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Brand Ambassador Q&A : Carey Hart

by Ashley Schiermeyer June 19, 2014

Brand Ambassador Q&A : Carey Hart

Carey with his wife Pink

Rokform has an incredible collection of Brand Ambassadors that support Rokform products everyday, and we appreciate every last one of them. One of the more well-know ambassadors is our friend Carey Hart. We caught up with Carey to check in and see how things were going!

Q: First off, we are so happy to have you as a Rokform ambassador. What were your initial thoughts on the Rokform set-up (case and mounting options)? What feature do you take advantage of most often?

Carey Hart: Thanks a ton!!!!! When I first bolted the product on my mountain bike, I was blown away by how good of quality the case and mounting hardware is. To be honest I was a little nervous bolting on my fragile iPhone, but numerous slams later, my skin is scraped but not my phone.

We did up a custom Pro Series Bike Mount for Carey

Q: Starting your career as a motocross racer and now converting into a family man, would you allow your daughter to follow in your footsteps and ride or race motocross?

C.H.: I definitely hope that my daughter rides. I have a good feeling she is going to be into riding, I just pray she doesn’t want to race. Can’t even imagine doing all the am (amateur) racing all over again lol. I want to expose her to everything and do it all. But I hope she gravitates towards mountain bikes, golf, and surf!

Carey at MetLife Stadium with Today’s Will Geist

Q: We know you’re not too far removed from a major surgery. How is your recovery coming along and are you back to 100 percent?

C.H.: I’m about 3 1/2 months post surgery. I just got cleared to start riding (motorcycles) this week. But a huge part of my quick recovery was eating right, cycling, mountain biking, and supplements. The recovery was pretty brutal, but just forcing myself to be mellow was the hardest part. I’ve been cycling about 100 miles a week and it has helped to keep my legs and lungs decent. Since I can’t run post spine fusion I’ll be spending a lot more time on my road and mountain bike, which is a good thing.

Carey prior to going in for his back surgery

Q: If you had to choose, would you rather hit the road or the trails (road vs mtb)? What would be your favorite place or route/trail to ride?

C.H.: I’m more of a fair weather rider these days lol. I hate to bundle up on road bike rides in the winter, and mountain biking is way more fun in the winter when there is moisture in the dirt. But I tend to lean towards mountain biking because I love single track and down hill. My favorite place by far is Whistler for down hill and fun single track. I’ll be racing Mammoth this year so I plan on riding the park quite a bit the few days before the race. Last year while was on tour with my wife, I brought my road bike. I pedaled all over Europe and Australia. There is no better way to see a new place than on a road bike or Harley.

Carey snapping some shots while out on his road bike

Q: Congratulations on recently being inducted into the Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame. How does it feel to be recognized alongside some of the greatest sports figures in the world?

C.H.: It’s extremely flattering!! I told my wife that I’m officially washed up when I start to get those kinds of awards!! Seriously though, to be the 1st action sports athlete inducted is pretty special.

Carey was a 2014 Inductee to the Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame

Q: Lastly, how do you like your custom Rokform Fuzion+ RMS case?

C.H.: I can’t ride w/o my Rokform set up on my bike. I’m extremely competitive and since I mostly ride solo it is a necessity on every ride. Plus I’m always bringing my bike on the road with me so it takes the stress out of getting lost or off track.

Rokform made Carey a custom Fuzion+ case!

Thanks Carey! We hope you continue to enjoy your Rokform products!

**All photos courtesy of Carey Hart’s Instagram @hartluck

You can follow Carey on Instagram here, or Facebook here.

Click here for more information on the RCH Supercross/Motocross team.

Click here for more information on Hart and Huntington.

Ashley Schiermeyer
Ashley Schiermeyer


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