Rugged Case - iPhone 12 Pro Max

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    • ULTRA LIGHT DUAL COMPOUND: Shockproof case features protective hard Polycarbonate outer shell and soft impact resistant core
    • OUR MOST PROTECTIVE CASE: Exceeds military drop-test standards MIL-STD 801G-516.6, so you don't have to worry about shocks and drops
    • ROKLOCK TWIST LOCK SYSTEM: Securely Mount your phone to a variety of optional accessories for bikes, cars, motorcycles and more
    • MAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY: New larger neodymium magnet is specially designed and provides added holding power on any magnetic surface. Magnet will not negatively impact your GPS, credit cards, Wi-Fi, Apple Pay, Bluetooth, camera, or data transfer.
    • MAGNETIC ROKLOCK PLUG INCLUDED: Color matched plug blocks RokLock twist lock to seal off dirt and dust when not in use.

    Our best-selling RUGGED case just got even better for the new Apple® iPhone 12 Pro Max. Our new iPhone 12 Pro Max case has even more screen, corner, and camera protection without adding bulk, so it still feels slim and fits easily in your pocket, but you don't have to worry about drops of up to 6 feet! We have also increased the magnet size and force for even more holding power at the gym, on your fridge, toolbox, and even the golf course. Now included in each of our iPhone 12 Pro Max Rugged cases for the iPhone is our Magnetic RokLock Plug for extra hold and perfectly balanced landscape and portrait mounting on our Vent Mount, Swivel mount, and Low Pro car mounts, allowing for easy reading of your maps, GPS and incoming calls. The integrated ROKLOCK® twist-lock lets you indulge in effortless, secure mounting of your phone to bicycles, cars, motorcycles, and more. The scratch-resistant carbon fiber texture and anti-slip grip mean your phone case will always look great, and you won't have to worry about it sliding around. Like all ROKFORM cases, a lanyard slot comes standard and will work with almost any lanyard for extra security and drops prevention.

    The new iPhone 12 Pro Max cases are wireless charging compatible by removing the center magnet and have oversize ports for using the smart connector and all other functions. With the lower magnet still intact, you can still wireless charge while utilizing magnetic mounting and all of our mounts. If you are not a wireless charging type person, leave both magnets in and simply plug your phone into our oversize charging parts. With so many ways to use this case, you will wonder how you ever went without it once you try it.

    • All New iPhone 12 Pro Max Rugged Case
    • Integrated Magnet
    • Removable Magnetic RokLock Plug
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I wirelessly charge my iPhone 12 Pro Max with the Rokform Rugged Case?

    • Yes. And now will still have the convenience of magnetic mounting. All you need to do is simply remove the center magnet and leave the lower magnet in place, and you are ready to wireless charge.

    Do you have any colors besides clear?

    • We have the iPhone 12 Pro Max Rugged Case in all black and the Crystal case in Clear, which allows the phone's color to show through.

    Is the iPhone 12 Pro Max Rugged Case waterproof?

    • Our case is not waterproof, but the iPhone 12 Pro Max is! You will have worry-free use of your phone thanks to our protective case and the water-resistant iPhone.

    Will the magnet affect my phone?

    • NO. Manufacturers have been using magnets in phones and tablets for years. Our specially designed rare earth magnets are proven safe for all smartphones and tablets. The center magnet will block wireless charging, so please remove the center magnet if you want to wireless charge. Keep loose magnets away from children under 16 years of age. Magnets are safe for your phone and your credit cards, but direct contact can damage other magnetically sensitive products or devices such as floppy discs, hotel keys, and spinning hard drives. Do not use if you have an implanted device.

    How easily is the case removed?

    • Very easy. Our iPhone 12 Pro Max Rugged Case is designed for everyday protective use and convenience. Removal and installation are simple and only take seconds. Check out the video series in the tab above to see how it all works.

    What is the purpose of the magnet?

    • One word. CONVENIENCE! The magnet is powerful enough to be used for a variety of everyday tasks. Some of our favorites are sticking it to a fridge, toolbox, corner bead of a wall for family photos, side of your car when loading groceries, golf cart, GPS, magnetic car mount holder, and much more. Many of our customers are in the industrial and law enforcement fields and use them on a forklift, industrial racks, police car, fire truck, navy ships, and more. We are sure that you will find magnetic mounting amazingly useful for everyday and heavy-duty applications. We are so confident you will love it; we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee!

    Does the magnet affect my phone signal?

    • No. The magnet does not affect the phone signal, GPS, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi.

    Does this case work with an iPhone 12 Pro Max tempered glass screen protector?

    • Yes. You can use a
    Rokform RokGlass Screen Protector
    • or most others. We have not found one yet that does not work with our case.

    What accessories are compatible with the case?

    What is your warranty?

