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How We Design the Best Phone Cases for iPhone, Galaxy, and Pixel

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The best phone cases are not only strong and sleek, but they're equipped to handle anything. They keep your phone safe and sound, while housing convenient openings for charging and buttons. In fact, a wise man once said, "Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten." We believe this to be true. This is because beyond the ecosystem we create for your phone, we take pride in creating amazing phone cases that last a long time while keeping your phone protected. We're armed to the teeth and prepared to show you how we beat out the competition in creating our loved phone cases. Our iPhone, Galaxy, and Pixel cases are built to last, so you're ready for any situation. Let's take a look below at how legends are made:

best phone cases

How The Best Phone Cases Are Made

About That TPU

We're willing to bet you've heard those 3 letters TPU before, but what the heck does it mean, anyhow? TPU stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethane (That's a mouthful). TPU is a class of plastics that's used in phone cases and it happens to bring a lot to the table when it comes to efficiency. Here are some of the ways TPU aids in making the best cases: 

  1. Flexibility: More rigid than silicone, but more flexible than hard plastic. It can absorb and disperse impact forces better. 
  2. Durability: It's tough - tougher than silicone, resistant to tears & abrasions, and maintains shape over time. Durability is crucial because you want your case to withstand whatever you throw at it, without breaking or chipping. This leads us to our next point about measuring how the best protective phone cases will safeguard your phone from drops. Tests for durability adhere to the MIL-STD 801G (take a look at how impact protection ratings are measured).
  3. Lightweight: Adds minimal bulk. No one wants to feel like they're lugging around a brick in their pocket.
  4. Transparency: Can be made to show off the color of your phone, like our Crystal series. It's like having the best of both worlds. You can flaunt your case while keeping it protected.
  5. Grip: Offering a good grip is essential (no one wants their phone slipping through their fingers).
  6. Easy to Install: Flexible so it's easy to move your phone in and out of the case. This is a must because no one's got time for complicated setups when they're trying to get style and unmatched protection.
  7. Environmentally Friendly: Recyclable material that doesn't release harsh toxins is important because your case ought to be as cool for the planet as it is for your device.
best phone cases are made with TPU

Mix In the Polycarbonate

For the best phone cases to truly rock, we combine the best materials. 

What is the most protective phone case material? 

The hard-hitting durability of polycarbonate (a type of plastic known for its high impact resistance) offers ultimate phone protection. Polycarbonate is similar to TPU in its transparency and lightweightness, but brings its own killer set of features to the party: 

  1. Rigidity: Polycarbonate is the secret sauce that gives our cases the toughness that balances the flex game brought by TPU. 
  2. Durability: Strength is one of the biggest reasons we use polycarbonate in our cases. Think of it as a powerhouse behind our solid protection game. 
  3. Scratch Resistant: Tough against scratches!
we make the best phone cases with Polycarbonate for durability

World Class Design

At Rokform, we develop the best cell phone cases by mixing TPU and Polycarbonate. This creates durable, flexible, and long-lasting cases for all Rokform enthusiasts. But what truly makes us shine for the best protective phone cases on the market is in our design. Our Rugged, Crystal, and Eagle 3 Series are designed for different use cases but serve up the same bold protection you've come to expect. 

  1. Extra Corner & Screen Protection When it comes to phone armor, the best phone cases are armed with extra corners and screen protectors. Those are the real MVPs. Our phone cases really take the cake when it comes to military tough protection. 

    What is a military-grade phone case? It's not just wordplay. The military-grade phone case is a hardcore specification crafted by the U.S. military. It's a way for the military to truly size up a product's ruggedness, durability, and overall limits.

  2. Easy Press Buttons Let's be real. No one wants to spend all their time fumbling around with tiny buttons. Easy-press buttons are official rock stars in our design.

  3. Integrated Lanyard Slot No one wants their device to hit the dirt! Keep your phone in check with a Rokform phone lanyard. With this integration, you'll have the added security that's easy to install in seconds! 

  4. Ergonomic Grip and Handling Always remember, your phone isn't an acrobat. With our world-class design, you're going to get an ergonomic grip and even weight distribution. This will reduce the chances of your phone slipping free of your grip. We've got your back with textured surfaces, rubberized edges, and raised edges around the screen and camera. Without a doubt, our design has that slim profile and a grip as secure as Fort Knox.
 the best cases look like this

Mount it Anywhere

We believe in the idea of magnetic magic. Power in the best cell phone cases lies within the functionality and possibilities that magnetic features bring to Rokform cases. Our designs are the perfect blend of non-magnetic and magnetic plugs, giving you the best of both worlds. 

The best protective phone cases should be ready for any daily adventure you've got planned. From vehicles to magnetic surfaces, we've got you covered. With Rokform MAGMAX™, your device will stay put, no matter where you're using it. 

