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Give Mom the Gift of Rokform Protection | Mother's Day Gift Guide

by Kaylin Murray April 30, 2017

Give Mom the Gift of Rokform Protection | Mother's Day Gift Guide

This year, give mom the gift of Rokform protection. Here are a few of our favorite options for this year's Mother's Day.

Rokform Glitter Case

Rokform Glitter Cases

One of the gifts that we are most excited about is our latest update to our case line up! If your Mom loves all things sparkly our new Rokform Glitter Cases are for her. Our glitter cases for the iPhone X, iPhone 7/8 and iPhone 7/8 Plus are each unique and handmade here in Orange County, CA. Our Rokform moms love them! 

Rokform Custom Case

Custom Cases

If your mom isn't a big fan of glitter, a Rokform Custom Case is another great gift. Choose a photo of you, her pet, or just a nice scenic picture, she'll appreciate the time it took for you to pick the perfect photo! 

Galaxy S8

Is your mom in need of a new of a new phone? The Galaxy S8 is brand new and a great option for any mom! The huge screen is great for kids to watch videos on. Consider getting a Rokform Rugged Case to go along with her new Galaxy S8. 


Put your crafting skills to work and DIY your mom a gift! She'll love the time you took to put a personal touch on her gift, something you can't buy at a store. Looking for some inspiration? Check out this article for 45 ideas of gifts for moms

Garden Basket

Does your mom have a green thumb? It is officially spring and the start of the gardening season! Grab your mom this Agrarian Tool Basket to use in the garden! 

Kaylin Murray
Kaylin Murray


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