The Best Phone Case by Workout

The Best Phone Case by Workout

Whatever your workout style, there’s a Rokform phone case or accessory that offers just the right features and protection you need.

It’s the year 2021 and the odds are your smartphone is with you more often than not, including during your pandemic workouts. Some people prefer to plug into streaming apps like Netflix to catch up on their favorite tv series while warming up, while others like to use apps on their smartphones to find workout inspiration. And then there are some people who use their smartphones to connect to their favorite motivational workout playlist. Whatever your reason to plug in is, there’s a Rokform phone case or accessory that offers just the right features and protection you need for your workout style. We break down our favorite Rokform products that go beyond protection to keep you connected while you workout. 



Phone cases

No matter how you exercise, you need a smartphone case that can handle any accidental drops or falls. Some workout types require a bit more durability from a case and because we realize every workout is different, we’ve suggested our favorite case or accessory based on the workout type. Use this as a guide but if you ever have any questions about functionality and features, you can always reach out to our amazing customer support team to receive some guidance on which products work best for you.


The best phone case for any workout - Crystal case

Up first is our favorite case for any workout. As one of our most versatile cases, the Crystal is our top choice for a few reasons.

First, it's shockproof and will protect your phone from drops from up to six feet. With the Crystal case on your phone, there's no "right" or "wrong" way to drop your phone. The raised TPU edges provide 360-degree, shock absorbing protection.

Our magnetic technology is also built into the case, making it easy to stick your phone just out of reach of harm's way at the gym. As discussed earlier in the article, the built-in magnet also makes it incredibly easy to access your phone to listen to music, play videos, record your workout, use the clock feature to time sets, and follow fitness apps.

Every Crystal case has the RokLock Twist Lock mount system built in, which means they are compatible with all of our mounts for bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and UTVs. This makes staying connected easy if you’re the type of person that likes to move from one athletic activity to another.

Finally, the Crystal is thin and lightweight, making it a great choice for all types of workouts. It won't weigh you down and, with the TPU edges and anti-slip grip, your phone will always be easily accessible.


The best phone case for yoga and pilates - Crystal Case

During non-pandemic times, you won’t have your phone anywhere near you during an in-person yoga or Pilates class. When this is the case, we don't recommend having your smartphone by your side and being the odd one out. That being said, we are still in the middle of a pandemic and many studios are still closed or with limited hours. If this is the case for your local studio, you’ve likely resorted to working out from home with your favorite yoga or pilates instructors streaming live or on YouTube. For the at-home yogis or pilates students, bringing your phone to the at-home studio is a must, especially if you use your smartphone to stream the workouts. The Crystal Collection features Rokform’s signature built-in magnet, making mounting your phone super simple no matter where you are.


The best phone case for runners and cardio workouts - Crystal case

If cardio is your thing, the Crystal is the perfect phone case. As one of our thinnest cases, it easily slips in and out of a workout armband so you don’t have to worry about losing protection while on the move. For long distance runs and short sprints, the Crystal fits snugly to your phone and features a responsive design, making it easier to adjust the volume or choose the next song without distracting your workout. Because of its slim profile, the Crystal also fits perfectly on most ledges you’ll come across on treadmills and elliptical machines.  

Buy it now: Crystal


The best phone case for outdoor workouts - Rugged case 

Rokform Rugged smartphone case

You want the best protection available when you’re constantly exposing your smartphone to the elements of the outdoors. Look no further than the Rugged. As one of our most protective cases, you will rest easy knowing this case is stacked with protective features like an impact resistant core and ultra tough polycarbonate shell. Your phone will be protected from drops from up to six feet, which comes in handy whether you’re working indoors or outdoors. With raised TPU edges, the Rugged has shock absorbing protection all around the case.

Rokform signature magnetic technology is built in, which adds new functionality in addition to adding a layer of protection if you’re using the case with a Rokform mount. The magnet works with the RokLock Twist Lock mount system to work with all of our mounts for bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and UTVs.


The best phone case for CrossFit / Weight Training / HIIT / [Home] Gym - Rugged case

We bundled these workout types all into the same section because we recognize that the protection needs are similar across the different workout styles.

If CrossFit or HIIT is your go-to workout, you are 1) constantly moving around and 2) timing your sets. A Rugged case will stick to any piece of gym equipment for accessible and secure timing. It's also shockproof just in case you drop your phone in the middle of moving.

When weight training, smartphones are in a hazardous zone due to the amount of heavy equipment around – not if your phone is covered by a Rugged case. Rugged cases are  made with CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum and ultra-tough TPU to provide extra protection. With the magnet that is built in, people love sticking their phone to magnetic surfaces; with the exception of the floor and mirrors, this is pretty much every surface in a weight room, to record their reps. It's the perfect way to review past workouts, maintain correct form, and possibly prevent serious injury.

Buy it now: Rugged

Phone Accessories

In addition to protecting your phone with a phone case, phone accessories can quickly become an essential tool for staying fit. 


The best phone accessories for at home or mat workouts – Sport Ring or Sport Utility Belt Clip

Rokform Aluminum Belt Clip multi-use

Don’t let the product names fool you – both of these Rokform accessories serve as multi-tools that come in handy during exercise. The Multi Tool may serve five functions (that we’ve counted!), including tripod mount, phone stand, bottle opener, and keychain. For mat workouts or anything that brings you down to the floor, the phone stand feature is the most vital. When the ring is opened up, the Sport Ring also functions as a phone stand, making it perfect for floor workouts.

Have you ever tried following a workout video from your smartphone, but couldn’t find the right viewing angle? If you prefer to work out at home or do a lot of mat routines, you can easily prop up your phone to watch a Pilates, yoga, or any other video by using any magnetic Rokform case. The stand function helps you position your phone in a proper viewing angle, even when you can’t prop your phone up against a wall. 

Buy the Sport Utility Belt Clip

Buy the Sport Ring


The best phone accessory for additional protection - Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Tempered glass screen protector

Lastly, a Tempered Glass screen protector by Rokform adds the additional layer of screen protection you may need. Made from 4H hardened glass, our tempered glass screen protectors provide ultimate screen protection with seamless responsiveness. 

Buy a tempered glass screen protector


The best phone accessory for unsupported smartphone models - Rokform Adapter

Rokform Universal Adapter

If you own a smartphone model that isn’t included in the Rokform collection of cases, you can stay connected and protected during your workouts with our Universal Adapter. The Universal Adapter mounts to almost any smartphone, giving you instant access to Rokform mounting technology, with or without a Rokform case. The Universal Mount includes two signature Rokform components, RokLock Twist Lock mounting systems and magnetic technology, so you can access Rokform-specific mounts and accessories no matter what type of device you’re using. 

Buy Rokform Adapter


Do you have another Rokform product you love to use during your workouts? Let us know which one is your favorite and why!


This article was originally posted 3/6/2018 and updated 3/3/2021.


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