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Here is the latest rumors we have heard about the all-new iPhone 12.

Is there an expected release date?

As usual, it is expected that Apple will be launching its latest phones sometime this September. Typically the launch date is the first or second week of the month.

Are there any design changes?

One of the biggest rumors we have heard so far is that at least one of the phones may not have a notch or a very slim notch. Of course, there have been rumors that Face ID might be going to the wayside altogether to be replaced with an under-screen fingerprint scanner.

Will the size of the phone be changing?

There may be slight changes to the overall size of the phone but the biggest potential change we have heard is that at least one of the phones will be must slimmer.

Will these phones support 5G?

Everything we have read so far about the new iPhone 12's seems to indicate that yes, the new phones will support 5G. We have also read rumors that Apple will be migrating to USB-C Charging cables instead of lightning cables.