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Top 4 Best Places to Mount a Car Phone Holder

Mounting your phone inside your car is one of the easiest ways to elevate your daily drive. You’ll keep your device’s helpful functions well within view as well as have hands-free access to maps, music, and messaging. But there are several possible locations for mounting your smartphone near the driver’s seat. In this blog, we’ll walk you through where to mount a car phone holder and the benefits of magnetic mounts while out on the road.

Here at ROKFORM, we are experts in premium phone accessories and compatible vehicle mounts. Keep your phone protected and secure while in the car with one of our high-quality car phone mounts designed specifically for use with ROKFORM iPhone and Samsung cases. The powerful magnets and patented twist-lock retention system ensure a strong connection that’s simple to use on the go, perfect for an active lifestyle or a demanding work schedule.

Recommended Mounting Locations for Your Car Phone Holder

Drivers have several mounting positions to choose from that are within reach, but it’s important to consider which spot is best. The ideal location will depend on factors such as how you typically use your phone, the size and weight of the device, and the existing setup within your car. Below, we break down the suggested locations inside the car and introduce ROKFORM’s industry-leading car phone holder.

Whether you’re on a road trip or just commuting to work, being able to mount your phone securely inside your car comes with big advantages. Phones these days work better than a traditional GPS system since they're equipped with Google Maps and endless other additional features available at our fingertips.

What are the Different Types of Car Phone Holders?

1. Dash Car Phone Holder

One of the most straightforward placements is mounting a phone atop the car dashboard. This is a common location because it’s typically easier to mount small hardware there since the dash is a flat surface that’s compatible with adhesive or suction cups. The phone is placed high enough for easy viewing while driving without blocking the view outside the windshield.

ROKFORM offers a wide variety of dash mounts so you can find the perfect fit for your car. Users can choose between a dash mount that sticks directly onto the smooth surface via a strong, residue-free adhesive or a swivel mount that allows for additional adjustability.

Our Swivel Dash Mount and Dual Magnet MagSafe Swivel Mount let you easily change the angle of the phone on the fly. Each dash mount features a flat magnetic mounting surface so you can place your device however you’d like— put it in a horizontal position for landscape viewing or place it vertically!

2. Windshield Car Phone Holder

Another convenient place to mount your cell phone is on the lower part of the windshield. This spot is well within the driver’s normal line of sight— since they are looking out the windshield anyway— and keeps the dash free from any clutter. This kind of easy-to-install mount also sticks via an adhesive backing or a suction cup. Some states may have some restrictions on devices placed on the windshield, so it’s best to check your local regulations.

There are two ROKFORM windshield car phone mounts with different mounting surfaces for your phone. Both versions attach to the windshield with a strong suction cup and feature a pivot arm with multiple joints so you can fine-tune your phone’s position and angle. The RokLock Windshield Suction Mount uses our twist-lock retention system to securely hold the phone in place— it requires the use of a compatible ROKFORM phone case. The Magnetic Windshield Mount uses strong magnets to hold onto the back of your phone, boasting MagSafe technology that’s specifically designed for modern smartphones.

3. Air Vent Car Phone Holder

Air vents are positioned slightly lower than the windshield and dash which is ideal for drivers who need to access their phone often. Rather than being within the natural field of view, air vents are more easily reachable if you need to click through maps or messages. To be sure, you should never be operating your phone while driving but many people like rideshare drivers need to respond to requests or complete other operations while stopped.

A car vent mount is also typically easier to adjust or remove quickly. The temporary mount slips into the climate-control vents on a car’s central control panel and can be taken out without having to deal with pesky adhesive. However, there are some potential cons of air vent phone mounts. The placement can block dash controls as well as air flow coming out of the vents and heavy devices may weigh down the car’s air vents.

ROKFORM air vent mounts grip on tight so your phone stays right where you want it. Slide on either the Super Grip Vent Mount or Dual Magnet MagSafe Vent Mount in just seconds and the low profile compliments any car, truck, or SUV. The new Dual Magnet Super Grip Vent has an even bigger grip area for better mounting and is MagSafe compatible with a specially designed magnet array. To find out more about this high-quality magnetic phone holder, check out the helpful video below:

4. CD Slot, Console, and Cupholders Car Phone Holder

These are less common car phone holder solutions but can be the right choice for a small number of drivers out there. There are phone mounts that insert into the CD slot at the car’s central dash. Not many of us use CDs anymore, so using the slim opening as a secure place to hold your phone can be a smart solution. Similar to an air vent mount, however, this placement can block certain controls, buttons, or display near the CD slot.

