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The 5 Best Cycling Apps for 2023 to Keep You Connected

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The world of cycling has benefitted, like everything else, from the steady advance of technology in the last decade. With the advancements we've made recently, there's been more opportunity than ever before to stick to your training plans, connect with others for group rides, and monitor your riding metrics. 

Once the realm of professional cyclists, this power has trickled down to the rest of us through the development of a wide array of cycling apps that can help you at any stage of your cycling journey. Whether you’re improving your health or discovering new trails to ride, getting connected with the right cycling app will transform your riding for the better.

Best Cycling Apps to Upgrade Your Cycling in 2023

Here at ROKFORM, we have combined our personal experience, rider reviews, and in-depth research to scout out the best cycling apps in 2023 for different kinds of riders. Whether you're hitting a trail or doing your daily commute, cycling requires that you pay attention to subtle and unique features. Thankfully, there's an app for that!

A smartphone, mounted on an E-Bike using a ROKFORM phone mount

1. Strava

Possibly the most well-known cycling app out there, Strava is a combination of social network, route planner, and training log app. Users of all varieties will enjoy the wide range of features that make Strava an easy pick on our list of best apps.


  • A massive database of user-submitted rides to try, with turn-by-tun navigation

  • Create your own routes in advance, or record your real-time location to make a new route

  • A large community of cyclists, with local riding groups to join

  • Ongoing monthly challenges and leaderboards

  • A social media function that lets you post your new routes and comment on other's rides

  • Training log to record your rides, as well as pre-made training plans to help you reach your cycling goals


Strava has a free version, which allows you to track your own rides and share them with friends on their social media platform. You can also access local challenges, clubs, and events. 

The paid version starts at $11.99 a month, or $79.99 per year, and gives you access to all the other features that we've mentioned, as well as rehab and recovery workouts and a 3D mapping function that's compatible with offline use. If you're looking for an all-around good pick, Strava is a great place to start.

A road biker glances down to check his route on his phone, mounted on a ROKFORM phone mount

2. Bikemap

Bikemap is a cycling app that is dedicated to helping you with route planning that optimizes for an enjoyable riding experience. If you're willing to pay the money for the premium version it's a fantastic app to support recreational riding and commuting alike.


  • A large community of riders to connect with

  • A large database of pre-made rides to check out

  • Cycling maps that you can purchase a-la-carte for different regions

  • Route planning and creation

  • Turn-by-turn navigation on all your routes, and detailed previews of your ride

  • Ability to optimize your route based on what level of cycling safety you are comfortable with.

  • Maps can be downloaded for offline access


As we've mentioned, Bikemap does have a free version, but it's worth the money to get the premium version. A monthly subscription starts at $9.99/month, with a yearly subscription at $39.99. You can also buy a 3-year subscription for $99.99.

The fact that Bikemap lets you optimize your route for cycling safety alone makes it an excellent app that you should try out if you commute in an urban environment. The turn-by-turn navigation is also great, but what's the point of it if you have to pull over to check your phone every time? 

If you're regularly commuting to new locations, it's important to have your phone accessible at a moment's notice to stay on track. With ROKFORM's Sport Series Bike Phone Mount, you can see whether you're still on track at a glance, and never have to worry about missing your turn again. Compatible with all ROKFORM cases, the Sport Series mount uses our patented ROCKLOK technology to secure your phone in an easy way that will stay on, no matter what. If you're tired of trying to hear your directions in your earbuds over the wind, a ROKFORM Bike Phone Mount is a great tool to stay on track on every ride.

3. Komoot

Komoot is a cycling app that earns a spot on this list for catering to wide variety of different cycling types, and the level of detail in its route planning. For mountain bikers and commuters alike, this app will inspire you to ride farther and more often.


  • Detailed route planning, as well as pre-made routes from other cyclists

  • Regional access for free, with map bundles available for purchase at a low, one-time cost

  • voice navigation

  • offline access to downloaded routes

  • Detailed breakdowns of what surfaces you're riding on, from protected bikeways to single track

  • Tracks elevation gain, average speed, and known bike paths to recommend the skill level required for each ride

  • Limited social media function that lets you post completed rides, follow other riders, and explore tours that others have taken

  •  For serious cyclists, the potential to join the Komoot Pioneers, a group of riders who discover new routes in remote regions and share them with the rest of the Komoot community. They are eligible for exclusive giveaways and invite-only events for their work.


Komoot probably has the most extensive features of any free app on this list when it comes to the free version, and you don't have to have a membership to access other map regions.

You can unlock a greater regional bundle for $8.99, and global mapping for $20. With Komoot Premium, you can access live weather conditions for your routes, live tracking as your riding, multi-day tour planning, and 3D maps of your routes. For those who are looking to push themselves on longer cycling adventures, this app will support you well. Komoot Premium starts at $4.99/month, which is billed as an annual subscription. 

 A wide shot of a mountain bike’s handlebars, with a ROKFORM case and phone mount keeping the rider’s phone secure.

4. Cyclemeter

If your interest isn't in finding new routes or riding buddies, but rather pushing yourself to be the best you can be, then Cyclemeter is the app that will best help you elevate your fitness journey. Billed as a replacement for a cycle computer, this app tracks every possible metric in real time in order to help you hit your fitness goals. 


  • Tracks your ride time, current and average riding speed, total distance ridden, and elevation changes as you ride.

  • Logs previous rides for you to compare to your current pace

  • GPS map to keep you on track

  • Track your biometrics using external sensors like a FitBit

  • Integration with Apple Watches

  • Integration with Strava, MyFitnessPal, and Twitter

  • Voice-activated readouts of your current metrics


The paid version of the app has a 7-day free trial, and goes for just $9.99/year. There are many more features with the premium version that help you track additional data like the weather, and keep your data backed up and accessible on other devices. At this low price, you should check out all the benefits that a cycle computer can give you through this great app before you shell out the money for a dedicated one.

