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Which iPhones Have Wireless Charging?

Ever since the release of the iPhone 8, wireless charging has been a core feature included on all new iPhones. Wireless charging has become so convenient and reliable that many modern users can’t imagine reverting back to the times of messy, tangled cables. In this blog, we’ll dive into the details of wireless charging and the best power accessories to keep your device fully juiced up.

ROKFORM is the go-to brand for premium accessories that will elevate your smartphone. From phone mounts to heavy-duty cases, ROKFORM products are designed to keep up with your active lifestyle and protect your mobile device from drops or scratches. This year, we are releasing a new line of power accessories that work seamlessly with your device so you’ll never be caught out without charge again!

What Is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging— also referred to as inductive charging— is the process of transferring power to a device without the need for a connecting cable. This cable-free method leverages electromagnetic induction to charge the smartphone while it’s resting upon a wireless charging pad.

Wireless chargers work across different electronic devices such as phones, smartwatches, or wireless earbuds, assuming they all share the same wireless charging standard. The most widely used standard is the Qi standard, like the iPhone 15, and there may be an upcoming Qi2 standard soon.

How Wireless Charging Works

Wireless charging works via electromagnetic induction. The copper coils in the charging base create an electromagnetic field that, when sensed by the receiver coil in the phone, starts a flow of electrons. This electrical current in the receiver coil subsequently powers the battery in your smartphone.

Is Wireless Charging Truly Wireless?

Well, yes and no. The phrase “wireless charging” refers to the fact that there is no need for a connecting cable to physically link the smartphone and power source, but there’ll still be a cable coming from an outlet.

The inductive charging process happens wirelessly between the transmitter and receiver coils that are placed close to each other. There will still always need to be a cable connecting the charger to its main power source such as a wall or car outlet.

Which iPhones Have Wireless Charging?

All iPhones since the release of the iPhone 8 in the fall of 2017 have been compatible with wireless charging. New iPhones are compatible with Qi chargers, an open, universal standard created by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).

Here’s a complete list of all the iPhone models that support wireless charging, including the all-new iPhone 15 released this year:

  • iPhone 15, Pro, Pro Max, Plus
  • iPhone 14, Pro, Pro Max, Plus
  • iPhone 13, Pro, Pro Max, Mini
  • iPhone 12, Pro, Pro Max, Mini
  • iPhone SE (2nd/3rd generation)
  • iPhone 11, Pro, Pro Max
  • iPhone X, XR, XX, XS Max
  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Additional compatible devices that can be charged wirelessly include the Apple Watch and Apple AirPods, meaning some larger pads let users charge multiple devices at once! Remember, though, that older models before the iPhone 8 won’t work with wireless chargers and will need to be charged with standard Lightning cables.

The all-new iPhone 15 just came out last month and will be taking wireless charging to a whole new level! It’s expected to improve the fast-charging technology to reduce charging time. Coming off of Apple’s “Wonderlust” launch event, ROKFORM released cases for the iPhone 15! These slim and heavy-duty cases meet military-grade drop standards to protect your new device from drops up to 6 feet.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Case ★★★★★ "Newly designed case and I can without hesitation say this is one of RokForm's BEST cases to date. I have had several of the years, all leaving the phone in like new condition when removing the case."

- Jeff G. 10/3/2023

How Fast is iPhone Wireless Charging?

iPhones support wireless charging speeds of 15W with MagSafe® wireless chargers and 7.5W with Qi chargers. The iPhone 15 has upgraded fast-charging technology that allows for Qi wireless charging speeds up to 15W.

iPhone Wireless Charging Speeds Comparison Chart

  iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Mini iPhone 14 and 14 Pro All iPhone 15 models
MagSafe® wireless charging Up to 15W Up to 15W Up to 15W
Qi wireless charging Up to 7.5W Up to 7.5W Up to 15W, Qi2-certified
Fast-charging 50% charge in ~30 min. 50% charge in ~30 min. 50% charge in ~30 min.

