Rokform's Best Gift Guide for Runners

Rokform's Best Gift Guide for Runners

For those who don’t know all of what Rokform offers to the smartphone user, there is truly something for everyone! Our “Ecosystem” was created to make the everyday activities you enjoy that much better! So what can Rokform do for you? Let’s take a look!

For those who don’t know all of what Rokform offers to the smartphone user, there is truly something for everyone! Our “Ecosystem” was created to make the everyday activities you enjoy that much better! So what can Rokform do for you? Let’s take a look!

For the Runner

Those who love to run, know the types of accessories that can make their runs easier. The armband is a staple among smartphone-carrying runners. Before phones were smart, the armband carried your music for that extra motivation. Now, having a smartphone along for the ride allows runners to track mileage and heart rate on apps like Map My Run or Strava.

The Rokform armband is designed to fit a phone outfitted with a Rokform case. And we recently received stock of our iPhone 6 and 6 Plus armbands!

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If you are a runner/jogger and have to worry about bringing along your little guy or girl in the stroller, we have a product for you too!! The stroller mount and Rokform case make running that much more enjoyable. Keep everything at your fingertips while staying hands-free. It’s definitely active mommy approved!

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For the Cyclist

Our crew at Rokform is known for being big cyclists, which is why the bike mount was one of our first accessories. We now have two to choose from, the Pro Series and the Handlebar Mount. ThePro Series mounts to the stem of your mountain bike or road bike and keeps your Strava segments right at your fingertips. You’ll be looking like a pro, whether you are just starting out or an actual pro like our ambassador Johnny O’Mara.

The second mount is for the rider who may have multiple bikes or just likes a leisurely cruise aboard the beach cruiser. The Handlebar Mount allows you to easily move the mount from bike to bike, and an added bonus is that this mount is extremely versatile.

And if you want to show off your Rokform support, we currently are offering several cycling jerseysto choose from.

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For the Motorcyclist

Do you prefer an activity with a motor? We have something for that too! Since our company Rokform was birthed from our sister company Two Brothers Racing, an aftermarket motorcycle exhaust and accessories company, it was only natural for us to hone in on the motorheads of the world. We hadn’t seen anything else out on the market that allowed motorcyclists to access their phone without fuss. Enter the Rokform Motorcycle Mounts.

The mount comes in two styles based on your ride – a fork mount and a handlebar mount. These mounts are perfect for the rider that loves to use a smart phone as a GPS or music player.

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For the Not-So Hands-Free Driver

Get those eyes off the phone and onto the road with the Rokform Car Mount. Most states have laws now about being hands-free while driving a car, and we realize that not all cars have Bluetooth to make answering calls safe. With the Rokform Car Mount, you have your phone right at your fingertips, making it easy to answer a call and put it on speaker when a Bluetooth option isn’t available. It also is great for navigation in cars without the upgrade.

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For the Mechanic, Chef, Mom, and More

This section is dedicated to our Magnet Mount and while we’ve listed a few jobs this particular mount can help, the opportunities are limitless! The magnet mount has helped so many people and is now a staple when ordering a Rokform case. So what exactly can you do with the magnet mount? How about the outside of a car while loading the kids in the minivan, or on the toolbox while your working in the shop, or onto the refrigerator while cooking in the kitchen. The options are really up to you!

It gets even better. Most Rokform cases now come with a Lil Rok magnet. This powerful little magnet allows you to mount your phone anywhere you want! Whether it’s somewhere in the kitchen, by your desk, on the mirror in the bathroom, or even in the car, this small accessory is powerful!

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For the Golfer

If there is one sport where practice makes perfect, it’s golf. To help you perfect your game, Rokform created the Golf Shooter that allows you to record your time at the driving range to see what you’re doing right and maybe not so right.

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For “that person” that always seems to lose their phone out of their pocket

We all know them. The one person that seems to misplace their phone from their pocket. It was just there, wasn’t it? Rokform has a few products for this particular person in your life (or maybe it’s you…we’re not judging). Our new Belt Holsters for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are a perfect way to keep your phone close and safe, all with a great sleek design. And they fit your phone outfitted with a Rokform case.

For those looking for something a little more inconspicuous can try our clip mounts. Clipping right into the Rokform Mounting System, the Sport Clip and the Rokmeister Clip allow for a secure fit in your pocket. The Rokmeister Clip does have an added feature…a bottle opener.

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