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Sport Utility Belt Clip

SKU: 336901

      • CNC Machined aluminum body and lock for long-lasting durability
      • Stainless steel spring clip fits belts, bags, backpacks, and more
      • Integrated stainless steel stand folds up and down
      • High-quality stainless steel hardware
      • Built-in bottle opener
      • Use in portrait or landscape
      • Oversize slot for lanyard or paracord
      • 60-day money-back guarantee
      • 2-year warranty

    Whether you're hard at work, riding to Sturgis with your buddies, or just relaxing with a cold beverage watching some sports, the Rokform Sport UtilityBelt Clip has you covered. Simply twist and lock to the back of your Rokform case and clip to your belt, bag, duffel, or whatever you carry. Its slim profile lets you leave it on during calls, and the integrated stand is great for that Zoom office meeting at the beach! Forgot your bottle opener? No problem, the Rokform Sport Utility Belt Clip has one built right in, and for the adventure prepper or wannabe, there is even a hole to wrap some paracord to. Not only is the Rokform Sport Utility Belt Clip handy, but it's also tough. Crafted from Aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel, this clip is made to stand up to whatever you throw at it.

    • Rokform Sport Utility Belt Clip
  • What size belt does the Rokform Sport Utility Belt Clip work on?

    • The Rokform Sport Utility Belt Clip works on any size belt, simply slip it on to your belt for a secure fit.

    Can I use this belt clip with any case?

    • The Rokform Sport Utility Belt Clip is compatible with all Rokform Roklock Cases. If you would like to use the Sport Utility Belt Clip with a non-Rokform case, our Universal Adapter will work for you.

    What is the Sport Utility Belt Clip made of?

    • The Clip is made from Spring Tempered 300 series stainless steel (similar to a high-quality gun clip) so it will hold its shape and provide the right amount of tension to hold to your belt, bag or purse.

    Can I mount my phone horizontally to the Sport Utility belt clip?

    • Yes! You can attach your phone in both landscape and portrait modes.

    How do I use the built in stand?

    • Simply remove the Sport Utility belt clip from your belt and pop open the stand for easy viewing of your phone. Fold the stand back in after use.

    How much does the Sport Utility Belt Clip weigh?

    • 52grams (1.83oz)

    What are the dimensions of the clip?

    • 10mm thick x 50mm wide x 53mm tall. You can also see detailed dimensions on the above product images.

    How do I use the Sport Utility Belt Clip as a phone grip?

    • With the Sport Utility Belt Clip installed on your phone open the stand and slide a finger inside the stand hoop and you have a handy phone grip.

    Can I talk on the phone with the belt-clip installed on my phone?

    • Yes, we designed the clip to stay on your phone when taking calls and as a stand or a phone grip.

    Can I wireless charge with the Sport Utility Belt Clip on my phone?

    • No. If you have a Rokform wireless series case and would like to wirelessly charge your phone simply twist the Sport Utility Belt Clip off the phone and place it on the charger.

    How do I use the built-in bottle opener?

    • Simply remove the clip from your phone and open a bottle.

    What is paracord?

    • Paracord also known as parachute cord is a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope originally used in the suspension lines of parachutes. The cord is now widely used for a variety of survival and utility uses when strong lightweight rope/cord is needed. There are variety of lanyards and hooks that can easily be attached to the Rokform Sport Utility Belt Clip.

    Does paracord come with the Sport Utility Belt Clip?

    • No

    Does a lanyard come with the Sport Utility Belt Clip?

    Will the Sport Utility Belt Clip scratch my case when I put it on?

    • No, the inner locking tabs on the Sport Utility Belt Clip are made from polycarbonate that will not wear out and will not scratch your case.

    What kind of screw is on the back?

    • The screw on the back is a stainless-steel T-15 Torx screw.

    What is anodize?

    • Anodize is a coating used on metal and especially aluminum to provide a safe and protective oxide layer by an electrolytic process in which the metal forms an anode. It is perfect for our Sport Utility Belt Clip not only for a clean stealth look but for years of worry-free protection against corrosion.

    What kind of phones will the Sport Utility Belt Clip fit?

    • The Rokform Sport Utility Belt Clip will fit any Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy that has a Rokform case. If you don’t have a Rokform case or if you have a phone other than and Apple or Samsung try our universal adapters that can be adhered directly to most phones and cases.

    What is the maximum clamp thickness?

    • The Sport Utility Belt Clip was designed for standard high-quality belts ranging from 2.0mm to a max thickness of 4mm. We have not come across a belt or bag that it does not attach to yet.

    Care and Maintenance?

