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Behind the Scenes at Rokform

by Ashley Schiermeyer April 02, 2014

Behind the Scenes at Rokform

Welcome to Rokform!

Welcome to Rokform – Behind the Scenes! Rokform is a team and we consider every person using our cases and accessories ambassadors of Rokform and a part of that team. Since you are a part of the family, we wanted to share a little bit about our operation in Orange County, California by showing a few behind the scenes photos, along with a video of the showroom.

First off, if you haven’t yet viewed this short video showcasing the major pieces of our showroom in California, take a minute…literally a 1:26 to get to know our showroom and how you are invited to stop by anytime you are in town!

Now that you know a little bit more about the showroom, let’s take you to the back of the building where we keep the fun stuff…like the machines. We have 2 CNC machines in-house and utilize outside vendors to help us with various jobs. So in total, we have our hands on over 20 machines.

One of our hard workers on the CNC.

Safety first!

These are coming out nicely!

Freshly machined Fuzion+ Cases

After the cases are ready to be packaged they come to our storage room. We make sure that everything came out a-okay and move them to get packaged.

Some of our employees packaging newly produced product

Our most popular accessory is the Pro Series Bike Mount.

Almost ready to ship!

Now if you watched the showroom video, the girls mentioned that if you stop by our showroom floor, you can get fitted for a custom case for no additional charge. The below photo are the bins we have handy to always be ready to outfit our customers that stop by with the color combo of their choice!

Choose your color!

We are very proud to have such a fearless leader at the helm of Rokform. Craig Erion had a passion for performance in the motorcycle industry, which led to the creation of Two Brothers Racing in 1985, Rokform’s sister company.

Craig Erion – the man, the myth, and of course the Legend!

Team Rokform represents us on the cycling front!

If you saw our Rokform Loves Cyclist blog, you know how much we love cycling. We not only back our love with a handy product like the Pro Series Mount, but support riders, team, and various series all across the country. Our Team Rokform took some top honors last year and we have their team jersey hanging in the office.

Make sure to say Hi!

We love to hit up events in our Rokform Street Team ride whenever possible! We are going to be at the Sea Otter Classic next weekend so stop by and say hello. Our founder Craig Erion will be there enjoying the annual event.

We hope you enjoyed seeing “where all the magic happens” – so cliche, we know. But we really do think we have something special at Rokform, and thanks to all your amazing support, we’ve been able to go so much farther than we ever dreamed. Remember to stop in and say hello if you are ever in Southern California.

Ashley Schiermeyer
Ashley Schiermeyer


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