V4 Pro Series Bike Phone Mount

  • The only all CNC Machined 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum bike mount with black anodized finish for your bicycle
  • Dual retention locking system and safety lanyard to keep your phone safe and secure while your ride the bicycle
  • Provides easy access and a clear view of your phone while you ride bicycle
  • Slim design, lightweight and not bulky or obtrusive, making it easier to move around
  • Unlimited range of motion - adjusts to the perfect angle while you are riding your bicycle


Sport Series Bike Phone Mount

  • Compact and portable making it a perfect bicycle phone mount
  • Made for both casual and experienced bicycle riders
  • Can be installed and removed in seconds, adjustable hook-and-loop straps fit bars from 7/8" - 2.25"
  • Uses ROKFORM's Patented RokLock Technology that makes our bicycle mount a unique one
  • Includes lanyard

Don't let a cheap bike phone mount slow you down on your next ride. ROKFORM's bicycle phone mounts are built for your active adventures so that you can make the most out of your rides. Whether you're tracking your progress or navigating the trails, you can be confident your phone stays with you. ROKFORM's aluminum-constructed smartphone bike mounts feature a 100% US design. Whether you are using an iPhone 11 or 12 Pro Max, or a Samsung Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S21, you are covered. They can be used for both road and mountain bikes, even over the roughest terrain.


Don't risk having your phone fall out of your pocket on the road or trails! The ROKFORM Pro Series Bicycle Phone Mount and Handlebar Bicycle Mount feature a dual retention lock system with our quarter turn RokLock mounting technology. In addition, guaranteed RokSafe magnet mountability adds another level of protection to the Pro Series. So get our bicycle phone mount today, and be at ease!


All ROKFORM bike phone holders are built to withstand daily use and abuse from your road or trail excursions. Pro Series Bike Mounts are CNC Machined from 6061 T-6 aircraft-grade aluminium that is feather-light, weighing in at less than 1 ounce. Not only will our bike phone mount never weigh your bike down, but you will always be assured that your bike smartphone mount is made of only the highest quality and toughest materials securely attaching your phone to the bike.


The ROKFORM Pro Series Bike Mount replaces the top cap of your bike's 1 1/8" threadless steer tube. The Handlebar Mount easily installs onto any handlebar  that has a size of 7/8” to 1 ¼”.



ROKFORM Brand Ambassador, Multi-Time Motocross/Supercross Champion, and Master Cross Country Mountain Biking Champion, Johnny O'Mara, loves riding with his ROKFORM bike mount for iPhone X! Check out this video of Johnny O installing the V4 Pro-Series Bike Mount!

Any avid bike rider knows just how cumbersome using phones can be while hitting the trails or roads. It can be difficult to do while riding, and you may even risk dropping your smartphone from a pocket or side bag without a bike phone mount. Avoid the hassle and risk altogether by investing in a state-of-the-art bike phone mount from ROKFORM.

e have made our bike phone mounts with cyclists in mind, which means each bike phone mount comes with loads of modern and reliable features that will improve your riding experience tenfold, all while keeping your phone secure.

For Every Kind of Bike Rider

For a beginner bike rider, a bicycle phone mount is an essential piece of equipment. A bicycle phone mount will enhance how you ride your bike and keep you safe when exploring new territory.

All types of phones are compatible with our bike phone mounts. Moreover, they are created to be adaptable and easy to use, which means you can easily check trail information on your phone before your bike ride and keep track of the map.
Our universal phone mounts work great with any type of smartphone and ROKFORM phone case, which will keep your phone safe in the event of a bumpy trail or even a fall. In addition, your phone will be protected and secure on our bicycle phone mount due to its twist-lock mount and rare magnetic technology.

An experienced bike rider will also greatly benefit from one of our bike phone mounts or universal adapters. You can keep on top of your bike ride and adjust your speed or ride length, depending on how you feel. With your mobile device at your fingertips, using it during a bike ride has never been easier or more convenient. Pair any of our mounts with any phone case product from our collection to enhance the experience.

For the best bike phone mount, choose one of ROKFORM's new models—these bicycle phone mounts are sure to keep you pushing forward during your bike rides.

With the addition of a ROKFORM phone case, your mobile device will also be protected from scratches, screen breaks, and other kinds of damage. We know that things can get messy on the bike trail, making the combination of a ROKFORM phone case and phone holder or bike phone mount all the more necessary.

One of the best reasons to choose a ROKFORM phone mount is it can help push you toward your fitness goals. The phone mount will enable you to use your phone with hands-free access so that you can utilize phone-specific fitness and bike apps made to motivate you while you ride.

Your phone can help track distance, speed, progress, and calorie burn - it is no wonder why keen bike riders like to keep their smartphone nearby.

Our mounts are the best in the business because the ROKFORM team is dedicated to each phone mount's design process, including every phone case we create. Working with phone mount design experts in the industry, our phone mount is durable, strong, and always secure.

Made With Safety In Mind

With only the best and strongest materials used, you can be sure that your phone will be firmly attached to your bike in the phone holder or mount for as long as you need it. There is no risk of your device becoming detached from the front bike mount or falling out of its holder, but grab our case anyway and combine it with our mount for your peace of mind.

For all of our customers' convenience, we have ensured that you can mount your device into the phone holder or with a wide selection of phone cases. That means anyone can improve their fitness with the addition of a bike phone mount no matter what type of phone or phone case you use.

It is no wonder why ROKFORM produces the best bike phone mount. We pour everything we have into the design and manufacturing of our bike phone mount range and take care of our customers before and after each sale. If you're curious about how our phone mount could improve and enhance your fitness experience, call our team today or stop by our Irvine, California store for help choosing the perfect bike phone mount for you.

Even the most experienced bike rider knows how important it is to stay safe while on a bike ride. However, using a phone to check for directions or make a call can be dangerous and distracting. That's one reason we are so passionate about our bike phone mounts, which are made for universal phone models so that anyone can use them.

With a bike phone mount, your eyes can stay on the road while cycling, and you can still check your map or receive calls. A bike phone mount is a perfect way to keep track of your phone while also paying attention to the trail and avoiding accidents and mishaps.

Having easy access to your device is also incredibly necessary if an unfortunate accident does occur. In these instances, you will be able to call emergency services and also use GPS technology to inform anyone of your location. You can rest assured your device will be safe and ready to use in any situation with our mount.

Keep safe with ROKFORM phone mounts. Every mount is made to be super strong and secure no matter what type of cycling you're doing. From commuters in a hectic city to bikers going off-trail, a phone mount will improve the quality of your bike ride while keeping you and your phone safe.

Our bike phone mount is made to be used with a wide variety of phone cases and is compatible with any ROKFORM case. Your smartphone is safe with ROKFORM’s universal bike mount.

Using phone mounts has never been easier, and we recommend that you use our phone mount with a ROKFORM phone case. Every ROKFORM phone case can withstand military-grade drop tests and will protect your phone from all sorts of damage or accidents. So when you are out on a bike ride, this type of durability and security from our case will give you peace of mind.

To learn more about the types of ROKFORM bike phone mounts, Explore our top-of-the-line universal mount and bike phone mount collection. Find a phone case that's right for you, too! You can also give our team a call for more information on specs and how our bike phone mounts here at ROKFORM can improve the way you cycle.