Johnny O’Mara Chimes In As Bike Season Ramps Up

Johnny O’Mara Chimes In As Bike Season Ramps Up

In this article, hear from Johnny O'Mara, a Rokform Brand Ambassador and National Cycling Champ, about his career in motorcycle racing and cycling. Learn how the Rokform Bike Mount has played a part in his cycling career. 


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Wow how time flies by! It's been 35 years since I turned pro on the Mugen Honda in 1980. I had an 11-year motocross career that ended at the end of 1990. It's been quite a road to where I am today.

I had a great motocross career with multiple national championships, multiple GP wins and Motocross of Nations wins. I also have been inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame twice for my accomplishments! I couldn't be more satisfied on how my motorcycle career went.

As I retired from my motorcycle career and moved on to my new mountain bike career, it was very exciting to me and very challenging. Since I loved that fitness side of endurance sports, I took on the best athletes in the world on the mountain bike.

I had factory mountain bike teams supporting me from the beginning so it was very similar to my motorcycle career. I spent six years as a professional and after that I focused on just racing at the highest level as a master level racer due to my age - I was getting up there compared to the younger pros! To date, I've won eight USA Cycling XC National Championships! I would definitely like to hit at least 10 National Championship as a goal of mine in seasons to come.

My whole career I've had some great personal sponsors that support me today. One being Rokform, which I love being part of on a daily basis! I've helped develop the Pro Series Bike Mount that mounts onto the stem so I can have access to my phone calls or text messages on-the-fly and just not to have it in my jersey pocket - which I was always scared it would fall out and I would lose my expensive phone.

So I'm very proud to be the face of the Rokform Pro Series Bike Mount for such a great company! The attention to detail is something that makes our relationship very special! I'm very picky on what I endorse and use every day in my lifestyle!

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