Cyclemeter is a great way to track your metrics as you ride, but how are you going to know if you're on track to beat your previous best if you can't look at your phone? Save yourself the trouble of saying "Hey Siri!" every 30 seconds and get yourself a dependable way to access your data while you're still rolling. 

A rider checks his trail directions on his phone, mounted on a ROKFORM bike phone mount.

ROKFORM's V4 Pro Series Bike Phone Mount is the best way to keep your phone completely secure, using the dual-retention system of our MAGSAFE magnetic hold and the ROCKLOK twist-lock. 

Designed to stay secure no matter what, the V4 Pro Series mount threads directly into your handlebar stem for the tightest fit possible. If you're continually training to one-up your best rides, you need the information at your fingertips to keep you on track. With a ROKFORM phone mount and case, you can easily keep yourself in the know and ride toward your highest self!

Curious how these technologies function in the real world? Check out the video below where we show you exactly how easy it is to use a ROKFORM mount!

5. Trailforks

If you mostly ride gravel or mountain bikes, a lot of traditional cycling apps won't have the focus that you need. When it comes to riding off-road, you need an app that's going to have a detailed understanding of local trails, and an up-to-date record of what they looks like on the day you're heading out. Enter Trailforks- the cycling app made for dedicated off-roaders who want to find new routes, get info on their local trail conditions, and connect with their local riding community. 


  • Detailed maps of your region including a wide variety of established areas for trail riding

  • Navigate directly to the trailhead with precise directions

  • Breakdowns of each trail including total distance, elevation gain/loss, and average completion time

  • Local weather forecasts paired to each trail

  • Conditions log for each trail where riders can comment on potential hazards or easy-to-miss turns

A smartphone mounted on the handlebars of an E-Bike with a ROKFORM bike phone mount.


Trailforks' free version includes route finding, trail reports, activity recording/personal logs, and a popularity heat map for your local area. For $2.99/month, you can get access to premium features like compatibility with the Garmin Connect app Basemap, as well as the ability to print maps and download them for offline use. 

Since Trailforks is run by Outside Interactive, you can also sign up for their Outside+ membership, which includes a variety of bonuses to help you feed your outdoor addiction. For the seasoned off-road cyclist looking to expand their horizons, Trailforks is the app to start with.

If you’re struggling with losing your way every time you discover a new path, the easiest fix is to have your phone on the handlebars at all times. Scared about your phone falling out of your pocket and shattering on a rock? With the proven protection of our Rugged phone cases, you can set out with the confidence that your phone will be safe in even the biggest crashes. Compatible with all of our bike phone mounts, the Rugged phone case will let you access directions at a moment’s notice as you ride, and disconnect in seconds to snap that picture-perfect trail moment.

It's a Big World Out There: Let Your Phone Show You!

The apps we've covered in this article are all made to support your cycling journey, but they will only help you if you're committed to that journey. There are a million reasons and ways to ride your bike, and there's a wealth of natural beauty and exploration out there. Whichever app you pick, give it a real try! 

Table comparing the 5 best cycling maps

The level of connection that we've managed to create with these apps has far transcended the traditional group-ride, enabling new and seasoned riders alike the chance to come together and share a love of cycling. The community, data, and discovery that's out there in today's best cycling apps is actively transforming the culture around cycling, and it's easy to get involved! Using the apps we've mentioned on this list will help you get connected to the broader cycling community and help your cycling reach new heights!

Frequently Asked Questions

What phones are these cycling apps compatible with?

The apps listed are all very popular and therefore are supported on iPhones and other phones alike. If you run into issues with downloading these apps from your phone’s app store, you can download them directly from the company’s website.

How long are the free trials?

The apps listed here have a variety of free trail lengths. The longest is Strava, which has a 30 day free trial. The shortest is Bikemap, which has a 3 day trail. Komoot and Cyclemeter have free versions that you can use indefinitely, but they’re restricted in terms of features, and in the case of Komoot, what area you can use them in. Trailforks gives you a 14 day free trial, but just reverts to the free version if you don’t sign up before the trial expires.

Can I use multiple cycling apps at the same time?

You absolutely can! Cyclemeter in particular is designed to work with a wide variety of different apps, and integrate into your existing health monitors. If you’re mostly interested in logging the information about your ride on multiple apps, you can run them at the same time as you ride. Be aware that you may drain your battery very quickly!

ROKFORM Bike Phone Mounts: Ultimate Safety and Instant Accessibility

Here at ROKFORM, we know that staying connected as you ride is the perfect way to step up your game. That's why we've developed the best bike phone mounts on the market- so you can keep the good times rolling, even as you check your route and how many calories you've burned. Our V4 Pro Series Bike Mount and Sport Series Bike Phone Mount are designed to secure your phone better than any other mount, using our patented ROCKLOK twist-lock technology and sturdy mounting points. Paired with our Rugged iPhone cases, you can check your metrics without missing a pedal stroke, and ride confidently knowing that your phone is completely safe.

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Snapping a photo of the view, getting quick directions, and changing the song while you ride all require you to have your phone right at your fingertips. Frustrated with missing your turn because your phone was stuck in your bag? If you have your phone on your handlebars, you'll be able to catch those quick moments! 

The ROKFORM V4 Pro Series and Sport Series Bike Phone Mounts are designed to secure your phone completely when you're riding, so you never have to worry about it falling. When that picture-perfect moment comes up, the twist-lock mount detaches in seconds so you don't miss it. With a ROKFORM bike phone mount, you can have a connected world at your fingertips at all times.

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