Low Pro Magnetic Car Dash Mount
Low Pro Magnetic Car Dash Mount
Low Pro Magnetic Car Dash Mount
Low Pro Magnetic Car Dash Mount
Low Pro Magnetic Car Dash Mount
Low Profile Magnetic Car Dash Mount
Low Pro Magnetic Car Dash Mount
Low Pro Magnetic Car Dash Mount

Low Pro Magnetic Car Dash Mount

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SKU: 332001P-V2

Our sleek, powerful Low Pro Magnetic Car Dash Mount gives you ultimate convenience and security. Mount your phone on any flat surface for hands-free usage.

We build our Rokform mounts and phone cases to handle tough situations, and our updated dash mount is tougher than ever. It holds your phone tight over bumpy roads and tight turns, but stays low so it doesn't interfere with your driving.

Magnetic Strength: The strongest magnets available for a powerful magnetic grip. Unlike lesser mounts, Rokform's Low Pro holds your phone securely through the roughest rides.
Versatility: The Low Pro is more than just a dash mount. It easily mounts to any flat surface. You can put a Low Pro mount in your office, home, or workshop and use your phone while you work.
Sleek & Compact: At less than 1.4", the Low Pro is sleek and unobtrusive. But don't let its size fool you! Its 15-pound magnetic pull is capable of holding even the largest phones with ease.
Compatibility: Our magnets are strong, but they're magnetically safe. The Low Pro will not interfere with GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, credit cards, Apple Pay, data transfer, or the camera on your device.
Rokform Guarantee: Enjoy a 60-day money-back guarantee and 2-year manufacturer warranty!

Seamless Integration

Because it's sleek and small, the Low Pro Mount integrates effortlessly into every setting. But while it's stylish, it's also functional. Its low profile ensures that it blends comfortably into your dashboard without blocking your view, while its powerful magnet holds your phone tightly and prevents distracting drops. It's the perfect companion for safe driving and easy device access.

Versatile Mounting Options

The Low Pro isn't just for cars! You can attach our mount to any flat surface. Put a mount in your kitchen and follow recipes while you cook. Mount your phone to your desk for conference calls. You can even mount your phone in your basement gym for quick access to music and phone calls while you workout.

Robust Build Quality

Like everything else it builds, Rokform designed the Low Pro mount with durability in mind. Its powerful N52 neodymium magnets hold your device securely in place with a 15-pound pull! That means your phone stays in place even when you're riding over the bumpiest roads. And its CNC aircraft grade aluminum body will withstand punishment without a scratch or dent.

Non-Invasive & Safe

Rokform's magnets are powerful and safe for all your devices. Our magnetic mount won't interfere with your electronic device's operations, such as wireless services. You can issue voice requests for directions to your mounted phone without fear the GPS system will be jammed or blocked.

Effortless Usability

Setting up the mount is straightforward. There are no tools required -- all you need to do is remove the adhesive backing, then press it firmly on a clean flat surface. And while its powerful magnets hold your device firmly in place, you can still attach and detach your device with one hand. With the Low Pro, you get both security and convenience.

⚠️ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov


Installing a Low Pro only takes a few short steps!

1. Choose a spot where you can easily view and access your phone without blocking essential controls.
2. Wipe down the surface where you want to place the mount.
3. Peel off the adhesive backing, then press firmly for at least 60 seconds.
4. Wait at least 24 hours before using the mount, preferably 72 hours.
Congratulations! You’ve just installed your new Rokform mount! Attach your phone and enjoy hands-free usage, then take it off the mount when you're finished.

There's no need to worry about residue or damage with the Low Pro Magnetic Car Dash Mount! We designed it with your car's dashboard in mind. The adhesive used in the mount is specifically formulated to provide a strong hold while being removable without leaving any marks or residue behind.

You can ride over the roughest roads with a Low Pro Car Dash Mount. Powerful N52 neodymium magnets hold onto your device at a hefty 15 lb. pull strength. That's enough to keep your device firmly in place no matter how bumpy the path gets. Rokform serves many police, active duty military, and first responders. We build our products to keep their devices safe in stressful situations.

When we designed the Low Pro mount, we took extreme temperatures into account. That's why we use materials that perform reliably even in hot or cold conditions. Our magnets are built to withstand high temperatures and extreme cold without losing their hold on your phone. Follow installation instructions and note that the adhesive will take longer to gain full bond strength in colder temperatures.

If your Low Pro Dash Mount gets dirty, simply use a damp cloth to wipe away any dust or dirt. While its rugged aluminum surface can handle almost anything, you shouldn't use harsh cleaners when cleaning your mount. They won't hurt the aluminum but they may cause problems with the adhesive pad.

You can attach the Low Pro to almost any smooth, flat surface including glass, metal, and most hard plastics. Rokform uses powerful 3M adhesives to secure its mounts. Your mount will adhere firmly to your desk, kitchen cabinet, garage wall and many other places. Note that the adhesive is not designed to stick to leather, wood, rubber, silicone, or padded or heavily textured vinyl dashboards.

We have a 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee and a 2 Year Warranty to make sure that you have the best Rokform experience. Our Customer Service team is here to help. Drop them a line by emailing info@rokform.com