    • We have a two-year warranty and a 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. Our 5-Star Customer Service Team, based at our headquarters in Orange County, California, is always ready to help. If it's a warranty replacement, spare part, question, or anything in between, our goal is to make every customer a customer for life. If you are the original purchaser of our product and have a problem, call us, and we will fix it. Give us a try and see, or run on over and visit us in our showroom!

    How thick is the iPhone 12 Pro Max Rugged Case?

    • The case is slim enough for everyday use and protective enough for serious abuse. You will get 1.6mm of screen protection at the corners and 1.6mm at the screen, and 2.6mm around the camera. The last thing you want is a broken screen or camera, so we went the extra mile to provide the maximum amount of protection with minimal unwanted bulk.

    What is Polycarbonate?

    • Polycarbonate is a very tough form of plastic that has very high impact-resistance. In addition to phone cases and other consumer electronics, polycarbonate is used in helmets, masks, police riot gear, and other applications where strength, durability, and lightweight are priorities.

    What is TPU?

    • TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) is a form of plastic that can be hard or soft and is known for its elasticity and resistance to oil grease and abrasion. In addition to it being a great material to protect your phone, it is also used for caster wheels, power tools, sporting goods, etc. We use 85D TPU on our phone case to provide optimum drop protection, grip for your hands, and optimum magnet performance.

    Is the iPhone 12 Pro Max Rugged Case easy to remove from your pocket?

    • YES! Our TPU has just enough grip for optimal feel but not too much where it attracts lint or gets stuck in your pocket.

    What is the center magnet for (Magnetic RokLock Plug)?

    • The center magnet lets you enjoy a double magnet hold for a variety of applications. It is perfect for portrait and landscape mounting on our magnetic car mounts and great for golf carts. Two magnets are better than one!

    What is the twist lock for?

    Does the iPhone 12 Pro Max Rugged Case come with a lanyard?

    • Every iPhone 12 Pro Max Rugged Case has an integrated lanyard slot for use with just about any lanyard. The lanyard is not included, but it is sold separately on our website here.

    What if I get it and don't like it?

    • No worries. We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like it, send it back for a full refund or exchange — your choice.

    Does the iPhone 12 Pro Max Rugged Case scratch easily?

    • The Rugged Case has a special carbon fiber texture that is molded into the case and is scratch resistant. Even after hard use, your case will still look great!

    Is this a good case for work?

    • YES! No matter the occupation, police, fire, construction, doctor, lawyer, and everyone in between, the ease of use, utility, and convenience of the Rokform case can make any job just a little bit easier.

    Where is the iPhone 12 Pro Max Rugged Case made?

    • The case is designed, tested, and shipped to you from Irvine, California, and manufactured in China.

    How long will the iPhone 12 Pro Max Crytal Case last?

    • The average customer will have their case as long as they have their phone. Customers rarely take advantage of the two-year warranty because the cases are so tough. In the unlikely event that something does happen to the case, give us a call, and we will take care of it.

    Will this case work with other companies' magnetic mounts?

    • Maybe. Some magnetic mounts used four small magnets facing North and South and are generally used to stick to a metal plate. Our magnets face South on the case and North on our Mounts, so if you are using a non-ROKFORM mount, the performance will not be very good because the magnets in the non-ROKFORM mount are resisting against the magnet in the ROKFORM mount. We recommend ROKFORM magnetic mounts for our cases because they are designed to work together.

    How strong are the magnets?

    • The magnets in the case are very strong N52 Neodymium. These are the highest grade available. The lower magnet on the 5.4" magnet is rated at 9.1lbs. of pull. The lower magnet on the 6.1 and 6.7" iPhone has 11lbs. The center magnet is the same in all cases and has 6.3lbs of pull. The bottom line, your phone is not going anywhere once stuck to a magnetic surface, especially with both magnets engaged.

    How big are the magnets?

    • In the 5.4" case, the magnet is 28mm x 3.25mm, and in 6.1" and 6.7", the magnet is 32mm x 3.25mm. The center magnet is 20mm x 3.3mm.

    What grade of magnet to you use?

    • N52 Neodymium. The highest grade available.

    What are the dimensions of the iPhone 12 Pro Max cases?

    • 5.4" Dimensions Rugged – 137.5mm x 70.2mm x 14.2mm 6.1" Dimensions Rugged – 152.7mm x 77.4mm x 14.2mm 6.7" Dimensions Rugged – 166.7mm x 84.1mm x 14.2mm

    How much does the case weigh?

    • 5.4" = 2.4oz with magnetic plug and magnet / 1.4oz. case only 6.1" = 2.8oz. with magnetic plug and magnet / 1.7oz. case only 6.7" = 3.1oz. with magnetic plug and magnet / 2oz. case only

    Does this case come with a screen protector?

    Can I stick a PopSocket® to this case?

