With advancements like these, we can definitely see a love for personalization, a need for safety, and a passion for enhanced functionality that riders desire for their mini bikes.

Most Popular Mini Bike Accessories in 2024

Mini bike accessories for small motorbikes leave us hanging on the edge of our seats in anticipation! We're excited to showcase the most-wanted accessories for 2024 that allow you to push the limits and enjoy the ride. Without further ado, here's what can make your mini bike more personal:

  • Rear rack
  • Saddle bags
  • LED lights
  • Phone mounts - for phone apps & GPS
  • Custom handlebars
  • Tool kit
  • Thumb throttle
  • Tread tires

Now that we've got your feet wet, let's dig into the specifics of each below:

Rear Rack

Why it's in: Riders need that additional storage space on their mini motorbikes. This space is the answer to carrying those essential personal items or equipment. A rear rack is a practical choice for anyone who values convenience, whether for an off-road adventure or an urban commute. It's important to choose the best rear rack for your bike. The best will be built to last.

Some to look out for:

mini bike accessories

Saddle Bags

Why it's in: The right saddle bags provide you with that extra space you need, look good, and won't affect the bike's handling. This type of storage gives you a 'leg-up' by being prepared for unexpected situations. You can store basic repair tools or a first aid kit in this handy accessory. Saddle bags are also known as pannier bags and they provide easy access to your items without having to dismount your bike. They can be extremely useful for those longer rides, and many riders use saddle bags as part of their motorcycle camping gear.

Some to look out for:

mini motorcycles accessories,

LED Lights

Why it's in: Energy-efficient LED lights are the perfect predominant light source for illuminating your ride. These bulbs provide superior lighting. LED lights are much brighter than halogen or HID. So, when it comes to mini bike parts, LED bulbs are essential for visibility. This is especially true during night rides or in low-light conditions. 

Some to look out for:

Phone Mounts

Why it's in: Compact motorcycle gear, like phone mounts, should be there for you when you need it. Just like in the case of our invincible motorcycle mounts. With the right phone mount, riders can use their GPS with ultimate ease. For 2024, mini bikers can navigate roads and trails easily. They can even stay connected, answer calls, or listen to music. At Rokform, our universal mounts make it easy for you to mount your phone anywhere. Our mounts securely hold smartphones so you can really savor the journey.

Some to look out for:


Why it's in: Mini bike parts should have that personal touch. For the handlebars, their design and positioning directly affect steering and handling of your bike. Tweaking the handlebars leads to varying degrees of stability (crucial for off-roading or racing). If you're looking to make your ride look cooler than ever, handlebars can help you transform the entire look. Many times, riders choose handlebars that reflect their style of riding, as is the case with cafe racer bars, BMX bars, or mountain bike bars. 

Some to look out for:

Tool Kits

Why it's in: Compact motorcycle gear for 2024 definitely includes tool kits. These kits are a practical accessory for all bike DIYers. It's vital for handling those unexpected mishaps like flat tires or loose components. Whether performing basic repairs or adjustments on the go, a tool kit will help you minimize any downtime.

Some to look out for: 

mini motorcycles accessories

Thumb Throttle

Why it's in: Talk about control. A thumb throttle gives you precise control over the bike's speed. If you have a mini dirt bike, this is especially useful. It's comfortable, while enhancing maneuverability for a smooth ride on off-road terrains or long rides.

Some to look out for: 

Tread Tires

Why it's in: Time to talk traction! For mini bike accessories, upgraded tread tires offer better grip and stability that allows you to tackle tricky terrains (even slippery ones). For those looking to switch up their riding experience, tread tires are for you!

