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Essential Gear For A Week-long Overlanding Trip

by Jessica Petyo July 19, 2021

Essential Gear For A Week-long Overlanding Trip

Whether you’re just getting into Overlanding or have been into it for some time, you may have never ventured out for an entire week in your rig. For sure, the demands of living off the grid are a challenge for a weekend, let alone a full seven days. A significant amount of planning is needed for a week-long Overlanding excursion, but with the right gear and a well-mapped route, your adventure can be smooth-sailing.

So, what do you need to live (comfortably) off-grid for an entire week? We’ve compiled a list of the essential gear for enjoying a hassle-free week-long Overlanding trip. From cooking to taking showers to staying charged, we’ve got you covered!

Gear for Cooking While Overlanding  

Efficiency is one of the key principles for Overlanding gear, and that means multi-purpose functionality is a must. One company that nails this principle with exceptional quality and detail is Snow Peak, with their Iron Grill Table System, a modular table and cook system that you can configure for your ideal food-prep and dining setup.

Another dual-purpose option is the fold-up firepit and grill by Fold-A-Flame. Just unfold the stainless steel firebox and put your preferred fire fuel inside. Enjoy a campfire anywhere or drop in the grilling grate to cook a meal over an open flame.

Overlanding Refrigeration 

Dometic powered coolers, with ultra-low energy consumption, AC and DC power connections, and temperature settings between 0 °F and 50 °F, can keep food cold in the most extreme temperatures. These cooler-sized electric portable refrigerators come in a variety of sizes and provide the ultimate cooling and freezing capabilities while you’re off-grid.

Charging for GPS, Phone, Laptop, Photography Gear, etc.

When you need to charge a multitude of devices while off-grid for an entire week, you need a serious power bank and solar charging combo. This Goal Zero Yeti 1000X portable power station and 100-watt briefcase solar charger combo will keep all your devices running while you’re Overlanding. With enough power to charge a laptop a whopping 20 times, a DSLR camera 55 times, or run a portable refrigerator for an astounding 40 hours, you’ll have all the energy you need on demand. The briefcase solar charger helps keep the power bank topped off while you’re stationary, enabling maximum power flexibility.

Keeping Clean While Overlanding

For those that can’t go without a hot shower every day, you can luxuriate outdoors with the HOTTAP Nomad portable hot water kit. If you have the extra space to haul a standard propane grill tank and can get close enough to a water source like a creek or river (or regular water tap), you’ll have everything you need for a hot shower on demand. One propane tank provides up to 15 hours of hot showering time, and the kit includes a sink for washing dishes as well.

If space is more of a concern than hot water, you can opt for a non-heated portable shower kit like the NEMO Helio LX Pressure Shower. With 22 liters of capacity and a pressurizing hand pump, you can enjoy a powerful shower wherever you roam.

Staying Comfortable Inside Your Rig

Don’t have a built-in air-conditioning system for your rig? Stay cool in the hottest of weather with this Zero Breeze 2,300 BTU portable air conditioner with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You can get cold air anywhere with the ability to drop ambient air temperatures by up to 30°F in a mere 10 minutes. Each battery charge delivers 5 hours of run time, and the included two USB-A, and single USB-C ports allow you to charge your other electronic devices as well.

Getting Online When Necessary

Depending on just how far out you’re Overlanding and your goals, you may want to still connect to the internet by tethering your iPhone to your laptop. To get the strongest signal available, mount your phone up high with the super-strong magnets built into the Rokform iPhone 12 Pro Max Rugged Case. You can securely stick the phone to the top of your rig, a cross-support for a roof rack, or even the apex of a rooftop tent.

If a high perch is still not enough to catch a strong signal, add this cell phone signal booster from weBoost. This cell phone signal booster kit is made for vehicles and works by pulling in weak cell signals, amplifying them by 32 times, and then rebroadcasting the connection within the vehicle for up to four cell phones, extending your range deep into the wilderness.

Mounting Your Phone Navigation In Sight

When Overlanding for a week, large chunks of your day could be spent behind the wheel and navigating with a GPS app on your phone. Keep your screen within plain sight with Rokform’s Windshield Suction Mount. Combine the mount with our RokLock Wireless Charger to keep your phone powered up all day long during high energy consumption GPS use.

Relaxing Around the Campfire

After a long day crawling over rough terrain in your rig, taking a seat around the campfire with friends is always better with some entertainment. Fire up Rokform’s G-Rok Wireless Speaker and connect it to your phone, iPad, or laptop for hours of music or movies while in camp. The dual high-strength magnets allow you to mount the speaker almost anywhere, from the side of your rig to the legs of a pop-up canopy. Connection only takes seconds, and you can remotely turn the sound up or down with the top-mounted control buttons.

Smartphone Protection In The Wildest Of Places

Wherever you choose to embark on your next Overlanding excursion, be sure to keep your smartphone safe with a Rokform Rugged Case like this one for the Galaxy Note 20 ULTRA. Featuring dual-compound, ultra-light construction, this shockproof phone case has a protective hard polycarbonate outer shell with a soft impact-resistant core. Rokform’s most protective case, the Rugged Case exceeds military drop-test standards MIL-STD 801G-516.6, so you won't have to worry about shocks and drops damaging your high-end phone on your next Overlanding adventure. Whether a new Samsung device or the latest Apple iPhone, Rokform has you covered!

Jessica Petyo
Jessica Petyo


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