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Top Highlights From RAGBRAI 2023: One “L” of a Ride

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This July, thousands of cyclists traversed the entire state of Iowa in the 50th edition of RAGBRAI. The seven-day bicycle tour has been a longstanding Midwestern tradition and can now claim it’s been around for the better part of a century. ROKFORM couldn’t stay away from the fun and sent one of our own to join the party on two wheels. Keep reading to find out the highlights from RAGBRAI 2023 and the equipment that kept me pedaling strong all week long.

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Earlier this summer, we kicked off the RAGBRAI 2023 blog series in preparation for the special edition of the ride. I explained the long history of RAGBRAI behind this classic event and shared training tips for RAGBRAI to ensure you’re in good shape— remember that Iowa has hills! 

Each year, the RAGBRAI route stretches from the Missouri River on the eastern side of Iowa and finishes on the Mississippi River on the opposite edge of the state. For the uninitiated, RAGBRAI stands for the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa.

Small Iowa Town Theater Sign Welcoming RAGBRAI 2023

While it was my first time doing the ride, I was accompanied by my father, who is an Iowa native and a RAGBRAI veteran who actually rode the second edition back in 1974 as well as several others since. We came equipped with some ROKFORM essentials to test throughout the week and help out along the journey, including compatible cases and bike mounts.

What is Special About RAGBRAI 2023?

This year’s ride marked the 50th anniversary of RAGBRAI making 2023 a special year! That significant milestone meant the event was even bigger than usual and attracted many newcomers to join the celebration. The map even followed the original route completed by the pair of RAGBRAI co-founders in 1973. This explains the start town being Sioux City leading to Storm Lake as the first night’s end town.

What are the RAGBRAI Route Details?

The ride’s total mileage typically hovers around the 450- to 480-mile mark, but this year’s extended route reached a long 500 miles to honor the special “mile”stone. Throughout the week, we met many RAGBRAI first-timers who were convinced to do the ride because of the event’s important birthday— after such a hot and hilly experience, I guess we’ll see if they repeat the week next summer!

RAGBRAI 2023 Route Details

Day 1: Sioux City to Storm Lake

Distance: 77 miles

Elevation: 3,504 feet

Towns: Kingsley, Washta, Quimby

Day 2: Storm Lake to Carroll

Distance: 62 miles

Elevation: 1,818 feet

Towns: Early, Lake View, Mt. Carmel

Day 3: Carroll to Ames

Distance: 83 miles

Elevation: 1,479 feet

Towns: Glidden, Jefferson, Rippey

Day 4: Ames to Des Moines

Distance: 50 miles

Elevation: 1,216 feet

Towns: Slater, Madrid, Polk City, Ankeny

Day 5: Des Moines to Tama-Toledo

Distance: 82 miles

Elevation: 3,652 feet

Towns: Mitchellville, Newton, Grinell

Day 6: Tama-Toledo to Coralville

Distance: 82 miles

Elevation: 3,303 feet

Towns: Belle Plaine, Marengo, Amana

Day 7: Coralville to Davenport

Distance: 66 miles

Elevation: 1,604 feet

Towns: Iowa City, West Liberty, Muscatine

Highlights of RAGBRAI 2023

RAGBRAI L rolled along through high mileage days, rural Iowa towns, and fun overnight campsites. The crowds were larger than any riders had ever seen, and the positive atmosphere was contagious amid the small town stops and bigger cities.

ROKFORM iPhone 14 Crystal Case on Ames, Iowa Cycling Towel

Ideal for the outdoorsy week, we protected our smartphones with ROKFORM phone cases. The premium construction and materials mean devices are safe from big impacts from up to 6 feet, even on hard surfaces like bike paths and pavement. Owners of the new iPhone 14 can pick between Rugged and Crystal Series Cases as well as the latest Samsung Galaxy S23 models— and keep an eye out for the upcoming iPhone 15 phone cases this fall!