Some to look out for: 

Convenience and Utility Accessories

Cool mini bike accessories offer a trendy way to transform your mini bike simply into a more fun ride (practical, everyday) for all sorts of tasks. Honestly, there's no sign of this convenient move slowing down any time soon. Let's take a closer look at some of the must have accessories for the rise of the mini bike: 

Phone Cases

At Rokform, our mini bike accessories take the cake. All Rokform cases are made tough and work well no matter where the adventure takes you. Our biking accessories include the RokLock™ mounting system, MagMax™ magnets for functional, all-around mounting (not to mention wireless charging compatibility).Top mini motorcycle accessories include the best phone cases, and we have durable options that suit even the most avid bikers. Be sure to check out Rokform phone cases selection to find the one that's with you for the long-haul. We have Apple cases and Samsung cases, so no matter your flavor, we're sure to have one that suits your lifestyle.

Bluetooth Speaker

Speaking of cool mini bike accessories, a bluetooth speaker is a must have! These portable devices are a great way for riders to enjoy music or audiobooks to make the rider's experience that much more enjoyable. Of course, everyone wants amazing sound quality they can listen to while still being aware of their surroundings (safety first). With our G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker, you can enjoy a device that's easy to use with top notch sound and directional audio control through your phone. This speaker works with any device and is compact and lightweight (weighing only 17.7 oz). Every mini bike journey ends in a cool destination, the perfect place to pull out your bluetooth speaker and add a little music to your hang-out.

Magnetic Power Bank

magnetic power bank is the way to go when it comes to outdoor charging. No one wants to lug around a bulky charger while they hunt (almost aimlessly) for an outlet. With the Rokform charging bank, you can stay powered up, no matter where life takes you. Our charging bank is ultra light weight with a magnetic strong-hold to your phone. This way you can be sure that your phone and action cameras stay charged, even during long rides. With a magnetic power bank, you get the best out of motorcycle camping gear as well. It keeps you connected during any event (even around the campfire after a long ride).

Other Essential Mini Bike Accessories

There's an infamous quote that comes to mind when thinking about mini motorcycle accessories: "Dirt is my canvas, the bike is my brush" (unknown). At Rokform, we believe that fits perfectly when it comes to what's trending in 2024. We also know that there are other indispensable items if you wish to have peak riding experiences. These essentials not only compliment the notoriety of the additions above, but they add a bit more purpose and personalization. Let's take a look at the 'nuts and bolts' of mini bike accessories below:

Safety Gear

Bikers recognize the importance of safety gear. Cool mini bike accessories can also provide the protection we need. In fact, we should all look into different safety motorcycle riding tips to keep ourselves safe on and off-road. Here are the most crucial mini bike accessories for your protection:

Helmets: One of the biggest risks from biking accidents is permanent brain injury. This makes a helmet essential to protect your head.

Gloves: Protect hands during rides and in case of falls.

Knee and Elbow Pads: Additional protection for joints.

Eye Protection: No one wants any debris (or bugs) getting into their eyes. Goggles or glasses are accessories that prevent anything entering those sockets.

Mirrors: With mirrors, it's obvious that your visibility can be greatly enhanced, making for a safer ride.

Reflective Gear: Let's say you ride out before dawn or after dusk. You need to be visible, especially if you wish to reduce the chances of an accident.

mini motorcycles accessories


mini bike accessories list wouldn't be complete without electronics. In fact, they can make a mini bike more powerful than ever. Trail tech can essentially enhance the riding experience. Let's take a look at those designed with the biker in mind: 

GPS Systems

Knowing our route is invaluable. Navigation is paramount. GPS devices have gained popularity among the biking community. Hence why we dig exploring the top motorcycle GPS units that allow you to discover new roads and routes throughout your journey. 

Action Cameras

Believe it or not, action cameras aren't just the perfect fit for your motorcycle camping gear, they work well for all kinds of adventures. These days, you can share your trips with friends, family and others around the world. From high-resolution footage to slow-motion stunts, action cameras are the perfect solution for capturing any moment. If you're unsure of how to even begin filming, check out our blog on how to film motorcycle trips (no worries, it's beginner friendly).

Comfort and Ergonomic Accessories

Street-legal mini motorbikes may sound like a pain, but it doesn't have to be. Keep in mind that it will depend on each State's specific definition of what constitutes a mini bike or a motor-driven cycle. Additionally, local municipalities may have their own set of rules that govern the use of mini bikes on public roads. 

