Survival Series: Rokform phone case saves the day

Survival Series: Rokform phone case saves the day

In today's survival story, Rokfan Nate shares his recent survival story with her Galaxy S21 and Rokform phone case.

It's time for a new survival story. In our Rokform Survival Series, we highlight a customer story about a situation that could have gone wrong, but was saved thanks to a Rokform product. In today's survival story, Rokfan Nate shares his recent survival story with his Galaxy S21 and Rokform phone case.


The survival story

I want to give a shout out to the Rokform phone case.
I have a Galaxy S21 phone and a Rokform case.
This weekend I was mowing my parents' lawn, they live about 30 minutes from me. I kept my phone in my front breast pocket and was listening to music as normal.
Once I was finished I went back to my truck and took my jacket off and set my phone on the side of the bed of the truck (Ford F250HD).
I got distracted by something and went to the garage. When I came back I closed the tailgate, strapped things down and got in the truck and headed down the road.
The road is long and straight with some slight hills here and there.
As I’m driving listening to the radio (this is about 730pm) I happened to glance out to my driver's mirror and see something black get carried up from behind me on my side and hit the pavement (I’m traveling about 75mph), hit the pavement and bounce numerous times.
At first it didn’t register, then I look down and realize “Holly $h!T that was my phone.
I stop the truck and proceed to turn around and start to look for it.
I spent the next 1 hour and a half, up and down that stretch of highway, even back to my parents house looking for that phone and didn’t find it. I continued until dark.
I resigned myself that I would not find it, and have to get a new one. If I did happen to find it, I thought there was no way that it would be salvageable, I just was hoping to find it and be able to get the SIM card to recover my data.
My location services are generally off so there was no way to pinpoint my location. I was able to send a signal to make it ring or remotely erase data but that is it.
My wife and I woke up early to go look for it. We were looking for about 1 hour and my wife just so happened to get a glimpse of something on the side of the road (this was NOT anywhere close to where I thought it fell). She had me stop and she found it. It was ringing (I sent a ring signal).
As you can see by the pictures below the only issues are the corners are scuffed and a few chunks. The screen has NO cracks, NO scratches. The Cameras on the back are in perfect condition. The phone functions 100% like it should.
I own 2 Rokform brackets for my motorcycle and this case. This by far hands-down is the best most durable case I have ever used. (Ive had Otterbox and other ones).
Flying off a truck at 75mph is a very significant force to the phone.
If you are on the fence about purchasing any type of case or product from Rokform DO NOT HESITATE BUY IT!!!!!
That you Rokform, you are a lifesaver.

 Rokform Survival Story SamsungS21

Rokform Survival Story SamsungS21 2

The Rokform gear

Do you also have a Samsung S21 and want your phone to be as protected as Nate’s? We don’t blame you! The Rugged case is built tough, exceeding the military drop test standard MIL-STD 801G-516.6. Like the rest of the Rokform case lineup, the Rugged case for Samsung S21 features the RokLock Twist Lock system and magnetic technology, making it simple to move from place to place with your phone secure and connected.

If this survival story doesn’t convince you, we don’t know what will. Rokform cases are built to protect your phone in even the most severe situations. The Rugged Series and Crystal Series are constructed with dual-layer protection and drop tested to exceed military standards. Shop the full collection for Apple and Samsung smartphones here


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