    • The Rokform Sport Utility Belt Clip is basically maintenance free but if you want to clean it you can use a soft cloth with soap and water. Alcohol is also fine to use for cleaning. Abrasives like steel wool and abrasive pads will likely scratch the anodize finish and the stainless-steel coating on the clip.

    What is your warranty?

    • The Sport Utility Belt Clip comes with a 60-day money back guarantee and a 2-year warranty that you most likely will never need.

    More questions?

    • We are happy to help by calling toll free 1-855-765-3676 or by sending an e-mail to

Belt Clip? Or Sport Utility Belt-Clip (SUB-C)?

We think the latter is a better way to describe a mobile phone tool that you will use every single day. Whether you are clipping it on your belt, bag, or purse, using it as a stand to attend a Zoom meeting, keeping a firmer hold while texting with the built-in phone grip, or even finishing out your day opening a cold frosty one, with its built-in bottle opener. No matter the time of day or night, the new Rokform Belt Clip Sport Utility (SUB-C) will be there to make your life a little easier and more convenient, every single day.

Twist it, clip it, and forget it

The matte black 300 series stainless steel spring clip holds tightly to your belt, bag, or purse and won't lose tension. The Belt Clip can be used in portrait or landscape. To use, simply twist the clip onto any Rokform case and clip it on your belt, bag, or purse. To remove, un-clip from belt, bag, purse, or desired surface while still attached to the phone. With the Sport Utility Belt Clip's slim profile, there is no need to remove the clip from the phone. So simple.

The right tool at the right time

The Rokform Sport UtilityBelt Clip is not just a belt clip; it's a tool for your iPhone or Galaxy Rokform phone case that can be used every day. Don't have a Rokform case, no problem, try one of our universal adapters that will stick to almost any phone or case.

Hands-free viewing

One of the most used items in mobile electronics is a phone stand, and the Rokform Sport Utility Belt Clip has one built right in. A stand keeps your phone out of sight and out of mind so you can focus on the task at hand. A quality phone stand holder also allows you to view your phone at the perfect angle for those ever-popular Zoom calls or for watching your favorite videos and more.

Save the drops for later

The Rokform Sport Utility Belt Clip also functions as an additional finger grip and is useful in almost any situation. If you are looking for an alternative to plastic phone grip attachments, frequently drop your phone, or find it hard to hold comfortably, the Rokform Sport Utility Belt Clip fixes that. The stand/ring holder quickly folds out to give you a firm grip on your $1,000.00+ phone.

The party saver

Have you ever found yourself at a party or event, but nobody has a bottle opener nearby? Rokform to the rescue, our Sport Utility Belt Clip has an easy to use bottle opener built right in. Simply twist it off the phone and voila, party saved.

Lightweight and ultra-tough

Constructed of CNC Machined aluminum and stainless steel and weighing in at only 1.8oz (52g), the Rokform Sport Utility Belt Clip is heavy enough to stand the test of time but won't weigh you down. You can think of it as your super tough, reliable friend that you always want around to have your back.

Keep it on all day

The low-profile design allows you to keep your Sport Utility Belt Clip on your phone all day, and it's easy to remove for wireless charging on compatible Rokform cases.

Extra space for paracord or lanyard

Want to add some paracord or a lanyard? The Rokform Sport Utility Belt Clip has a spot for that. If you have some paracord handy on your Rokform Sport Utility Belt Clip and find yourself in an emergency situation, you can rig a shelter, attach a hook and you have a makeshift fishing line, make a tourniquet, a shoelace or just act like you can do all those things ;-) Who knows, you just might need it someday.

WARNING for California residents. Learn More.

Customer Reviews

Based on 106 reviews
Joe t.
Rokform belt clip 5 stars !!!

I love this belt clip! Finger loop / kickstand works awesome. Live the bottle opener feature. The handy spacer that’s included to make a snugger fit to the phone is also a nice feature. Just love these products !! Highly recommend them all.

Niles S.
You may not you need one BUT you do!!!!

Heavy duty, functional and amazing!!! Between the bottle opener & kickstand features, this clip design is phenomenal. You may not think you need one of these but you most certainly do!!!!

Gary (.
Best Belt Clip Plus

This is my 3rd Belt Clip from Rokform in many years and the best ever. It made solid and has many functions and far exceeded my expectations. This small clip does it all. Definitely worth the price.

Top quality!!!

Amazing product from Rockford!!! The belt clip is a must buy, you don’t realize that you need it until you got it. Solid phone stand, bottle opener and the belt clip is easy to attach to my duty belt, normal belt, and molle webbing. Love the ability to transition my phone from belt to bike mount or car mount with out a hassle. Highly would recommend getting it, like any Rokform it will perform.

Looks nice

Haven't used it as I am still waiting for my phone cover to arrive next week.