13 Essentials For Keeping Your Camping Trip Organized

13 Essentials For Keeping Your Camping Trip Organized

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Packing For A Camping Trip

When you’re getting ready for a big camping trip, keeping everything organized can seem like a daunting task. So many different needs must be considered from end to end, and the consequences of forgetting even one small piece of gear can result in a much less comfortable experience (don’t forget that toiletry bag!).

The best way to remember everything you need for a camping trip is by organizing by categories of activities. Sleeping, eating, and cooking are a few examples. Using the Reminders app on your iPhone is incredibly helpful for this task because you can create lists by category that you can use on every trip.

Let’s go over the best tips and tools for keeping your camping trip organized so you’ll have the ideal camping experience!

Campsite Setup

Foldable 3-In-1 Wagon

If you need to transport gear to the campsite, make fewer trips by using a foldable wagon to haul everything at once. With the new 3-in-1 foldable wagon by Malo, you can haul your camping equipment and then have a double camp chair to relax in later.

Tent Stake Hammer

Setting up a tent is far easier when you stake it down before starting to install the poles, and you’ll also want it for staking out guylines for the tent’s rainfly and vestibule. This tent stake hammer by MSR (Mountain Safety Research) is possibly the most beautifully crafted example we’ve seen.

Tent Stake Hammer

Bear Canisters

When you’re camping in areas with potential bear activity, it’s crucial to keep your food stored in containers that are bear-proof or hang your food from a tree branch at least 20 feet high with paracord and stuff sacks. The BearVault BV450 can keep food safe for two people for an entire weekend.


Compression Stuff Sacks

One of the best ways to keep your camping trip organized is to minimize the pieces of gear you bring along. Using one piece of gear for multiple purposes minimizes gear and keeps it organized in a snap. 

For your sleeping setup, pack everything in compression stuff sacks. When you remove your sleeping bag from its compression sack, you can fill it back up with clothes to make a pillow. Sea to Summit makes some high-quality compression sacks with eVent water-resistant material that keeps your sleeping gear bone-dry and minimized in size. The material is smooth to the touch, so it’s comfortable enough for use as a pillow.


Folding Table 

Having a table in camp makes the entire experience easier, and that’s especially true for cooking. This foldable table from REI collapses into a highly compact size while offering plenty of space for the essentials when fully set up.
Folding Table

Cooking Utensil Set

Keeping all of your cooking utensils in one place makes it much easier to pack up and go afterward. This GSI Gourmet Kitchen Set gives you the basics for cooking well in the wilderness, including a spoon, spatula, collapsible whisk, spicer, two condiment containers, cutting board, scrubber, scraper, camp towel, and ballistic nylon carrying case.

Cooking Utensil Set


Utensil Sets

Eating utensils are easily kept organized when you have this Magnetic Flatware Set by Full Windsor. Your fork, knife, and spoon are neatly unified by a central magnet that keeps the metal utensils together wherever you take them.

Dish Sets 

One of the most brilliant innovations for keeping camping gear organized and minimized is collapsible cookware sets. The Sea to Summit X-Set 31 Cookset has everything you need for eating and cooking without requiring a ton of space when not in use. This collapsible cook set comes with ​​a 2.8-liter X-Pot, two 22 fl. oz. X-Bowls, and two 16.2 fl. oz. X-Mugs.


Pressurized Water System

Having a pressurized water system when you’re camping makes cleanup of all sorts far more effective. The NEMO Helio LX Pressure Shower has 22 liters of capacity and a convenient shower head that’s similar to the sprayer on a kitchen sink. Just fill with water, pump it up, and spray everything from the dishes to bikes to your hair. Hang it in the sun all day to warm the water for a nice hot shower in camp at the end of the day. 

Trash Management

Packing out everything from the campsite includes trash, but it’s easy to wind up with a mess on your hands when using plastic bags in the forest where pokey things abound. The Sea to Summit Trash Dry Sack rolls up neatly and clips in the closed position to keep all of your trash compacted and contained no matter how wet and nasty it is.

When you’re trying to avoid attracting bears, this is essential for dumping leftover food in rather than tossing it into the woods.

Chilling In Camp

Portable Fire System

Campfires are easily contained and used for grilling with the Snow Peak Takibi Fire & Grill. The all-stainless steel construction will last a lifetime, and the entire system folds into a highly portable and thin profile. Preserve forest floors and keep tent platforms free of fire debris while cooking everything from steaks to fresh-caught fish fillets.

Portable Fire System

Lighting Up Camp

The Goal Zero Crush Light Lantern is a collapsible rechargeable lantern that packs enough power to light up cooking areas or the tent for chilling at night. You’ll get 60 lumens of light and a run time between 3-35 hours, depending on the setting. Easily and quickly recharge the light with a solar panel or battery pack.

Protection For Your Phone

What’s a camping trip without taking plenty of pics? With the smaller aperture of the new iPhone 13 camera, you can capture stunning campfire photos at night or even snag shots of the stars when mounted on a tripod. Of course, this means your phone is often prone to crashing onto hard surfaces. Keep that beautiful new phone safe with the Rokform iPhone 13 Pro Rugged Case on your next camping trip, and tag us on Instagram with your best shots!

Protection For Your Phone

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