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Built to Last: High-Mileage and Buying a Motorcycle Phone Mount

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Adequate maintenance and proper care help motorcycles continue to perform well over their lifetime, but overall mileage is always on the climb. Exactly how many miles are too many miles for a motorcycle? In this article, we’ll break down how many miles you can get out of a motorcycle and the most important specs to look at when determining the condition of a bike.

ROKFORM manufactures the top motorcycle phone mounts and premium phone accessories designed for an active lifestyle. Protect your smartphone from accidental drops with our rugged phone cases for iPhone and Samsung. The high-quality cases feature strong, integrated magnets and work with our wide range of ROKFORM mounts for bicycles, motorcycles, and cars so you can secure your device while on the go.

What is Considered High Mileage For a Motorcycle?

Overall mileage is an important and easy-to-understand metric that can provide useful information about the condition of a motorcycle, or any vehicle. Riders in the market for a pre-owned bike will often consider mileage during their search to more fully inform their decision to buy a used motorcycle that will still last for years to come.

High mileage indicates a well-worn and utilized motorcycle, but such long distances invariably take a toll on the bike’s inner workings. Engines that have seen a lot of miles will need to be serviced eventually and pre-existing issues can turn into bigger problems down the road. That said, there’s not a single number or exact threshold that indicates ‘high mileage’ for a motorcycle.

In general, a motorcycle’s lifespan can range between 20,000 to 50,000 miles. Motorcycles with over 50,000 miles are considered old, but many riders that take good care of their bikes can reach over 100,000 miles. Making a bike last involves regular servicing and responsible riding over time.

As you’re riding a motorcycle that’s built to last, make sure any ride accessories or cell phone mounts you have are designed for long-term use, too. ROKFORM crafts the best motorcycle phone mount from CNC Machined 6061 T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum to provide a strong, secure hold on your cell phone. Our four distinct mounts ensure riders have easy access and viewing of their smartphones while out on the open road.

5 Factors Affecting Motorcycle Longevity

But like any simple metric out there, mileage can only tell part of the story. There are several other important factors to consider when looking at a pre-owned bike or checking the condition of your own machine. For a more informed perspective, learn about what to care most about most below.

1. What Mileage Does and Doesn’t Mean

The mileage number offers a clear look into just how far the bike has traveled in its lifetime, but the number by itself doesn’t mean much. Riders need to put mileage into context and combine it with other factors. Mileage does matter, however, when determining dealer prices or the private sale price. Similar to the pre-owned car market, mileage significantly affects retail price as customers are looking for the newest models in good shape.

Motorcycle Rider Near Beach with ROKFORM Perch Phone Mount

But motorcycles differ from cars in that their mileage is not as accurate of an indicator of overall condition. Big repairs or part upgrades can breathe new life into a motorcycle, even old ones. Additional factors like its previous motorcycle owners, build quality, and past servicing give more rich information about whether the bike is a smart investment.

2. Previous Owners

Knowing who owned the motorcycle in the past is a key piece of information. Sometimes it isn’t possible but it offers a great window into how the motorcycle may have been ridden and cared for over the years. In general, the fewer owners the better. A rider who owned the same motorcycle for 30 years had more skin in the game and probably took better care of it.

If a motorcycle is changing hands every couple of years— as is the case with many entry-level bikes that are good for starting out— it may have seen heavy everyday use but little time in the shop. Younger or beginner riders typically have less mechanical knowledge and more aggressive riding styles that wear down the engine a bit more.

Indian Motorcycle and ROKFORM Rugged iPhone Case

For motorcycle owners who carry their phone with them when riding, outfitting your small device with a protective case is a must. ROKFORM phone cases are built to handle big rides and are constructed from premium materials with reinforced corners to defend against drops on the asphalt.

ROKFORM makes cases for all Samsung and Apple models, including the latest versions such as the iPhone 14 Pro Max case and Samsung S23 smartphones. The much-anticipated iPhone 15 is expected to launch this September which means our compatible rugged case will follow right behind the release!

3. Type of Bike

The average service life and high mileage threshold varies across different kinds of motorcycles. For example, touring bikes can rack up a serious amount of miles because they are built for long trips and have engines that deliver consistent power. Dirt bikes, however, are punchy and powerful bikes that ride over rough terrain— a combination that can quickly wear down an engine.

If you ride a sportbike, the ROKFORM Pro Series Motorcycle Stem Mount is made specifically for your setup. This high-quality fork stem mount screws directly into the fork stem hole on your bike for a secure, seamless connection. The phone holder is fully adjustable so you can place mobile devices at the right angle along with two inserts that fit all sportbike stems between 12-24mm. This way, riders can easily see GPS directions and field phone calls out on the road.

What is the Average Service Life of Motorcycles?

Average Service Life of Motorcycles

Cruisers 40,000-50,000 miles
Touring motorcycles 40,000-50,000 miles, with 100,000 miles being possible
Sport bikes 25,000-50,000
Dirt bikes 20,000 miles
Dual-sport/Adventure motorcycles 75,000 miles

A motorcycle’s engine type and layout can also influence its longevity. Flat twin or inline six setups tend to have reduced vibrations compared to other designs, such as single-cylinders or 45° V-twins. Poorly tuned suspension can also increase the vibrations throughout the chassis which can take a toll over time.

