iPhone 8/7 Bike Handlebar Mount Kit


    • Keep your favorite apps, camera, and important calls/texts close by while you ride
    • The #1 Phone Mounting System: Utilizes the Roklock quarter turn system, product is compatible with all Rokform Cases that feature a RokLock
    • Installs in seconds: fits to most bars, easy to use adjustment tab
    • iPhone Bike Handlebar Mount
    • iPhone 7 Rugged Case
    • Safety Lanyard
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Don’t risk having your phone fall out of your pocket on the road or trails! The Rokform Handlebar Mount features both our quarter turn RokLock retention mounting technology. Simply twist your Rokform protected device onto the RMS, and you are ready to ride.

Just in case that’s not enough, attach your Rokform wrist lanyard that’s included with every case, and wrap it around your bike mount for an added layer of protection. You can remain confident that your phone will stay in place no matter how hard you ride.

Layers of protection

fingertips iphone


When you ride with the Rokform iPhone Handlebar bike mount, you will have easy access and a clear view of your device while you ride. Keep your navigation in view, but out of the way, throughout your next ride. Enjoy easy access to your favorite biking apps like Strava, and total control of your favorite playlists. You’ll always be able to screen your calls and texts so you only have to pull over for the very important ones.


The Rokform Handlebar Mount is built strong, to withstand daily use and abuses, while always looking great and performing outstandingly. Made from ultra-tough and lightweight TPU, the Rokform Handlebar Mount is feather-light and weighs less than 1 ounce. Not only will it never weigh your bike down, you will always ride assured that you have a trustworthy product, made of only the highest quality and toughest materials, holding your device in place.

magnet safe test

Handlebar Mount Install


The Rokform Handlebar Mount is extremely easy to install. Simply attach it to your bar of choice, fasten the adjustment tab, and you’re ready to mount your phone. When you’re ready to take your phone off, just push the locking lever, and twist to unlock.


The adjustable Rokform Handlebar Mount works on just about any bar- from 7/8” to 1-1/4”, making it perfect for use with your

Handlebar mount sizes


Check out this Video to learn more about the Rokform Handlebar Mount.


No matter what kind of terrain or weather conditions you ride in, your Rokform gear will surely keep your phone safe. Before you go on your next ride or outdoor adventure, we recommend trying the Rokform Weather Resistant Skin, for protection against water, mud, dust, dirt, and oil. Made from transparent, premium high-grade TPU, simply stretch the Rokform Skin over your device and apply your Rokform case. Or, for added protection, you can also stretch the skin to cover both your phone and Rokform protective case.

Water Resistant Skin

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Bicycle handle bar mount

Awesome as are all of your products that I own and use Another 5 star product .


Bike Handlebar Mount Only

Love it

Easy to use, love it.


Very nice


Easy to mount and solid on my mountain bike. Phone doesnt move. No issues.

Just Rocks...on Both Sides of the World!

Saw that Rokform has an inexpensive bike mount for my iPhone X and Rokform case. I work in two countries and have bikes in both. Having a secure bit easy to remove bike mount for my iPhone is what I wanted. Rokform comes through again with this beautiful mount. Love it in the US...and here in China!

Great case for any vehicle and your pocket.

Really admiring the Rokform case system, as it is a tough, well-designed case not only for typical cell phone protection (iPhone SE in this review), but for mounting to cars and two-wheeled vehicles too! I appreciate how innovative the locking system is for my motor scooter (I used the bicycle mount in this case, as the handlebars are comparable to a bicycle's): rotate, lock, and a solid, yet easily removable connection is made to the mount. This is so much better that the squeeze-clamp types of cell phone holders, which tend to drop the cell phone when there is too much vibration--a definite no-no when riding a motor scooter on major roadways at high speeds. The Rokform system is probably the best cell phone mount system out there, in terms of construction, design, mounting variety, and actual usability. You definitely get what you pay for and then some.
Make sure to get an adhesive plastic shield to protect your cell phone's glass surface before you put the Rokform case over your cell phone, as this kit does not have one. It'd be a nice inclusion in the kit, but shields are typically inexpensive, so this is a minor issue.

Works great

This is a great system. Really holds my iphone well. Thanks!

Superb Product

I’m amazed at how well this little thing works! Keeps my phone in place on the bumpiest roads and is very easy to remove.

Works great

I use the handlebar mount on my trainer. It works great, very secure also I had a mistake I made with my order and the customer service did a great job fixing my mistake