Best Wireless Charging Accessories for iPhone

Wireless charging accessories are a convenient way to charge your iPhone and decrease cable clutter. And for those situations where you need a conventional cable, we’ve got you covered, too.

Take a sneak peek at the premium charging accessories below!

Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand

Most wireless charging pads have a single fixed position, but the Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand is different. This compact charger magnetically sticks to the back of your phone and can be set down flat like a standard wireless charger pad or angled up with the built-in stand. The adjustable stand provides the perfect viewing angle— portrait or landscape— so you always have full access to your phone, even while wirelessly charging.

Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand
Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand
Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand

Magnetic Power Bank

ROKFORM’s all-new Magnetic Power Bank provides portable power to bring along on any adventure. The lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum body is ultra-slim to make carrying or fitting into a bag a breeze while on the go. The extra-strength magnetic hold on this custom power bank functions as a secure wireless charging pad attached to the back of the phone. To power devices that don’t support wireless charging, the power bank can also be used just like a standard cabled charger.

PowerTrip 100W Charging USB-C Charging Cable

The name of the game these days in the tech world is fast wireless charging and the new ROKFORM PowerTrip 100W USB-C Charging Cable delivers just that. Why wait around for a full charge when you could use the right cable and power your device in a fraction of the time?

This high-performance cable works on your new iPhone 15, tablet, computer, and any other USB-C or USB-C 2.0 device. The premium construction features durable Kevlar, reinforced aluminum, and TPU so you can wave goodbye to the days of frayed cables. Each cable comes with an integrated cable tie for precise storage.

The PowerTrip 100W USB-C Charging Cable is available in the following lengths:

  • 0.5 meters
  • 1 meter
  • 2 meters

PowerTrip 65W 3-Port Power Adapter

Do you suffer from cable clutter and charger chaos? Clean up your setup with the PowerTrip 65W 3-Port Power Adapter that supports simultaneous fast charging for up to three devices, including phones, tablets, and laptops.

These days, it can be a challenge to keep everything juiced up— smart watches, wireless earbuds, phones, and more— but this multi-port charger puts all your power needs in one place. There are two USB-C ports as well as a traditional USB port. The prongs fold away for easy storage when thrown into a bag or suitcase. Take this power adapter on the road and it’ll be the only one you need!

RokLock Wireless Charger

ROKFORM has led the industry with its flagship RokLock Wireless Charger that’s the fastest way to wirelessly charge your phone in the car. It’s already available for purchase and is well-loved by commuters and drivers who need to keep their phone fully charged in their vehicle.

The compact charger locks into either the ROKFORM Car Dash Mount or Windshield Suction Mount to keep your phone secure and within view while driving. Simply twist, lock, and charge! The wireless phone charger is compatible with any ROKFORM Rugged or Crystal Case.

Watch how to use and install the RokLock Wireless Charger in this helpful video below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which iPhones don’t support wireless charging?

The iPhone 7 and older models don’t support wireless charging and will need to be charged with a USB-to-Lightning cable. Apple started supporting wireless charging with the release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X in the fall of 2017.

Can I wireless charge my phone with the case still on?

Yup! ROKFORM phone cases are designed to work with most wireless chargers.* If your case has a magnetic center plug, you’ll need to remove it before charging wirelessly— some cases come with swappable plugs for this purpose. (*MagSafe wireless charging compatibility may vary with products outside of ROKFORM chargers.)

Can I charge my phone overnight?

Yes, most wireless charging pads use a process called trickle-charging that, once the phone is fully charged, sends just enough power to the battery to keep it topped off. Charging overnight with standard cable chargers works fine but may lead to a gradual decrease in performance over time, especially if the battery is old.

ROKFORM: Power Accessories For Your Phone

The ROKFORM phone accessory ecosystem makes wirelessly charging your device a piece of cake. The MAGMAX™ and MagSafe® technologies provide an even stronger bond between your device and wireless charger, including our new range of power accessories!

Have questions about wireless charging or which power accessory or iPhone screen protector is right for you? We are available for online chat or in-person at our Irvine, California showroom. Call us toll-free at 855-765-3676, or email us at, or visit us at

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