Samsung Galaxy S24

Built to last no matter where your adventures take you. Active Military & First Responder personnel trust our Samsung S24 Cases for the tough exterior, easy mounting options, and sleek design.



Rokform cases for galaxy S24 phones models have been tested to withstand up to 6 ft drops and come equipped with 360 degree protection for extra corner, screen, and camera security.


Exclusive twist-lock mounting system that easily mounts our Galaxy S24 cases to any Rokform mount. Mount your case in your car, on your bike, or your motorcycle securely.


Multiple magnets on our S24 cases allow you to go hands-free on any magnetic surface! Convenient during workouts, while cooking, or if you simply don't want to hold your phone.



Made from tough polycarbonate TPU, our Samsung S24 cases are designed to last longer than your S24! Our customers love the fact that they never have to purchase another case. We stand by all our products with a 2 year warranty and 60 day money-back guarantee - not something you often see in the world of cases.

We can do that because our confidence stems from the quality of our cases for Galaxy S24 and all generations that preceded it.


When creating the Rugged Series for our Galaxy S24 cases, our #1 priority was to ensure this is the last case you'll ever need. We were able to achieve that durability through extra tough Polycarbonate TPU which enhances strength while keeping our S24 cases light. Our cases may be thin, but they pack a punch and can take falls up to 6ft off the ground. What's the point of any S24 cases if you can't prepare for the occasional slip?


Slim and trendy, our S24 cases are a golfer's go-to! We're passionate about all things golf and know what golfers are looking for in terms of protection, style, and functionality. Use the strategically placed magnets on our GalaxyS24 cases to mount your phone to the golf cart instead of throwing it into your golf bag. Easily access your yardage app and practice your swing - without placing your phone on the grass!


Just 13.9mm - 15mm thick, depending on the model, our Samsung Galaxy S24 cases don't take away from the S24 experience. Our design is specifically made to stay thin so it can fit in your pocket without a struggle. Still, as slim as our S24 cases are, they're tougher than nails. The anti-slip grip helps avoid falls, but even so, you've got military grade 6ft drop protection for the occasional accident.


One of the best things about Rokform cases for Galaxy S24 phones is all the extra potential that opens up. Our exclusive Roklock™ twist-lock tech makes your case compatible with all Rokform accessories. We're talking extra secure mounts, wireless charging options, magnetic wallets, and more. We've created an ecosystem of quality military-grade durability products that keep your S24 secure and your hands-free!


We all love that S-Pen on the Ultra model, but most magnetic S24 cases aren't compatible and/or don't offer convenient options for a user-friendly experience. All our Samsung S24 cases come with 2 essential extras. Switch between your magnetic and non magnetic plugs for S Pen compatibility. You no longer have to take your entire case off your phone to charge wirelessly or use your handy S-Pen on the Ultra - a quick switch and you're off!


Even with the S24's titanium frame and Gorilla glass, a single drop can still crack the screen or leave your phone scratched. There are many cases for Galaxy s24 phones. While some protection is better than none, your new S24 needs the best protection available. That's why we recommend that you shield your S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra against damage with a Rokform case.

No, S23 and S24 models have different dimensions, so you'll need the best Samsung Galaxy S24 cases from Rokform. An S23 case won't fit the S24 properly, which will result in improper alignment of ports, buttons, and camera openings. We have cases for both models, so you're covered no matter which phone you have.

The Rugged Series offers protruded corners for more protection against different impact angles while side buttons are flat for thinness but are still easy to press. Rokform Rugged cases for the S24 also have a center magnetic plug for extra mounting strength and a non-magnetic plug for seamless S-Pen usage on Ultra models.

Our cases are designed to protect against more than your everyday bumps and drops, which is why active Military and First Responder personnel choose Rokform over other brands. To show our appreciation for their service, we offer an exclusive Military and First Responder discount!

No - our cases are compatible with any Rokform wireless charger. However, with so many 3rd party chargers on the market, we know our Galaxy S24 cases are compatible with most of them, but can't guarantee it for all products out there. Rokform chargers are fast and durable just like our S24 cases - try out our ecosystem of accessories, you won't be disappointed!

We make the best samsung galaxy s24 cases with 85D TPU. 85D TPU offers high ductility, good biocompatibility, and excellent abrasion resistance. It provides your new phone with optimum drop protection, grip for your hands, and optimum magnet performance, yet also allows us to maintain a slim and comfortable profile. With an 85D TPU, you don't have to sacrifice protection for style or comfort.

Like all our products, our S24 cases are designed for long-term use. We stand behind our work with a 2-year warranty against defects in workmanship or materials. A Rokform case will likely keep your S24 protected against damage from up to 6ft drops, falls, and impact until it's time to upgrade your phone again.