The whole point of cell phone mounts is to avoid abandoning your precious device in the dreaded console while driving. In those situations, you’ll have to lift the armrest and hide away the phone or drop it into an oddly shaped cup holder where it rattles around on the road. That said, there are still some phone car mounts specifically built to fit into a car console and its spacious cupholders. This location is nearest to the driver’s hands but is well below the natural line of view so it’s not easy to see the device and keep eyes on the route ahead. ROKFORM puts its confidence behind the alternative car phone mount locations mentioned earlier and doesn’t manufacture a product for use with CD slots or cupholder mounts.

Where to mount a ROKFORM car phone holder

Magnetic Car Phone Mounts

Magnetic phone mounts and MagSafe car phone mounts have changed the game by offering a more secure hold that’s easier to operate with just one hand. Users can quickly attach or remove their phone simply by bringing the device close to the mount and the powerful magnets do the rest— no more fussing around with fiddly tension arms or adjustable parts. Having a large magnetic mounting surface also works with virtually all different phone models and mobile devices so you don’t have to worry about dimensions.

Traditional car mounts use tension-grip cradles or spring-loaded arms to hold the phone in place but these designs can be bulky and awkward to use. The best car phone mounts available feature magnets that provide a seamless experience and strong connection so you can focus on driving. Being able to effortlessly grab your phone from the mount makes it easy to use your phone when you need it or take it with you when you leave the car.

“It does exactly what I need it to do. Very strong suction cup and the magnet is awesome. There is nothing like it on the market right now.”

—Esref T. 12/12/2022

In-Car Wireless Charging

Another great option for drivers who rely on their phones while driving is being able to charge their device while on the go. Car consoles have power sources, but having to keep your phone near the console means you can’t easily see its screen.

ROKFORM has built the RokLock Wireless Charger that works with our car mounts so you can keep your device topped up at all times. There’s a charging cable that sends power to the accessory, but it charges your iPhone or Android devices wirelessly so you can avoid your vehicle from being taken over by messy bundles of cables.

ROKFORM RokLock Wireless Charger on Windshield Suction Mount

Wireless charging has changed the game but it hasn’t completely wiped out traditional chargers just yet. While wireless smartphone chargers are certainly the way forward, standard charging cables are still a common way to reach a full charge. Get caught up with the latest tech and find out if wireless charging is right for you in this article

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a magnetic phone mount better?

Yes, magnetic car phone mounts are easier to use with one hand and provide a more secure hold. This type of mount requires having a compatible magnetic phone case, such as ROKFORM’s protective cases for both iPhone and Samsung. Keep your phone within view and reach wherever you want with one of ROKFORM’s several car mounts.

Can I charge my phone wirelessly in the car?

Of course! Drivers can use the RokLock Wireless Charger to keep their device fully charged while on the go. This compact accessory attaches to the ROKFORM Car Dash Mount or Windshield Suction Mount for fast wireless charging, perfect for commuters, workers, and rideshare drivers. For traditional wired charging for any USB device, drivers can use the two-port Premium Car Charger.

Read more about the “Pros and Cons of Wireless Charging” in this helpful article. 

How can I best protect my smartphone?

ROKFORM phone cases defend against the shocks, bumps, and accidental drops that are part of daily life. The reinforced edges and military-grade protection keep your device safe from impacts from up to 6 feet. The integrated magnets and twist-lock retention system mean you can combine the case with ROKFORM car mounts, while still being compatible with wireless charging.

ROKFORM: Best Car Accessories for Your Smartphone

Whether you drive for work or simply want to enhance your commute, having a phone car holder ensures your device stays secure and well within view. Browse through ROKFORM’s extensive range of car mounts and wireless charging accessories that are built to last. Buckle up and keep your phone safe, too!

Have more questions about the best phone accessories for your car? We are available for online chat or in-person at our Irvine, California showroom. Call us toll-free at 855-765-3676, or email us at, or visit us at

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