RAGBRAI 2023: One Huge Party on Two Wheels

I’ve never seen so many people on bikes. Before the ride even started, RAGBRAI organizers reported that more than 28,000 participants had signed up, including single-day riders. The largest expected crowd— approaching 60,000 riders— came on Wednesday, July 26, traveling from Ames to Des Moines, two of the state’s biggest cities. To add to the fun, there were live music concerts each night in the overnight towns and unique experiences like riding through the Jack Trice Stadium, home of the Iowa State Cyclones!

I made the last minute decision while packing to not bring my portable Bluetooth speaker, and that may have been a mistake. Blasting tunes during the day can be a great way to stay motivated without using dangerous (and sometimes illegal) earphones while riding a bike. Many RAGBRAI riders came equipped with compact (but often huge) speakers to keep the party going all day long.

Riders can easily control their playlists by mounting their phone to their handlebars with ROKFORM accessories. Fussing around inside pockets can lead to distracted riding or dropping your device, but the ROKFORM Sport Series Bike Phone Mount keeps your smartphone securely placed, even over big bumps. The strong, adjustable Velcro strap fits along any handlebar or stem, and the mount is compatible with all twist-lock ROKFORM protective phone cases.

Learn more about the ROKFORM Sport Series Handlebar Phone Mount below!

Heat and Hills

RAGBRAI L will be remembered for years to come as one of the most difficult editions in recent memory. Veterans and riders who participated in the past reported that this year’s conditions were harder than normal, featuring a relatively hilly route, strong headwinds, and some serious heat. Glaring sun warmed up the highway asphalt (we stayed off the bike trail) while some cloud cover offered occasional respite. The wind blew almost all week and introduced a tricky tradeoff, keeping us cooler than we would be otherwise while headwinds slowed our pace.

Nevertheless, a plentiful supply of Iowa summer staples such as ice cream and homemade pie kept riders fueled and cooled despite the high temperatures. Official food vendors and amateur lemonade stands at the side of the road were the lifeline of tired, thirsty riders all week long.

I could easily monitor the weather and track each day’s ride because I kept my phone within reach on a ROKFORM Pro Series Stem Mount. The low-profile stem mount replaces the headset that’s the perfect placement to access your phone’s functions without disrupting the bike’s aesthetics. This made it easily to frequently take photos or observe maps, all while freeing up jersey pocket space. The mount is built from durable aircraft-grade aluminum with ROKFORM’s dual retention system that’s compatible with any of our Rugged or Crystal Series phone cases.

The Coralville Storm

The week’s challenging weather reached a climax in Coralville on the evening of Friday, July 28. The suburb of Iowa City hosted the last of the overnight stays before the ride to Davenport the following day, but it also welcomed in a huge, ominous storm. As riders settled in to listen to the headlining band at the concert area, the town siren blared, and an announcer cautioned everyone to take shelter inside the local high school nearby.

RAGBRAI Logo on Fencing Around Camping Baggage Services

The sky turned black within minutes, and the wind speed picked up. Rain came, and my father and I decided to make a final run to our tent to flatten it, preventing our large tent from flying away in the high winds. Despite our honest efforts, we would pay for that bit of cautious thinking later on. The storm never truly hit, passing by away from town, but heavily drenched the entire campsite.

We had put on our tent’s rain fly, so we’re okay, right? Wrong. The rain fly had folded over in the wind, letting gallons of rainwater into our tent to soak our apparel and gear! Saved by my still packed (and dry) sleeping bag, we bailed out the tent, rung out some clothing the best we could, and went to bed. The authentic RAGBRAI veterans will remember Soggy Monday of 1981 and Saggy Thursday in 1995— well, my dad and I had a very Soggy Saturday (morning) getting out of that damp tent.