But we're not here to dig too deep into the law - we do suggest you do some rigorous research though! Here's a list of the most basic mini bike parts and accessories to make your bike street legal: 

Headlights: Headlights ensure you can see and be seen.

Taillights & Brake lights: Signaling your presence to others on the road.

Turn signal lights: Crucial for signaling your turn to other motorists, preventing accidents.

Rearview Mirrors: Required for awareness of your surroundings, visibility to the rear, and reducing blind spots.

Tires: Tires must meet legal requirements, including tread depth and condition for optimal traction on the road ways.

Horn: This will alert others of your presence, especially when visibility is limited.

License Plate: This is a legal requirement for identification purposes and complies with vehicle registration regulations.

How fast can a mini bike go?

A typical mini motorcycle comes with a 40cc engine, and the speed typically ranges from 40-50 miles per hour. Some mini bikes can be truly powerful, reaching speeds of up to 50 mph with engines as robust as 120cc.

Mini Bike Accessories for Performance

Some mini bike parts are all about performance. Without a doubt, these parts play an important role in the world of mini biking. Here's some of the ways you boost the bike's power and speed:

  • Torque Converter
  • Break Upgrades
  • Exhaust Systems and Mufflers
  • Suspension Kits

Let's take a look at how these parts can truly tweak your ride below.

Torque Converter

Mini bike parts like a modified torque converter can improve the low-end torque of your mini bike. It can enhance its ability to accelerate more effectively from a standstill. That said, a good torque converter adapts to many types of terrain. It's also a great way for riders to modify their bike according to their unique riding style. Let's address some of the burning questions you may have about a torque converter:

Does a torque converter make a mini bike go faster?

No, it doesn't increase horsepower. However, it does account for any loss of horsepower. 

Will it let the engine operate in a desired RPM band?

A torque converter allows for higher speeds out of your small engine along with a smoother acceleration. 

Here are some torque converter options to consider:

Brake Upgrades

Investing in high-quality brakes that offer a more consistent and predictable response is vital for rider confidence and safety. Mini bike parts and accessories like disc brakes perform better in a variety of weather conditions, when compared to brakes of standard bikes. This includes wet and muddy environments. They're also better at dissipating heat. This is extremely important during prolonged use and other demanding situations, as it works to prevent brake fade. Durable brake systems continue to save you on costs in the long run. This is because it offers a solution for less frequent replacements and repairs.

Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

Place exhaust systems & mufflers under cool mini bike accessories, because these guys are going to lead to better engine performance, increased horsepower, and torque. Many riders enjoy that deeper, resonant sound that comes from an aftermarket exhaust stem or muffler. However, there are other riders who want to reduce that noise level. With these parts, you can contribute to the visual appeal of your bike and control the noise level the way you like it. 

Whether you're loud and proud or prefer to keep it on the 'hush,' these additions are worth looking into: 

mini bike parts you need,

Suspension Kits

Our list of must-have mini bike parts and accessories wouldn't be complete without suspension kits. An upgraded suspension kit could better dampen shocks from the road. This leads the way to a much smoother ride. What's more, riders can reduce fatigue with this addition. Suspension kits can be modified to suit a rider's weight, riding style, and preferred terrain. Well-tuned suspension maintains better tire contact with the road or trail which is crucial for safe riding. With these kits, you'll be able to better control your bike when maneuvering through turns, rough terrain, or when traveling at high speeds.

compact motorcycle gear

In Summary

It's no secret that with the right mini bike parts and accessories you can turn an ordinary mini bike ride into an extraordinary one. We've definitely covered our bases, from performance parts to safety gear. These options are sure to not only protect your bike investment and keep you safe, but they allow you to rock your own personal style. At Rokform, we aim to maximize the experience of each rider's time on the road. Test these must-haves out and let us know which ones work best for you! With all the passion and enthusiasm for the mini bike scene, it's easy to see why mini bike enthusiasts want their bikes to reign supreme.

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