    • Yes. It will stick.

    Are holsters and belt clips available for the iPhone 12 Pro Max case?

    • Yes. We have a belt clip that twists on and off using the Roklock twist lock.

    Is the phone slippery in your hand with this case?

    • No, the ergonomic shape and blend of polycarbonate and soft tpu provide a firm grip and feel in your hand.

    Do the speakers work well with this case?

    • Yes, our oversize ports provide full sound from the iPhone 12 Pro Max speakers. If you want even more sound to work with our cases on and off the golf course, try our G-ROK golf speaker.

    Are the buttons hard to push?

    • The buttons are very easy to push, thanks to special cutouts. They are feathery light.

    Does this case show fingerprints?

    • The Rugged case can show some fingerprints, but the polycarbonate is set slightly below the TPU, so fingerprints are minimal.

    Is it easy to swipe up while using this case?

    • Yes. The protective lip around the screen does not hinder a swipe up, down, or in any direction.

    Can a strap or lanyard be attached?

    • Yes. All ROKFORM iPhone 12 Pro Max protective cases include holes that will fit virtually any standard size lanyard for added security.

    How good of drop protection does this case offer?

    • Extremely good. The specially designed reinforced sides, corners, front, and back protect against drops for up to 6 feet at any angle.

    Is the iPhone 12 Pro Max case thick?

    • No. The case is more protective than most but feels slim in your hand and will easily go inside and out of pockets, bags, and purses.

    Is the case flimsy, flexible, or rigid?

    • The iPhone 12 Pro Max Rugged Cases are more on the rigid side to protect from shocks and drops but do not feel stiff or cumbersome like other extremely bulky cases found elsewhere.

    Does the camera lens touch the surface when you put it down?

    • No. We provide extra protection around the cameras to protect during everyday use and accidental drops and daily use and abuse.

    Does it lay flat when you lie it down, or does it wobble?

    • It lays flat to allow for easy typing, swiping, and daily use without the wobble.

    Does the front of the case have a lip to protect the screen?

    • Yes, we have a 1.6mm lip all around the case with reinforced corners, which is up to 4x more than competitor cases, so you can be sure your phone is protected at all times.

    Does it cover the flashlight, or is the opening large enough for all the cameras and the flash?

    • There are extra-wide openings for the perfect operation of the flash and camera.

    Does the iPhone 12 Pro Max Rugged Case cover the side buttons?

    • The case covers the volume and sleep button with specially designed cutouts that make the buttons very easy to push and access.

    Will this case fully protect my phone?

    • Yes. Your iPhone 12 Pro Max Rugged Case will be fully protected from daily use and abuse. A tempered glass screen protector will also add extra protection for the screen but is not required.

    How much protection is around the camera area?

    • 2.5mm of protection at the camera.

    Is it matte black or glossy black?

    • All of our TPU is a fine texture matte black for just the right amount of grip and subtle look.

Whether you are on the trail with one of our iPhone bike mounts, the road with our motorcycle and car mounts, or hard at work, ROKFORM will always keep your iPhone 12 secure and protected. These aren't just cases for iPhone; they are protective tools to enhance your daily life.

The ROKFORM Rugged case is trusted by thousands of Police, Fire, First Responders, and Military for its extreme protection, durability, and adaptability. ROKFORM is there to protect and enhance your phone when and where you need it most. We are honored to hear when loyal men and women in uniform say that ROKFORM makes the best iPhone cases! We don't just make covers for iPhone; our cases are made to protect, enhance, and improve the functionality of your new iPhone 12.

Our magnetic cases have a built-in magnet that allows you to attach your phone to any magnetic surface instantly. This simple idea is the gamechanger that makes it easy for you to keep your hands free, even in places you never thought possible. Also available is our super grip vent mount, swivel, and low pro car mounts for fast, easy, and secure mounting without the need for clamps, claws, or metal plates stuck on your phone or dash. Simply flip your phone on one of our mounts or any magnetic surface to keep your hands free, because you have better things to hold onto.

Our unique case design allows for the ability to stick, mount, or twist almost anywhere. The ROKFORM iPhone 12 Rugged case lets you do things with your phone that you can't do with any other case. Pair that with ultimate drop protection, World Class Service, a 2-year warranty, and a 60-day money-back guarantee, and you cannot go wrong.

The powerful magnets hidden inside the Rugged case allow you to stick your iPhone directly to your golf cart securely for 18 holes. Now you can see calls, texts, music, range finder applications, video, and more without clogging up your cupholder or risk losing your phone in the glove box. Thousands of golfers now trust and rely on ROKFORM on and off the course.

Since the new iPhone release, most rugged protective cases are bulky, clumsy, and look awkward, but not the ROKFORM Rugged case. We place the protection exactly where it is needed most to protect the corners, the glass screen, and the camera while still maintaining a slim feel that easily slides in and out of your pocket.