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but at Rokform, we consider our phone cases to be the swiss army knives of phone gear. We also offer a variety of mounting solutions. Our phone mounts include designs for cars, bikes, motorcycles and more. They're strategically designed to work with Rokform cases while providing a secure attachment and easy access to your phone. Whether you're hitting the road or conquering the great outdoors, these mounts are ideal.

the best cases mount anywhere


To make the best iPhone cases, we're crafting them based on what you, iPhone users, are focused on. We care about your insights and we hear you! This is why we dive into what truly matters to iPhone users. They often value the aesthetic design of their device. With our cases, we like to tailor them to be in line with the iPhone's slim profile (accommodating every curve, camera flick, and button tap). We really get it. That's why our Apple cases match the vibe of the phones with high-quality materials, literally reflecting the value of the device itself. Our cases for Apple even support wireless charging. Talk about keepin' up with the Jones'.

Rugged vs Crystal

For the protective case for the iPhone, we've got you covered. We've got fans for both our Rugged and Crystal. Ultimately, it's up to you which of the two best iPhone phone cases you choose to rock. Rokform enthusiasts appreciate both of these designs. Both of these cases are made from that hard-hitting combo of polycarbonate and soft TPU for optimal protection. Take a look below at the features of the two: 


If you dig functionality over over all, this case is for you. As one of the best iPhone cases, it packs a punch with its industrial, rugged look. This case is surprisingly slim. Believe it or not, it's actually slimmer than the Crystal. This case is ideal for people who've got an active lifestyle or those braving demanding environments. 

Our Rugged cases are built to withstand the toughest conditions (while laughing in the face of outdoor adventure). Whether you need something to keep your iPhone safe when playing sports, hiking, mountain biking, or have a profession that needs a little extra armor, this design was built for you. The reinforced corners and enhanced protection will provide you with maximum defense.

best iphone cases


For the minimalists that's looking for the same toughness, a little less grip, and a more sleek style, we have our Crystal cases. These cases are crafted with clear, non-textured polycarbonate. This case is still a powerhouse against drops and scratches. Another one of the best cases for the iPhone, this is the go-to for iPhoners who want protection while showcasing their chosen iPhone color.

best iphone cases
the best cases for iphone

MagSafe® Compatibility

When it comes to protective cases for iPhone, especially for the latest iPhone generations, MagSafe® compatibility is a must. MagSafe® is Apple's gold standard for wireless charging and won't obstruct Apple's wireless charging mechanism. Our MagSafe-compatible cases offer unmatched convenience by allowing you to snap on and off MagSafe® accessories with lightning speed without compromising protection. You can trust that your gear stays locked in, even when MagSafe® magic is in full swing. The best iPhone cases can roll with the magnetic vibe of our Triple Magnetic Sport Ring. It's built to make life easier, for hands-free use, anytime and anywhere. If you're concerned about wireless charging with the Sport Ring, it can easily be removed in seconds on our compatible phone cases.


As some of the best Android phone cases, ours are tailor-made for the tech rebels out there. More specifically, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel cases. The Android scene is seriously diverse and indubitably, so are your needs. Samsung Galaxy cases that work with a wide range of models of different sizes and features for the flagship S series, we provide the best protective phone cases. Our cases even offer protection for the larger Note series with the S Pen (without cramping that edge screen style). If you're a Pixel fan, we've got you a Google Pixel case with easy access to that rear fingerprint sensor. 

Do magnets interfere with the S Pen? 

So here's the deal: The S Pen may not work well with magnetic forces. But there's an answer to this conundrum - simply remove the center magnet plug in the Rugged case to use the S Pen. Problem solved. As opposed to removing the entire case like some of our competitors, we've solved this problem with functionality top of mind!

Rugged vs Eagle 3

Rokform enthusiasts with Androids can get ready to gear up their game with the choice between the Rugged and the Eagle 3. Let's take a closer look at what makes these 2 designs some of the best Android phone cases: 


Just like the Rugged iPhone cases, our Galaxy models have got you covered. It shares the same design details and protective features as the iPhone Rugged case, with a tailored twist for different Galaxy models. Plus, there's a center plug for RokLock™ mounting features, turning it into a versatile accessory hub.

best galaxy phone cases

Eagle 3 

For when it's time to level up your game with added convenience and device protection, golfers know they've met their match. Meet the Eagle 3, one of the best phone cases designed for tee time champs (specifically golfers using yardage apps). This design includes 3X stronger MagSafe™ magnets for a ride that's as smooth as your swing. You can easily stick it to the golf cart during bumpy rides without worrying. 

best galaxy phone cases
best android phone cases

Why Rokform Cases Are the Best

Whether you're searching for the best phone cases for the iPhone or Android, our cases take the crown for versatility. At Rokform, we're backed by a lineup of phone case accessories that redefine the game. We blend protection, convenience, and additional features all into one protective case, no matter your particular flavor. Our cases aren't just defenders, but cater to all lifestyles. With Rokform, regain confidence that your phone will be protected from drops and other mishaps and for instant control of your phone or easy video viewing, check out our RokLock™ Sport Ring. This bad boy works with any of our Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy cases.

Peace of Mind, Guaranteed: Rokform's 2-Year Warranty

For top phone cases, your peace of mind is non-negotiable. With Rokform, our cases come with a rock-solid 2-year warranty. Your device is covered for the long haul. Our 5-star customer service is based in Irvine, California and we've got your back. If you're not happy, neither are we. As part of the Rokform crew, worry-free is the only way to be.

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