Brand Ambassador Profile: Sunny Garcia

Brand Ambassador Profile: Sunny Garcia

In this article, Rokform brand ambassador and professional surfer, Sunny Garcia, talks about his favorite products and latest adventures.
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At Rokform, we feel incredibly lucky to be associated with a number of great Brand Ambassadors. They support Rokform products everyday, and we are happy to help make their rides, drives, and races better with our cases and accessories. An avid user of Rokform products is professional surfer Sunny Garcia. We caught up with Sunny to talk about his favorite Rokform products and get some insight on some of his latest adventures!

Q: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. We love having you on the Rokform team as a brand ambassador. Since coming on board with us, what’s been the best part of taking Rokform to the streets?

Sunny Garcia: First of all, the Rokform cases are tough and I love the magnet on the case. I was at the airport, here in Honolulu, and left my phone on the roof. I drove all the way back to the North Shore and my phone was still there!


Q: You recently competed in your first Ironman 70.3 triathlon. What made you want to do that and how was that experience? Any plans on trying to make it to Kona one day for the Ironman World Championships?

S.G.: Yeah, I just did Honu. I was busy doing some surf camps and hospital visits for Mauli Ola Foundation, so I got ten days of training for Kona this October. I am just waiting to see if I get a wild card holder to check my stats to see how bad I was did [LOL].

Q: When you were training for your IM70.3, which Rokform products helped you out the most?

S.G.: I used the bike stem clip holder to check my stats to see how bad I was doing [LOL].


Q: You’re obviously known for your career and accomplishments in surfing, but is there another sport you love to take up now and then?

S.G.: I have been doing some triathlons lately and of course when I am not surfing or training, I love motocross!


Q: What is a bigger rush to you – dropping in on a big wave, hitting a big jump on your dirt bike or taking off at the start of a triathlon with hundreds of other competitors?

S.G.: That question is a hard one because there is nothing like taking off on a big wave or a big jump and, man, the start of a triathlon is pretty incredible. So, I choose all three because I love them all!


Thanks Sunny! We hope you continue to enjoy your Rokform products!

You can follow Sunny on Instagram here, Twitter here or Facebook here.

Click here for more information about the Mauli Ola Foundation.


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