20 photography hacks for the iPhone 12 using a magnetic phone case

20 photography hacks for the iPhone 12 using a magnetic phone case

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If you’ve ever wondered about possible ways you could use your magnetic iPhone 12 case for taking unique photos, we’ve put together a list of 20 photography hacks you can put to use with the incredible camera in your new phone. Whether you’re going for the best selfie or a cool video transition, we’ve got you covered.

  • Hands-free swipe across video transitions by mounting to a metal door

  • Want to create some cool video transitions without as much high-level editing? Mount your phone to a metal door that you can swing with your phone attached. Open the door, start the video, and have it positioned so as it swings shut, your subject comes into view. This is a simple way to achieve a swipe-across transition effect without editing software like Premiere Pro.

  • Metal doors, awning support frames, and no parking signs outside of restaurants

  • If you want to take a quick group shot after an unforgettable dinner with friends or family, there are often numerous magnetic surfaces outside of the restaurant that you could mount your phone case to. Metal doors, metal support frames for awnings, and signs at the parking lot’s edge are all commonly found options.

  • Mount your iPhone 12 to a refrigerator for family and friends group photos

  • Maybe you’re at a family gathering, and you’d like to get some photos of everyone together. Use the wide-angle feature by zooming out to 0.5x for a fish-eye lens effect and mount the phone to a (non-stainless) metal refrigerator door.

  • Mount on an open car door as an impromptu tripod for stable sunset shots

  • Want to get a shot with your special someone at sunset but don’t have a tripod to hold your phone in the perfect place? Mount the phone to your car door and open it up to the optimal position for a sunset pic using the timer feature.

  • Mount on the roll bars of a Jeep for Milky-Way shots in the backcountry

  • Ever wanted to take your Jeep far from the city lights late at night to see the Milky Way? With the help of apps for long-exposure shots, your iPhone 12 Pro Max can easily capture star-filled skies in stunning detail. But, you’ll need a perfectly stable surface––holding by hand simply won’t due. An easy workaround is mounting your magnetic phone case to your Jeep’s top roll bar and pointing it skyward.

  • Mount to the tailgate of a pickup truck at a horse show to get video

  • Want to take some video at the outdoor horse arena but don’t have a tripod handy? Mount your phone to the tailgate of that big pickup truck for a clear shot of the riding action!

  • Mounting on a dash mount for car selfies

  • Are you feeling good and looking your best with the sun shining through your windshield? Use your Rokform Swivel Dash Mount to hold your phone for the perfect selfie before you hit the road!

  • Mount on a motorcycle gas tank for unique video angles

  • Like to get creative with video edits of your motorcycle rides? You can add some interesting b-roll shots with unique angles by mounting your phone to your gas tank with our iPhone 12 cases’ magnetic feature. You could point the camera at the horizon to the west as the sun sets or direct it up towards you to catch how you move on the bike in the twisties.

  • Mount on a motorcycle handlebar, frame, or metal windscreen frame

  • When riding somewhere with a steady stream of photo-worthy vistas like the Blue Ridge Parkway through Virginia and North Carolina, it’s far too cumbersome to set up a tripod for each and every shot of you or your group. The magnetic metal handlebar, bike frame, or frame around your windscreen are all possibilities for mounting your magnetic phone case to snap group timer shots with your iPhone 12.

  • Mounting on an elevator door for couples selfies

  • Suppose you’re riding in an elevator with your special someone before a night on the town. You can grab a quick couples selfie by attaching your magnetic phone case to the metal door. Just use the 3-second timer feature to snap the pic quickly.

  • Metal sign frames at hotel or restaurant entrances

  • Want to grab a quick shot of you and your friends outside the restaurant or hotel? Often there are signs near the entrance that have metal frames you can attach your magnetic phone case for a tripod on the fly.

  • Mounting on a golf cart roof support for group shots on the course

  • When you’re out on the golf course, there are many photo ops with your friends, but no one wants to drag along their tripod to hold their phone for group photos. So no one is left out of the shot, you can mount your magnetic phone case to the metal canopy support for a makeshift iPhone 12 tripod. 

  • Mount to a metal bridge for sunset or sunrise time-lapses
  • Time-lapses of sunrises and sunsets can make for some incredible video memories. Some of the best places to catch primo rays are from bridges, where you can include canyons, mountain passes, and rushing rivers in your photo composition. Bridges sometimes have metal railings or frames that are magnetic, providing a stable surface to mount your iPhone 12 in a Rokform Rugged magnetic phone case, so all you have to do is click the shutter and wait for the magic to happen.

  • Mount your iPhone 12 to the metal frame of a fire tower
  • National Parks in heavily forested, mountainous areas sometimes have fire towers you can ascend to snag some truly amazing photos. One such tower is the Fryingpan Firetower on the Blue Ridge Parkway just south of Asheville, NC. The railings on the tower are made of metal that allows you to attach your iPhone 12 in a magnetic phone case. Turn on the time-lapse video and catch one of the most epic sunrises ever!

  • Mount to a metal road sign for long-exposure shots of car lights at night (link to app blog post)

  • Have you seen those cool night shots of traffic with taillight and headlight trails? You can achieve the same effect using a long-exposure app and a stable mount. A Rokform magnetic phone case can be mounted on metal road signs next to the road for the perfect angle to catch light trails.

  • Mount your phone to large bolts in signs when hiking the Appalachian Trail

  • If you’re hiking somewhere like the iconic Appalachian Trail, a stable mount for your iPhone 12 could often come in handy. Sometimes, trail signs have big bolts holding them together that a magnetic phone case can attach to for a quick forest photo session.

  • Mount to metal bridges on forest roads for misty creek morning shots 

  • When you’re driving down a gravel road in a National Forest, metal bridges over creeks can offer a perfect mounting spot to get perfectly-lit still shots of morning mist rising at dawn. To relive the serene experience in real-life clarity, shoot some video at 4K 60fps.

  • Provides extra grip when using Gear Ties for mounting in odd places. 

  • Gear Ties by Nite Ize® have magnetic metal inside them, making them more effective than relying on the silicone’s grippy-ness alone to hold your phone in odd locations like tree branches or handlebars of scooters.

  • Impromptu body cam with another high-strength magnet like our Low Pro Mount  
  • For an impromptu body-cam, you can use another high-strength magnet like our Low Pro Mount on the other side of your shirt or lightweight jacket to hold your phone through the fabric tightly.

  • Hang a bag or clothing item from a tree branch and use a Low Pro 

  • Use a high-strength magnet like our Low Pro Mount on the inside of the fabric of a camera bag, hydration pack, or extra shirt to grip the magnetic phone case from the other side. Then, hang the setup from a tree branch for the perfect photo composition.

    Be sure to tag us on our Instagram when you use your Rokform magnetic phone case for a chance to be featured on our page. We’d love to see your creative ideas for using our cases to take unique photos with your iPhone 12!

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