Certain levels of vibrations are a given when riding a motorcycle, but they don’t have to be a problem. Riders who use a ROKFORM motorcycle phone mount to secure their phone as they cruise can enhance their setup with the Motorcycle Mount Vibration Dampener.

This compact dampener is easy to install and significantly reduces vibration force to protect your phone’s internal components from vibration damage. The durable aluminum construction and reinforced polymer ensures the best-in-class vibration isolator is built to last, complete with the secure twist lock and lever.

“I love the mount and the dampener, it's really stable at high speeds and easy to use. Highly recommend this to people and I have been telling everyone about it.”

—Arin M. 06/29/2023

4. How the Motorcycle Was Used

Another important consideration when analyzing the condition of a motorcycle is how and where it was ridden. Riding a motorcycle hard with aggressive braking or improper fluid levels can damage the parts over time. These bad riding habits aren’t always obvious but can make the bike feel like it's traveled more miles than what shows up on the odometer.

ROKFORM iPhone 14 Phone Case and Handlebar Motorcycle Mount

Frequently riding in challenging terrain or inclement weather can also rapidly age a motorcycle. Or maybe the bike was stored for a long time? This can degrade the tire rubber, dry up seals, and allow rust to develop. Motorcycles need to be prepared for long-term storage, especially in wintery environments, to properly care for the gas tank and other internal parts.

Upgrade your riding experience with a ROKFORM motorcycle accessory mount. Secure your phone in the cockpit and enjoy GPS navigation in view and improved ease of use, putting all your phone’s functionality well within reach. Harley Davidson riders, for example, can pick between our Handlebar Mount and Perch Mount. Motorcyclists with 1” RAM mounts installed can check out the Universal Ball Adapter Phone Mount.

5. TLC is the Most Important

Like with anything in life, a little tender, loving care goes a long way. Regular and adequate maintenance throughout the lifespan of a motorcycle ensures that any small issues don’t snowball into larger headaches down the line. It’s noticeable when a motorcycle, even one with behemoth mileage numbers, has been owned by a responsible rider who knew what they were doing.

Take note of any replacement parts or past service history of the bike that’ll offer the most accurate picture of the motorcycle’s past. And watch out for any signs of previous crashes or serious damage— some shady resellers attempt to hide signs of big hits, even after bodywork repairs. Remember that bikes with high mileage can still be great investments! But do your research and know the indications of a bike that’s seen plenty of miles— along with sufficient love by its owner— and you’ll be all set.

Check out the details of the ROKFORM Pro Series Perch Mount below!

Taking good care of your motorcycle goes hand in hand with having the appropriate riding gear and accessories. More and more riders are swapping out traditional GPS devices with their smartphones positioned at the cockpit. Whether you are rocking a new Samsung S23, iPhone 14, or older model, ROKFORM specializes in rugged phone cases for ultimate drop protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I secure a phone to my motorcycle?

A ROKFORM motorcycle phone mount keeps your phone right where you want it while riding. These high-quality mounts feature our patented twist-lock retention system and strong magnets, making them significantly more secure than a clamp phone mount which relies on tension arms to hold the device in place.

Can motorcycle vibrations damage my phone’s internal parts?

The best way to protect your phone from vibrations is with the ROKFORM Motorcycle Mount Vibration Dampener. The shock-absorber’s premium construction significantly reduces the vibrations that reach your phone, even while riding at high speeds.

How can I best protect my smartphone?

ROKFORM phone cases are built tough to protect against accidental drops and impacts. There are a wide range of rugged cases available for Samsung Galaxy S and Apple iPhone models, so you can find the perfect case. The secure twist-lock and magnetic retention system on the back of the case is compatible with ROKFORM’s lineup of phone mounts.

ROKFORM: The Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts and Accessories

ROKFORM delivers the best motorcycle phone mount and favorite phone cases of dedicated motorcyclists during daily use. Take care of your precious device just like proper servicing of high-mileage motorcycles throughout their time on the road. The products’ heavy-duty construction and secure mounting hardware ensure that your device stays right where you need it while you ride.

Have questions about the right motorcycle phone mount for you? We are available for online chat or in-person at our Irvine, California showroom. Call us toll-free at 855-765-3676, or email us at, or visit us at

Frequently Asked Questions About ROKFORM

Are your cases wireless charging compatible?

Yes. For best wireless charging results, we reccomend the following: For Apple® MagSafe® Wireless Charger USB-C 65W Wall Charger from Anker, you can find it on Amazon by searching ASIN: B08F28BH7C. For a wireless charging Pad: TOZO W1 10W wireless charger, you can find this on Amazon by searching ASIN: B07FM8R7J1 and the Apple® 20W USB-C charging adapter. For in vehicle charging: We cannot guarantee that wireless charging with a Crystal or Rugged case will work with all Qi® chargers and in all vehicles due to the nearly infinite combinations, including vehicle type, charging area, power output, etc. For Crystal case customers: Please be sure to remove the round inner microfiber ring on the inside of the case. We no longer include this with current production but if you have it, please remove it for best performance. Removing the round liner will not affect protection. Questions: If you have any questions, please call our customer service team at 855-765-3676 or e-mail at

Will the magnet in your phone cases hurt my phone?

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