ROKFORM Pro Series Mount and Universal Adapter on My iPhone 6S

One important piece of gear I made sure to protect from the wet, however, was my smartphone. I’m still rocking an iPhone 6S (I know, that’s old-school) but, thankfully, I can still use the newest ROKFORM Bike Phone Mounts because of the Universal Adapter. The slim accessory securely adheres to the back of my case and features a strong magnet and twist-lock system that are compatible with the Stem Mount, Handlebar Mount, or any of ROKFORM’s other mounts for cars and motorcycles.

Have an older phone, tablet, or different Android phone? Use the ROKFORM Universal Adapter for the ability to mount to any ROKFORM twist-lock or magnetic accessory!

“I have a phone that isn't very popular, so ROKFORM doesn't offer a case for it. Luckily, this solution works great and is literally peel and stick to install. The magnet has also been handy”

—Steve H. 08/15/2022

Despite the Coralville hurdle, we pedaled on toward our final destination on the Mississippi River on Saturday, July 29, appreciative of the morning fog and cooler temperatures left behind by the previous night’s storm. A 60-ish miles of cross-tailwinds later, and we’re in Davenport— we’d officially completed RAGBRAI 2023! I’m already planning next year’s ride, so I guess you could say I sufficiently enjoyed my experience trekking across Iowa.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I mount a phone to my handlebars?

Cyclists can secure their phone with ROKFORM phone mounts designed specifically for bikes. The Pro Series Stem Mount installs directly into the headset for a streamlined and safe solution, made from aircraft-grade aluminum with ROKFORM’s twist-lock and magnetic retention system. The ROKFORM Handlebar Mount can be placed on either the handlebars or stem and is easy to remove when changing bikes.

What’s the best phone case for cycling?

ROKFORM phone cases for Apple and Samsung protect your device and are compatible with our high-quality bike mounts. Simply twist the case onto the mount for a connection that will stay firmly in place, even when mountain biking or riding over big bumps. When you’re off the bike, the cases’ premium construction and reinforced corners provide up to 6 feet of drop protection.

How long is RAGBRAI 2023?

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, RAGBRAI 2023 measures 500 miles long. It takes place over seven days of riding in the last week of July, this year happening from July 22-29.

ROKFORM: Quality Accessories for Cyclists

ROKFORM specializes in rugged smartphone accessories for cyclists, golfers, drivers, and more. ROKFORM products were crucial to keeping our devices secure during RAGBRAI 2023. Pick out your favorite gear with Samsung Galaxy cases, sturdy bike mounts, and other cycling essentials for the summer months.

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Frequently Asked Questions About ROKFORM

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Yes. For best wireless charging results, we reccomend the following: For Apple® MagSafe® Wireless Charger USB-C 65W Wall Charger from Anker, you can find it on Amazon by searching ASIN: B08F28BH7C. For a wireless charging Pad: TOZO W1 10W wireless charger, you can find this on Amazon by searching ASIN: B07FM8R7J1 and the Apple® 20W USB-C charging adapter. For in vehicle charging: We cannot guarantee that wireless charging with a Crystal or Rugged case will work with all Qi® chargers and in all vehicles due to the nearly infinite combinations, including vehicle type, charging area, power output, etc. For Crystal case customers: Please be sure to remove the round inner microfiber ring on the inside of the case. We no longer include this with current production but if you have it, please remove it for best performance. Removing the round liner will not affect protection. Questions: If you have any questions, please call our customer service team at 855-765-3676 or e-mail at

Will the magnet in your phone cases hurt my phone?

NO. Manufacturers have been using magnets in phones and tablets for years. Our specially designed rare earth magnets are proven safe for all smartphones and tablets. In a product overview from MacWorld, they said: "magnet based accessories are safe to use on iPads and pose no threat of scrambling interior electronics.” Our magnets will not harm your credit cards either. Magnets will only affect spinning hard drives found in old laptop and desktop computers. The magnet also may affect a hotel key but then again what doesn't? Bottom line, our magnets are safe but don’t set your phone on your old computer or your hotel key ;-)

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