Coolest New Features On The iPhone 13

Coolest New Features On The iPhone 13

The wait is finally over, and many of us who’ve been patiently anticipating the iPhone 13 now have one in our hands. Once we unbox our new iPhone, the first question that comes to mind is, “what can this thing do that my old iPhone couldn’t?”

Of course, a lot of the features on the newest iPhone were probably well-known by us before we clicked the buy button, but some of the coolest new features may have been overshadowed by more prominent changes (like the less-intrusive FaceID notch on the screen).

So you can get the most from your iPhone 13, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest new features you may not have heard about that have been waiting right on your phone to be discovered by you. Let’s check them out now!

Fifth-Core To Process Graphics (iPhone 13 Pro Models)

When it comes to computing power on smartphones, often the main CPU is what gets all of the attention. But, the video GPU in the new iPhone 13 Pro deserves some time in the limelight as well.

The difference in performance between the A14 and A15 chips isn’t as big of a jump as in years past. Perhaps Apple simply focused its development efforts on the power efficiency for their newest chip. But the real improvement this year is the boost in speed between the iPhone 13 and the 13 Pro when it comes to GPU computing power.

On the iPhone 13 Pro, Apple added a fifth GPU core to the iPhone 13's four, which resulted in a whopping 35% jump in processing performance on GPU benchmark testing. This speed differential is a noticeable improvement when playing graphics-intensive video games or running other graphics-heavy apps like Waze or YouTube.

Longer Battery Life

Some people may presume the iPhone 13 will have a longer battery life than the 13 Pro because of its slightly larger battery capacity (3227mAh compared with 3100mAh on the Pro model) while still having the same 6.1-inch screens and almost identical processors. There’s also a 120Hz refresh rate on the Pro’s screen. But in real-life use cases, you get around three more hours of video playback on the Pro model compared to the iPhone 13.

Battery life over the iPhone 12 has improved with the 13, but there’s more to achieving this increase beyond simply having a bigger battery. Much has to do with how the new ProMotion display works.

ProMotion Display With 120 Hz Refresh Rate

Apple’s new ProMotion display on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max not only runs at up to 120 Hz refresh rates but can also dip as low as 10 Hz when faster rates aren’t necessary. This dynamic refresh rate translates to better battery life over the non-Pro model. This is partly why the 13 Pro can give 3 hours more video playback (22 hours) than the iPhone 13, which still boasts a still amazing 19 hours of video playback.

Easier Screenshots

While this feature may have technically come out on the iPhone 12, it’s worth mentioning for users who’ve upgraded from older iPhone models that may just now be getting acquainted with the newest hardware updates.

With the subtraction of the home button, users who want to take a screenshot can now take screenshots by pressing the top volume button and the right side button simultaneously, which feels far more natural than the awkward old home and right button tap.

Screen Reachability

On older iPhones with a home button, you could double-tap to bring everything down from the top of the screen to more easily reach it. You can still do this on the new iPhones without buttons, but this feature has to first be activated by you.

Go to Settings > Accessibility and tap "Touch." Next, toggle the Reachability option on. Now when you swipe down on the bottom of the screen, everything from the top of the screen drops down, so it’s easier to reach.

Double Tap The Back To Screenshot

With the right accessibility function enabled, you can just tap twice on the back of your phone to take a screenshot instead of having to use the two-button combo press.

To enable this feature, go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch and then select "back tap." Select the double-tap option and screenshot within that list. Now you’re all set!

Capture Searchable Live Text From Photos

Live text enables you to use the camera to read and display text in real-time. For example, you could capture and send a sentence from an article or document as searchable text rather than a plain photo.

Simply open the camera app and be sure you're in Photo mode. Now point at the text you want to capture and tap the live text icon in the corner. The camera will scan the text, and then you’ll be able to highlight the text within the image to share, copy, or paste it to wherever you want.

Live Text In ScreenShots

You can also use Live Text with a screenshot. After taking a screenshot, tap on it to open the editor view. Next, tap the markup/pen icon at the top, then tap the “live text” icon in the bottom corner. Now you can drag on the screenshot to highlight the text you want to copy and paste to any app you choose.

Trackpad Keyboard

While this feature is for all iPhones, it’s such a game-changer that we had to mention it for those still unaware of this somewhat hidden feature. When you want to precisely move your cursor when typing, say to fix one letter three words back, you long-press the spacebar and then use the screen as a trackpad to drag the cursor to exactly where you want it. You’re welcome!

Functional Protection For Your iPhone 13

While some of the new iPhone 13 and iOS 15 features are truly astounding, there’s still the harsh reality that these devices need protection to ensure perfect functionality for as long as you own them.

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