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Outdoor Tech Kodiak Mini 2.0 Portable Rechargeable Power Bank


    • Rechargeable 2600 mAh lithium polymer battery
    • Super portable and lightweight
    • USB port - 5v 1 amp for charging your devices
    • Charge the Kodiak via one micro USB port
    • New reed power indicator lights to let you know where you stand in life
    • Fully waterproof (IPX7) when the lid is closed and very water resistant (IPX6) when open
    • Kodiak Mini 2.0
    • Manual
    • Charge Cable
    • ODT sticker

Unless you ration your usage like water on a lifeboat (or you're one of those bulky battery case users...gross) you're probably like us: watching your battery go from green in the mornign to yellow by lunch to red before you;ve even called out for Pad Thai (with shrimp, extra spicy, thank you).

Until phones can handle a day of normal use without dying, there's the Kodiak Mini 2.0 Power Bank. It puts extra charging power within reach - in fact, right in your pocket - in an ultra pocketable, rugged format that hides in your hand and takes a beating better than a Hollywood stunt double.

Waterproof (IPX7) with the lid closed and water resistant (IPX6) with the lid open - dustproof, shockproof, and functional down to -4 degrees F, the Kodiak Mini 2.0 isn't just here to save your social life; it could, in theory, save your actual life in an emergency (like maybe allowing you to make a phone call). And since emergencies come in all sizes, from "OMG how many likes am I geting?!?!" to "How long do you think until they send Search and Rescue to look for us?" we're sure you'll find it handy.

In the event of a real crsis, like misplacing the bag of marshmellow's when it's time for S'mores, you'll also appreciate the included 5-LED flashlight with its 100-lumen High, 65-lumen Low, and flashy, "Over here guys!" Emergency Strobe modes.

Phone dies. $#!t happens. And from the looks of it, you have three choices.

  1. Stop snapping, gramming, checking in, swiping right, hashtagging, and turn off background data (is this even an option?)
  2. Get an expensive, ugly, bulky battery case for your phone or device
  3. Get Kodiak, and live forever*

Chocice is yours (psst. It's #3, trust us)

*imortality not guaanteed