The specially designed area to protect your screen will also allow for the use of a Tempered glass screen protector. You can choose a ROKFORM tempered glass screen protector or another brand. We have not found one yet that does not work with our case.

Apple phone cases for iPhone are literally a dime a dozen serving almost no function. ROKFORM takes a different approach to provide the best iPhone protection case that we possibly can while enhancing the already amazing utility of the Apple® iPhone. Take a close up look at our Twist-Lock mounting system or our handy built-in magnets to see why so many customers say that ROKFORM is the best case for iPhone.

When it comes to innovations, Apple® is likely who many people think of, especially when it comes to smartphones. Whether it is the amazing camera hardware, contemporary styling, a nearly infinite supply of easy to use apps, or it just the being the item on most peoples' "got to have it" or Christmas list. We don't disagree with any of the above, but what good is any of it if you can't see your phone because it is broken from a drop, hidden in your cupholder, lying on your seat, countertop, desk, filing cabinet, or toolbox. ROKFORM cases solve these problems by easily allowing you to stick or twist your phone on nearly every imaginable service, freeing your hands and allowing your eyes to see what is happening with your phone clearly. Even worse, what happens when you accidentally drop your $1,400 iPhone, the most advanced iPhone cases Apple has ever produced? Do you trust it in a $10 or even $20 case that may or may not protect your precious lifeline that provides zero live customer service and or is located in a foreign country? Or do you secure it in ROKFORM's proven, protective cases that are backed with live customer service, a 2-year warranty, and a 60-day money-back guarantee? Our customers agree that ROKFORM is the best value and the cheapest insurance to protect and enhance your precious iPhone. Try one today and find out why so many people trust ROKFORM and keep coming back again and again with each new iPhone release.

WARNING for California residents. Learn More.

Customer Reviews

Based on 272 reviews

Great quality! I was worried about whether or not the magnet would be strong enough but it is super strong. My order was fulfilled within hours of being placed and shipping was VERY fast even with it being Christmas time. I was quite impressed! My only complaint is that I’m having trouble getting my phone (iPhone 12 ProMax) to charge wirelessly when in the case even if I take the center part out of the back. I love everything else about this case. The materials are very sturdy and make me feel like my phone is well protected. Definitely worth every penny!

Irwin (.S.
Awesome products!

I have been using Rokform products for years and they continue to deliver amazing phone accessories at great prices, and incredible customer service as well! Highly recommended with no reservations at all!

Absolutely love it!

Absolutely love this case! The versatility is awesome..before this case I had to change my case between one slim enough to fit in my motorcycle mount and my case that offered more protection day to day which also worked with my car mount. It was annoying, but got on my husbands nerves more than mine because when we are going for a ride he wants to get on the bikes and go, not wait around for me to switch my case 🤣. With this case I don’t have to do that. Going for a ride? Just pop it into the motorcycle mount. In the car? Toss it on the suction mount. Love it. Didn’t get the roklock adapter at first so I ordered it separately and waiting on it but when it comes I’ll be 100000% happy since I can throw a popsocket on to help hold this monster phone (larger than previous versions and weird to hold one handed). I love it so much I ordered the case and both mounts for my husband to use as well and he’s just as happy. Totally recommend. I find it lightweight and as far as protection it’s great because my kids have already dropped my phone multiple times 🤦🏼‍♀️ and between the case and screen protector my phone is fine. Only thing that bothers me a tiny bit is the part covering the volume buttons are super sensitive so when locking my phone I often take a screenshot lol but that’s not a big deal and I really wish cases still came with built in screen protection 🤣 but it’s GREAT and i recommend it to everyone 🖤🖤

Niles E.S.J.
This is my 5th RokForm case

Like all the RokForm cases that I’ve owned. The quality & durability of this case is AWESOME!!! In fact this time I bought both versions for my new iPhone 12 Pro Max (crystal & rugged) and both are great! The new belt clip is also not only functional but great looking too! Thanks again for an amazing product!!!

Does what it’s supposed to.

It’s a case. Protects stuff. Sticks to metal.

The buttons are far less stiff than previous Otterbox.

Alex M.
Great feel

Great feel and fit, the magnets in it are also very useful.

Rachel P.
Best Case!

This case is perfect! Never need to put my phone on a gym floor again!

Charles M.
iPhone Pro Max kick ass case

I really like the new case. I just upgraded from an iPhone 8 Plus that I had a Rok Form case. I really loved that one as well especially that it had the red Metal backing. Will you be adding something similar to the 12 Pro Max.

Jamie S.
Best case ever!

This is the best case I’ve ever owned & will only purchase rokform in the future! Already told my cousins & friends & they've bought there’s as well & love them!

kevin l.
Love the magnet

Really strong magnet and case