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While there are some exciting new updates for the new iPhones set to be announced in early September, most of the big changes to the phones aren't expected to be made until September 2020. (i.e. no 5G compatibility, no folding iPhone, and no 12Hz OLED Retina display)

How Many New Phones Will There Be? 

As what has come to be expected Apple is rumored to launch 3 new models this fall, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11R and the iPhone 11 Max. 

When Should We Expect the New Phones? 

Last year Apple announced the iPhone XS, iPhone XR and the iPhone XS Max on Tuesday, September 13. We hear that the new phones should be announced around the same time, most likely Tuesday, September 10. 

Image Source: Angela Lang/CNET

3 Cameras?

The biggest change and most obvious change to this year's phone models is that there will be 3, yes 3 cameras on the back of at least one of the new iPhone models. (most likely the iPhone 11 and/or the iPhone 11 Max). Most likely the lenses will be laid out in a triangular shape plus the flash giving the overall layout of the cameras a squarish shape. 

Image Source: OnLeaks/Digit

Saying Goodbye to 3D Touch? 

Rumors have it that the 3D Touch feature may be missing from the 2019 iPhone lineup. But don't fret, we may be seeing a new version of Haptic Touch that premiered on the iPhone XR last year.

Image Source: Apple

Say Hello to Bilateral Charging! 

Apple may have killed their AirPower wireless charging mat earlier this year but it is thought that the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11R and iPhone 11 Max will feature bilateral charging which will allow you to share your battery with other wireless charging devices (similar to how our Rugged Portable Wireless Charger works).

LCD Screens? 

Most likely the only device to feature an LCD Screen in 2019 will be the budget-friendly iPhone 11R. 

Image Source: Angela Lang/CNET


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