Ingenious Golf Cart Upgrades You’ve Gotta See

Ingenious Golf Cart Upgrades You’ve Gotta See

One of the most fun things about owning your own golf cart beyond the riding is tinkering with the limitless upgrades available on the market today. With so many ways to level up your golf cart, it can be overwhelming choosing what to install first. So we curated a list of some of the most ingenious and outrageous golf cart upgrades that you’ve got to check out.

Golf Driver Beverage Dispenser

When you want to keep your favorite hot or cold beverage close at hand, this Driver Drink Dispenser is the perfect upgrade to your golf cart. This golf club fits right inside your golf bag as it rides along in the back of your golf cart.

There’s an easy-to-use pump with a flip-down spout for accurate pouring into your favorite drinking cup. The insulated tank provides 48 ounces of capacity for either hot or cold beverages. The ultimate in discretion and simplicity, this covert drink dispenser maintains the optimal temperature of your drink of choice without the fuss of coolers and ice. There’s even a long-handle bottle brush to keep everything clean.

Ingenious Golf Cart Upgrades You’ve Gotta See

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Cargo Caddie Box

Hauling bulky supplies and gear isn’t easy with basic golf cart cargo space setups. With this cargo caddie box attached to your roof, you’ll be able to stash that gear with room to spare. The large bin with high sides can hold whatever you need to bring along for the ride, and the heavy-duty quick-attach straps allow you to mount the box either on the canopy or the rear seat.

Caddie Box Details:

  • 40" x 30" x 9" interior space
  • Four customized quick-attach straps.
  • It fits most fold-down rear seat kits and/or canopies.
  • Durable ABS plastic construction.
  • Fast installation and removal.
  • It weighs only 8.5 lbs.

Color-Changing LED Golf Cart Underbody Lighting Kit

Featuring a pair of 28-inch and 18-inch flexible tubes filled with a total of 84 wide-angle LEDs, this underbody lighting kit packs a lighting punch that will illuminate the night with color wherever you ride. These lights are expandable as well, so you can add even more lumens to your mobile light display. With the included multiple sizes of flexible light tubes, your golf cart will be sure to have full lighting coverage underneath.

Rounding out the kit is an intuitive control box with wireless remotes, wiring junction box, and connection cable. There are even port plugs for keeping the unused expansion ports clean until later use.

14" Matte Bronze Custom Sport Tire And Wheel Set


Ingenious Golf Cart Upgrades You’ve Gotta See

With this set of four mounted and ready-to-roll golf cart custom tires and wheels set, your golf cart will be ready to tackle the tarmac with better grip and better looks. The wheels include color-matched center caps, and they come in a 14x7” size with a 4x4 bolt pattern and ET-25 offset.

 Tire options the excellent 205/30-14 Arisun Cruze or 205/40-14 MODZ Street Fox Radial street tires for maximum golf cart performance and style.

On-The-Fly Performance Programmer

When you want complete control of your golf cart’s performance capabilities and response, you can add an on-the-fly performance programmer like this one made for Navitas 440/600 amp controllers. With this little box, you can use the dials to adjust top speed, set the regenerative braking level, and control the acceleration rate. You can also lock the settings and disable the dials for when younger drivers are behind the wheel. LED lights indicate statuses for simple operation.

RedDot Club Protector For EZGO TXT – Black

No one likes getting their golf gear all wet when rain strikes out on the course. You can keep all of your clubs and golf bags dry with this awning that mounts onto the back of your golf cart. The rugged, mildew-resistant material doesn’t shrink or stretch when exposed to the elements, and there’s a large clear window for rear visibility. 

2 Seat Custom Golf Cart Trailer

Add seating with a large colorful sunshade so you can bring along more of your family and friends to cruise around your property or the campground. There’s even a cooler for quick access to cold beverages on a hot sunny day! These trailers are custom-made to order straight from the manufacturer so you can get the perfect match for your golf cart’s color scheme.

Ingenious Golf Cart Upgrades You’ve Gotta See

Two-Tone High Back Luxury Seats With Headrests

One of the most popular upgrades for golf carts these days is two-tone luxury seating like these high-back seats with headrests. Double diamond center stitching and accent-color piping will exude luxury and class whether your riding in the campground or to the clubhouse at your local country club.

These seats are available for Club Car, EZ-GO, and Yamaha brand golf carts. There are 50 colors to choose from, and there’s even a cell phone pocket built-in. You can even opt for more wild seat coverings like crocodile, ostrich, and snakeskin.

36 Volt 8HP 19-Spline Speed Motor

When your factory motor just isn’t quite up to par for your performance demands, upgrading to a higher-power unit can make a tremendous difference. This 36 volt 8HP electric motor has high torque for quick takeoffs and strong climbs up hills. Pair with the Curtis 500 AMP 0-1K controller for the best possible performance from your golf cart.

Heavy Duty 6" A-Arm Golf Cart Lift Kit

No golf cart customization is complete without a lift kit. You’ll be able to traverse far more challenging terrain, along with adding a rugged look to your golf cart with this 6” heavy-duty A-arm lift kit. The front end will look completely different after this upgrade, with an aggressive stance and sporty front profile.

Ingenious Golf Cart Upgrades You’ve Gotta See

Of course, one of the best upgrades you can make to your golf cart is the Rokform G-Rok Speaker. You can connect to your iPhone or Android and stream your favorite playlists when you’re riding through the campground or playing out on the golf course. Show us your favorite golf cart upgrades and G-Rok speakers by tagging us on Instagram!

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